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New Location, New Problems

So, where I work has moved to a new building. It's been happening for the last 2 months, but yesterday the old store closed, and today the new one opened. The issue with all of this is all the new problems this has brought up. First and foremost is that I'm now working until midnight, which just seems wrong, and since I'm in the UK, means I'll miss On The Spot. The second problem is that we now sell Video Games.

Now, before you think "well, that's not so bad Dazz, Games sold where you work must be neat" they're old Xbox and PS2 games. Then the quality of some of them is somewhat questionable. Take for instance the fact we sell Fight Club, and the fact it was cheap enough for me to think "Hmm, that game sounded awful, but since its so cheap, I hafta see just how awful it is!" The flip side to that is, for the same price as Fight Club, I got Psychonautss.

Now, I'm a huge fan of the movie Fight Club, and I've gotten the game out of some morbid curiosity that I can never seem to shake when it comes to things like this. Psychonauts is different. I've never wanted it, never liked the idea of it and never played it. So, you're wondering, why's he gone and got it then. Well that's simple, my ex, (and I DESPISE calling her that, because I still love her with every inch of my heart,) loved it when she rented it, and hated never being able to rent it. So in one of those still instinctive twists I picked it up for her, and then wasnt able to put it down. Dunno why, but when I had the game in my hands, all the wonderful memories of her telling me all about the game and how much she enjoyed it came rushing back, and so I had to have it. More money than sense, and I dont have much of either.

So yeah, if you're reading this Anne, I finally got Psychonauts. Really wish I could tell you about me playing it. I know we both loved listening to one another talking about the games we'd be playing. I still dont know why you left, and I still dont know whats kept you away, we were so good together, and you're impact on my life is so huge, I'll never be able to shake it. Being with you moulded me into the person I am today, and you're amazing taste in games is still influencing me, which is why I'm rather proud to finally own Psychonauts. I just hope I get to tell you how much fun I have with it.

On a side note, and stealing the idea blatantly from Donkeljohn, I think I'm gonna try and start writing more reviews. It's something I've always enjoyed when I've done it, and used to do rather regularly, so I'm gonna try the 1 Review a Week challenge thing.

I still love you Anne Celeste Mitchell

As of Today, Saturday 21st July, it's been 14 weeks since we last spoke. Our last day together was a day filled with fun plans that fell through on a silly argument, that we both know should never of happened, and we both know we could have talked through in minutes. Maybe you didnt come back that night, maybe you did, I dont know. Maybe you couldnt come back due to computer problems like what happened to me, I just dont know. I do know that I'm still thinking of you, and that with every passing day, it gets harder and harder to let you go. Maybe you think you werent worth it, maybe you think you werent what I wanted in life. Well, I dont know much about this life, but there's some things I do know.

Anne Celeste Mitchell, you were, are, and will always be the single best thing to ever happen in my life, simply because of who you are as a person. Not for what you could be, not for what you thought you had to be, but for who you are. 6 Years ago you brought back my love of drawing, because you were a wonderful source of ideas. Even when I was drawing pictures I knew only the two of us would ever see, I didnt care, being recognised, having my stuff seen didnt matter. All that mattered was that I could put a smile on the face of this wonderful, amazing person, who'd very quickly come to mean a whole lot to me. I remember when you'd get so frustrated having had an idea, but no way to envision it. I remember all the many many long hours of happy rambling about and sharing of ideas between the two of us. Neither of us were there because we felt we had to be, we were both there because of a strong love for each other, and how happy and comfortable we felt being with one another. I remember how happy you were every single time I drew a picture for you, and how you'd lavish me in affection, kissing me till we couldnt kiss anymore, and beaming with the sort of pure smile very rarely seen. I know you had a pretty rought upbringing, and knowing that I could put such a smile on your face with my meager talents meant the world to me. I had the ability to make the one person who meant everything to me happier than anything ever had.

I still have your birthday present waiting for you. It's kinda funny how long I managed to keep the fact I was working on it from you. Especially considering how bad I am at keeping things from anyone, let alone you. I always had that picture in my mind, especially when drawing other things, as everything was practice for it. I remember the original version of it I drew, with only the 7 characters, long before we had 30, and how much you loved and adored that picture. I also remember how I made it into desktop wallpaper for you because you loved it so much. Silly how that picture would go on to be the driving force of my drawing for so long. Little doodles on scrap paper, layout ideas, going from and A6 pad to A5 then A4 all the way to a massive A2, and I still barely managed to fit everything in. I think that's why I'm not drawing as much as I used to as well. The two biggest things driving me to draw are no longer there.

And that's why I'm still sat here today, still holding onto a memory of you. What we had together as a couple was far too pure, far too strong to just up and end the way it did. There's something huge that I dont know about, there simply has to be, because how strongly you felt for me simply doesnt just die. I know this because I know how I still feel about you, how everything still makes me think about you and how anything I do, I still want to tell you about. I still find myself rushing home from work, or franticly looking things up because I've found out about something you'd love, only for you to not be around and depression to sink back in after a fleeting moment of adrenaline.

I still miss you Anne, and I guess I always will. I've gotten dragged out an awful lot these last few weeks, met an awful lot of nice people. But that's not me anymore, and never was. I never was one for socialising, I never wanted a social life, I always prefered my own company. But then something wonderful happened. 6 years ago, I met someone, I met you, and I found in you someone who's company I'd come to need, who's word's I miss so badly on a daily basis it still makes a grown man cry. In you I found someone I wanted to share my life with, someone who's mere presence was enough to make me happy.

I'm not the sort of person who can just settle for second best. You should know that better than anyone. I know that everything I want, not just in a girl, not just in a friend, is out there. Everything I want from life, absoloutely EVERYTHING I could ever want from life is out there, and your name is Anne Celeste Mitchell. So I'll stay here, because I know deep in my heart that I love you still, so you must still love me, still have feelings for me. Nothing this world can offer will ever compare to you.

The Curse of Console Game Updates

If there's one thing I already dislike fiercely about the current generation of consoles, it's the fact that you can buy new games, and as soon as you put them in the machine, be told you need to update them. Now, I only own an Xbox 360, so I don't know if the problem is as bad on the Playstation 3, but it troubles me that games can be new, yet already need a patch.

Is this what the new generation of consoles is going to bring us? Games that have little bugs in them being shipped to retail and patched at a later date? Hell, there are even instances of games being shipped to retail with huge gaping flaws in them, such as Monster Madness and Hour of Victory. Are game developers already quite happy to rush a product to retail, knowing that they can just release a patch over Xbox Live at a later date, leaving us gamers paying for unfinished games. This sort of shoddy practice would have been unthinkable on the past generations of consoles, so how is it already becoming a common thing to insert a console game and be asked to update it.

And what about the still large majority of console owners who aren't online with their machines? Or those without the storage capacity of a HDD on their 360? Why do these people have to suffer the consequences of rushed games? Will they be forced to hope for updates released on magazine discs or live with a game that's glitched?

I know releasing patches for console games has its good points, balancing online play, fixing completely unexpected bugs, adding new content and all, but surely there has to be a point where it starts getting a necessity rather than a bonus. Will we see more games that can't be finished because of bugs that haven't been caught in testing because the game was rushed to stores to meet deadlines? I for one seriously hope not, but with the growing size of online services for consoles, I fear it's only going to get worse.

Anne Mitchell

If anyone living in the South Pasadena area of California knows an Anne Celeste Mitchell or her brother Ryan Mitchell, or her best friend Samantha Tyler, could they please ask Anne to contact me ASAP, it's very important. She works at a local video rental store, and hangs out at the local library and Mall, most notably the bookstores. Please, it's very important I get a message to her.

Anne, Please Read This