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What happened to the wargames?

What is a wargame?

Some might say any game, any genre that has any kind of violence or war as a theme.

Some might say any game that surrounds a historical event during a time of, well, war.

When I think of a wargame though, I still think of the old hex and counter games of old. The games that simulated a battle or war event, or even a whole war I guess. One that had accurate maps and orders of battle. Games like, War in the Pacific, the Campaign Series: East Front, West Front and Rising Sun, and those like Ardennes Offensive. So what happened to games like that?

Remember Talonsoft and companies like that? Well, many of those types of games are still being made, but not by many of the major companies, and mostly nothing retail. If you spend a little time searching though, you'll find great companies like Battlefront, Matrix Games, HPS Simulations, and Shrapnel Games that continue to make wargames, the way I think of wargames.

Modifiability...is that even a word?

It should be a word! I love games that you can get into and change up after finishing the campaign that it comes with. I don't like only changing maps, but also graphics and actual gameplay.

Let me give you some examples:

1. Out of the Park Baseball. It allows you to basically play the game in any way you want to. You can create custom leagues, custom players, import historical players, current MLB players. You can create a purely fictional league, or completely historical. You can change team logos, make your own, and stadium graphics as well as player photos.
You can also, change the way the game plays with a handy league options screen. It is a great game.

2. Combat Mission series. You could hardly buy a better game for your money. You can change all graphics in the game, there are thousands of mods out there with historical looking tanks and vehicles and uniforms, etc...also you can build maps from scratch (very easy to do) and whole scenarios or campaigns to play.

3. Freedom Force. I just recently discovered this game, and didn't realize that you can change so much in that game as well. You can create any super hero you would like and give them nearly any power you want. There are also some fantastic campaigns out there to play after the main campaign.

4. HPS Sims Squad Battles series. Again, a wargame where you can change all graphics and build maps and scenarios. Very open.

These kinds of games never end. You can play them over and over because there is always something new to tinker with. And if you do like to tinker, building new campaigns, graphics, etc. is part of the fun of gaming!

Freedom Force is a good game.

I recently picked up the original Freedom Force for 4.99 at a locak retail store. I thought, hmmm, it looks like it might be fun. That is exactly what I found out! You know how sometimes you are just going along and that perfect song comes on the radio that you didn't even know you wanted to hear, but after hearing it you think, "Man, that is just the song that I wanted to hear! I'm glad I caught it!"? That is exactly how I feel after exploring FF for a week.

This is such a fantastically fun game! It is so comic like. I love that about it. It is the game that I did not even know that I was missing.

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