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Dax-360 Blog

Wow... what happened?

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So I go away for quite a bit and I come back just to drop in and Gamespot gets a complete overhaul and unions have gone. Welp, not sure if it's worth coming back.

Recent Happenings In The Life Of Dax #1

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Hello all.

I know I haven't made a blog in like forever so I am going to try and at least do one blog a month. Just because I can't think of anything else.

School started today and I got my cla$$es and what not. For the most part, I like all my cla$$es. This semister I got Art, Law, Gym, and English. Mostly with teachers that I have already had and I am already on their good side so I won't have to worry about making a good first impression seeing as how they know me. I got a good amount of friends in each cla$$es so at least I won't be extremly bored. I am looking forward to this school year for a change. Usually I get all mad and never want to go but this year its different for some odd reason.

Gaming wise nothing all that exciting. I recently picked up Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike Online Edition and Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe. I also started Assassians Creed 2. I started a new file in Animal Crossing City Folk awhile back so I have been playing that. thats basically it for gaming.

Lastly stuff outside of school and gaming. I hung out with a couple of my friends at the CNE last week. For those of you who don't know what that is (which could be a large amount of you) its basically just a giant, convention/carnival thingy that runs for about 2 weeks before the start of school. While I was there just browsing through things, not looking for anything in particular I came across this.

An Ash Kerchum hat. It was only 20 bucks, and I always wanted one since I was a kid so when I saw it I had to buy it. :P

So thats basically it for now. Until next time at least. If you guys got any creative blog ideas let me know. Seriously im getting bored. :P


New PSN, Add Me Up Children

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Hey guys, I got my own PS3 so you all should add up my new PSN becuase it will be my main one.

PSN: KurdtKobain95

That's for now boys and girls. :3


I'm officially this bored...

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Yeah I have reached the point that I made a twitter. Yup, good ole' Dax has finally lost it. :P


^theres my twitter thing so yeah add me and stalk me and whatnot. :P



Finally got my hands on a PS3 + Add my PSN

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Hey guys!

So after about 2 years I still dont have a PS3, but my uncle does and I practically go to his house just about everyday after school anyways so yeah I got a PS3 :D

I only got 2 games sofar, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted 2. But heres my PSN which you might have already guessed the name of it. :P

PSN: Dax-360

So yeah add me and whatever. :P

Peace out!


Tearing up the Unova region: Progress + FC

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Hello all. Going to keep this one nice and short because I don't feel liek making a long blog.

I'm on my way to the Pokemon League to become champion, but first i gotta get myself out of Victory Mountain, I mean road. :|

Here is my pokemon team sofar.

Rufflet Lvl 49

Galvantula Lvl 46

Emboar Lvl 45

Krookodile Lvl 44

Carracosta Lvl 45

oh and my Friend Code is 2666-1493-5110

so add up, leave your code, eat some pie, whatever. :P



*Insert Creative Pokemon Related Title Here*

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Hello all. Just letting you guys know that I got Pokemon White, just like the mahoirty of the worlds population. :P

I am actually enjoying the adventure so far. I got my 2nd badge and I am heading to my third. Heres my "team" sofar.

Pignite Lvl 23

Pansage lvl 21

Patrat (HM Slave) Lvl 5

I haven't gotten my FC yet because my WiFi tends to hate me as of late, but go ahead and leave your code as a comment and I'll add you guys and I will put my code in here ASAP. ;)



Finally something blog worthy.

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Hey guy! Instead of making a silly little blog about random stuff that people don't really read I got actual news that make writing a blog worth it.

Last Friday I was walking around a pawn shop and I came across a Nintendo 64 for abut 40 bucks. My fanboyishness took over and I instantly bought it XD

So now I can finally relive my childhood becuase my original N64 is at my cousins house and he wont give it up. The gaes I have sofar are.

-WWF No Mercy
-Pokemon Stadium 2
-Kirby 64
-Donkey Kong 64

If you want you guys can recomend me some games, underated ones would be nice because hearing people yell ZELDA! MARIO! POKEMON! and other generic stuff gets annoying after awhile. :P

So thats all for now. Expect pictures up within the next week ;)

Oh and Pokemon is coming out on Sunday, I plan on getting that :|

Peace out


It's been quite awhile since I made one of these things..

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Hello there everyone! It definatly has been quite some time since I wrote a blog. I think around christmas time was the last time actually, but thats besides the point the point is im writing one now. :P

Gaming wise I havent really been doing much, ive been mainly focusing on music releated projects such as my up and coming band (yes, Dax got bored and made a stupid band with his stupid friends :P) and with listening to new bands that I might find intresting. The most gaming I have done is that I have been playing Rock Band 3 constantly for the past two months. It is so addicting, especially when you have loads of DLC. :P I am saving up my money for Pokemon White and that pretty much covers gaming.

Life has been pretty good. Long weekend is coming up and I have been looking forward to that for quite some time. Nice to get a break from school. I got my marks from the previous semister and they were all pretty good :D... except math, lets just say im pretty bad at math. :P AS I mentioned in the previous paragraph me and my friends are planning on starting a band. We havent really recorded anything yet but if you guys are intrested in the band in whatnot let me know, I'll gladly give you information.

And how to wrap this up... oh, I got a new theme based on Avenged Sevenfold. I've been really into there music as of late. I think they are the only band ive been listening to this week to be honest with you guys. :P So tell me what you think about my theme and yadayadayada. :P

And of course, this wouldnt be a normal blog of mine if it didn't end with a picture so here you go. :P

Peace out,


Happy Birthday Jesus :3

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Yes guys its that time of year where we all spoil eachother with random gifts that make us happy. :P Hope you guys had a great Christmas and got what you wanted. I sure did. :P Out of everything I got I can say that my 3 favorite gifts where my Chicago Blackhawks jersey, my iPod Touch and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. I did get some money and a couple movies and stuff like that but I don;t really wanna make a blog about clothes. :P So yeah Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Krazy Kwanza and Happy Whatever The Hell Else You Guys Celebrate. :P