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20 alot?

ha...try 77...on one system...haha i had that many on PS2 a while back...idk anymore...def have more than 20 for gamecube too...don't have that many for 360 though...resale value keeps me trading 360 games in after i beat em

anywho...last one i heard about was partners in time...or was that before NSMB?


whoa. lol.

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no hang on CRY CRY CRY HELP!
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hang on, isnt there some mario/luigi game coming? whatever, im not buying any more ds games now. i have like, 20! thats way too many. i want halo 3 next.
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hi, im pretty new here, but i have a problem. i have been considering getting a 360 pro for a while, but now i heard the only way to get it is the 60gb and that costs 300! is that a bundle or something? i dont really want to spend that much, but i dont feel like buying the arcade. i want to play my old xbox games and halo 3.

ALSO, i have the old xbox and it is kinda old now. i can play a game and all of a sudden it shuts down. the power button is unresponsive and nothing lights up. ive tried other outlets and have the same problem. its not worth sending it to microsoft, so this is why i need some advice!

thanks to anyway who reads this, and more thanks to anyway who comments!

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there is a video of super mario galaxy ds, but people think it is fake, too bad. maybe nintendo will make it anyway. i'm not sure, though. mario strikers charged or super mario galaxy ds, i would get.
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i think its mario baseball