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Do I know you anymore?! (My feelings heart broken feelings on Gamespot)

Carrie Gouskos, Bob Colayco, Greg Kasavin, Tim Surette, Rich Gallup, Jeff Gerstmann, Tim Tracy, Frank Provo & Alex Navarro.

All these people that I have mentioned have left Gamespot at some point or will very soon (Alex Navarro). I don't know this website anymore, I dont remember the laughter and joy of logging on to this website like i used to. Everything started going down hill in 2006-ish. I feel heart broken, betrayed by a lover... Sorry it had to end this way Gamespot. I'm leaving gamespot, i'll still download the Hotspot out of loyalty and look at a few reviews, other than that, all the people I love have left. And when I see some gamespot editors I still like I feel sad that everyone else who left is not around to be with them. I feel so sad.:|

Canceled my subscription. (jeff related post)

Lets cut to the chase, you all know what the story is Jeff got fire due to Kane & Lynch getting a 6.0 and Cnet owning Gamespot had a advertizing partnership with Eidos, and eidos got their panties in a twist and complained. So along with everyone and showing my support for my last favourite editor, I canceled my subcription. I hope you do the same. (btw before you do, go download all the PDF gameguides you want and save them, hehe)

The only reason i ever became a regular to this website was because of Carrey, Greg & Jeff. Now that all 3 of them have left or been forced to leave, i see no point in giving money to these people anymore.

Whos playin' some WoW out there?

Today I decided to get back into WoW, I played it for 2 months non stop about a year ago, but then stopped it for some reason. But now I have started it up again, Im seriously ruff around the edges, Im a newbie to WoW again... I plan on getting The Burning Crusade tomorow if all goes well, or do you guys think I should first finish everything in WoW before I get tBC?

E3 2008 Will change format again? + All E3 '07 Emblems!

Take a look at this article, E3 '08 might be under a different format yet again! E3 '07 had some great stuff on show, I made a point to watch all 4 days of live footage and I got all the press conference emblems and even the Gold one, envy me!

My life for Footage!
These special viewers caught all three days of GameSpot's
live stage show at E3 2007. Now if we only put subliminal
messages into our broadcasts, we'd have an army to take
over the world...

Virtually There: E3 2007 Microsoft Conference.
Awarded for giving up your evening to tune into
GameSpot's live broadcast of the E3 2007
Microsoft press conference on Tuesday, July 10.

Virtually There: E3 2007 Nintendo Conference.
Awarded for waking up early/ditching work to
tune into GameSpot's live broadcast of the E3
2007 Nintendo press conference on Wednesday,
July 11.

Virtually There: E3 2007 Sony Conference.
Awarded for skipping lunch to tune into GameSpot's
live broadcast of the E3 2007 Sony press conference
on Wednesday, July 11.

de Blob!

For those of you who havent heard of this awsome Wii & DS look at this cute trailer:


Some background info: de Blob for the Wii and by is an upcoming game of the puzzle genre for the Wii and the Nintendo DS developed by Blue TongueHelixe for the Nintendo DS. Both are being published by THQ and are set for release worldwide in February, 2008.

When I first heard the name de Blob & Wii in the same centance I had my doubts, but looking at the gameplay demo, it looks really fun and unique, Im so glad the DS & Wii are doing well, there will be many titles like this that are original and new experiences.

PS: Would someone show me how to imbed youtube videos in these gamespot blogs? Thanks. ;)

E3 '07 Impressions - Microsoft Edition

Gosh, its E3? Again?! Felt like yesterday I stood awake til 6am just to be able to watch E3 '06 Live, damn those time zones! So as the Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft conferences go on, I'll make my own little review of what I think of the news, mediaetc. So first up is the big Microsoft, I really hope to see more Fable 2 from them and looking forward to any new products they have in the pipeline. (for those wondering, yes its 4:30am in the UK were I am right now and Im waiting for the Microsoft conference to start and will be typing my thoughts as it goes on.)

Okay I got very excited by the Halo themed intro until I realized their just floating screenshots/concept art, how lame! And whats with the campy electric violen players(and the rest of the band for that matter)? Come on Microsoft you can do better. Lets hope this improves...

"The greatest lineup of games ever"?! Lol, okay.... Ouch! Peter Moor starts to sing, oh dear.

Viva Pinata 2?! This could be interesting, hmm, this seems to be turning into a Mario Party clone, and I was right. I might add I hate it when Peter claps for the audience..., 50 Minigames, yay. :P oh and the amazing 50 minigames. :P

Mass Effect Trailer, now this is what Im talking about! Looks more beautiful than before with some really nice sound effects and music, not to mention the graphics and cinematic flair. This is a must own! Oh! And coming out this November!

PIECHARTS! We do love our piecharts. Microsoft are having fun telling the world how much better their doing in sales, taking stabs at Sony & Nintendo, specially at third party support. I think its unfair him being so blunt at comparing themselves to the other companies, they have had a full year or twoahead of af them all.

Now for a montage, Call of Duty 4, Half Life: Orange box, Rock Band, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed,Eternal Sonata, Bioshock,Stranglehold, Guitar Hero 3, Beautiful Katamari, Lost Odyseey being the only ones Im interested in, and wow, I must admit this is going to be a superb year for Xbox games!

Jeff Bell takes the stage, a new title for "all the family", exclusive to Xbox 360 'Scene it?' a trivia game with HD video clips and a strange looking BUZZ!-like controller, how exciting. :P

Naruto trailer is up now, it looks quite nice with some strangely catchy music and nice crisp visuals, lets hope this wont be another typical comic/anime show based game.

Some news about the EA sports titles being twice as fast yadayada, I could care less about sport titles, and some well known sportguy takes the stage (Regie something)to demonstrate some football/rugby game thingie. *yawn* Oh its Madden, aparently. lol

Xbox Live has 7 million members, a new member every 8 seconds he says. And by July they hope to pass the 10 million mark. Now for some XBL Arcade, and some new titles coming soon: Bomberman Live!, Undertow, Hexic 2, Sonic the Hedge Hog, Sensible world Soccer, Geon, Wing Commander, Feeding Frenzy 2, Golden Axe, Puzzle Street Fighter thingie HD, Switchbal, Puzzle Quest and a few others I missed... once again Im slighty impressed by the amount of new games coming, microsoft may be aibt arrogant but at least they have the games to back them up, unlike (sorry) SONY.

Oh, they have a partnership with Disney/Miramax, so expect to see almost every Disney animation & movie to be able to be rentable in HD on Xbox 360, too many to list, lets just saySh!t loads.

Xbox L33t (aka Elite) will be coming to europe, after all. Its about time. Now their talking about PGR4, incluiding bikes ( a new feature). Looks ok, racing games arent my thing. But may I say the graphics look insanly amazing! I think I might get it just to watch my lovely car crash into pieces. :P (coming out in September)

Alan Wake, Too Human, Fable 2, Halo Wars are being mentioned as risk takers and different and masterpieces.

Lost Odysse - trailer now playing, coming exclusive to 360, the new english voice acting sounds great and the graphics look gorgeus! I cant wait to get hold of thiscool RPGalong with Blue Dragon.

Ah now for some Windows news... Viva Pinata coming to Windows! oh yay.Oh DIP!Gears of War coming to the PC with new content, game editor and a couple of other surprises. Cliffy B, takes the stage! w00t! 5 new chapters with new baddies, new multiplayer stuff, and the whole chabang!The game looks to be a even bigger hiton PC, with the mouth support for aiming, its going to be great. I finished Gears on 360when it came out I loved it, thought it was a solid action game. (coming out this holiday season)

Nowamontage of the games for windows platform: Flight Simulator X, Thrillville, Bee Movie Game, Hellgate London, Age of Empires 3 Asian Dynasty, Stranglehold, Gears of War, Bioshock, Crysis, Age of Conan, Viva Pinata, Lost Planet, Blacksite Area 51 and a few others. Theyothers, looks like windows is getting some well deserved love from microsoft when they abandoned it backa few years when they were focused on their Xbox360 lineup.

Call of Duty 4 is nowup, and ityou all know it, it looks better than all 3 CoD gamesglued together! Definatly their biggest hit in the pipeline is CoD4. Heres hoping we wont have to wait too long for the game to come out. Their playing a Live demo and loving how the squad mechanics are working and how they give you options on how to react to a situation, looks like somenew nice gameplaytwists over the last games.

Splinter Cell:Conviction supposidly 360 exclusive, but I bet its only time exclusive.

GTA4-all the trailers wererecorded off Xbox 360 not PS3, showing that the developers are developing for the 360 and porting to the PS3. I never really got into any GTA but this one looks veryinteresting, I will definatly give it a go on 19th October. And the GTA4 exclusive downloadable content will only be on 360,good on em.

OMG! Resident Evil 5 on xbox 360 real time footage! it looks insaly amazing!Pity it will only be out 2008! After I finished Resident Evil 4 I really look forward to what Capcom are up to for RE5.

Assasins Creed! Jade Raymond takes the stage,shes so cute! lol Oh! playable demo of the game. The demo is impressive,large enviroments and superb combat! Coming outNovember 2007! Must have!

A pretty cool Halo 3 short live action movie is now playing, made by the fellows at WETA, the people making Heavenly Sword over at Sony for the PS3. The visuals are a TREAT! Now a Halo 3 limited edition xbox 360 is announced, looks nice but I like the look of the Elite & white version more.

And he closes by a new Halo 3 trailers that doesnt look as good as the old trailers, hmm, Ismell the graphics wont live up to the hype, it skill looks pretty good though, we'll see.

I know Nintendo's conference will be better, they always are! =)

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition First Look!

After looking at those amazing screenshots of the new remake of Tomb Raider 1 coming out soon, I am the happiest man on earth knowing theres 2 more Tomb Raider games in the works. The Lara Croft drought is OVER! :)

Whoever hasen't seen the preview, take a look:

A surge of gamming greatness!

Because we all know you want to see pretty pictures on blogs, I know how boring text can be. ;)

Its been a long while since my last blog, things have just been crazy these last few weeks/months, college, jobs, etc. I've also got a crap load of games that still need to be finished.

I decided to go on a spree last week and got:

Now this game is actually quite the b!tch Im having a bit of a hard time when it comes to shacking off the men in blue. I should really look up some hints but its a great racing game, good fun.

I've actually finished this game once on my PC, but I had to have every graphical setting on the lowest, so now I've picked it up for the 360 and having a blast. :)

I've finished this game over 15 times on PC, no lie. But my PC could never enable the 'next gen' graphics so I picked it up for the 360 because Im such a loyal fan boy.

I've been spending a lot of time on this game, its actually a really good RPG and the voices arent bad at all I love them, the 2 gay characters are refreshingly funny.


Gosh, just when I get a RPG to suck up my time I get the Sims 2 to take up all the rest, I'm a big fan of the first game and really like the sequel, even though Maxis & EA are stealing my money. :P

What can I say? I gotta have the classics, even playing the second one I can still apprechiate the sims 1. :)

Well thats the big shopping list thats going to keep me busy, I hope ya'll didn't miss me too much. =p

Stanb by for some comming soon throughts on Fusion Frenzy 2, PS3 & Wii.