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Ikari Warrior

I'm finally level 9 which isn't really a lot considering the time I've been here but since I've decided to be a little more active now I guess I'll level up faster ;)

I hope I can reach like level 20 or so in order to feel kinda experienced while I see some people with high levels like 30 40 or 50s!

It's a system that I like bout this site hope they don't remove it

Level 9 Ikari Warrior for me how long til level 10?? I hope not long


Gamespot Fuse?

I left gamespot for a couple of months due to real life issue and now I see all this hype anyone care to explain what is it about??

Hi everyone

Hi I'm darthschneider, but just call me schneider. I'm new to gamespot, I don't know how many things here work but I'll find out, I hope I can make friends here and well, find good info about games and also earn some emblems.

See you later