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Jarlsberg cheese and some smoked salmon,

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Thug life/gangsta culture. I live next to Detroit, the results of that shallow empty culture speak for themselves.

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No, but I am indifferent. I've been in an out of this forum for 11 years. I've seen it ebb and flow, users come and go. But, back then there weren't as many alternatives.

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@worlock77 said:

Two sites dealing with the same culture and owned by the same company have the same layout? No way!

Here's a thought... Giant Fail could've ripped off Gamespot's look. >_>

Giantbomb has been running this layout for a long long time. Their engineers now being CBSi employees probably got put on the design team.

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Green Bush Brewery: Sun spot. Its a wheat ale from a small West Michigan brewery. I expect nobody here has ever heard of them. Michigan actually has a lot of great labels right now.

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[QUOTE="Synthia"][QUOTE="LJS9502_basic"]I don't know him. Wouldn't this be better at Giant Bomb where they would know him?LJS9502_basic
No, Ryan was just as much a part of the GameSpot family as any other staff member.

Oh well...no offense but I only know you guys that come here. Anyway...tis sad and I hope his family is coping.

Yeah, and he just got married last week to boot. Sad news indeed.

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Lately some vids just don' t start and I have to refresh to fix this.


ye same

Are you running adblock?


should that matter? Ive had adblock for years without any problems.

At home I have trouble with youtube whenever I have adblock on in firefox. It hits that little yellow ad bar on the timeline and hangs up or runs super slow.