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I need some advice

I have no idea what to get for the holidays and my Ps2 broke{Playstation breaks easy! so i can only get Xbox games. What games do you think i should get?

Christmas Games

What games do you plan to get this holdiay season?

I plan to get Shadow the Hedgehog, Call of Duty 2, Ratchet Deadlocked and Soul Calibur 3


An Xbox 360

Xmen Legends 2 and Ultimate Spider Man Review

Well i beat them both. Xmen Legends 2 was long and fun. I like how you can play as the brotherhood and the Xmen. IIt hets even better when you unlock Iron Man, DeadPool and Proffesor X. The bosses are hard and challenging. It is worth buying. Next Ultimate Spider Man. It was short but it is a free roam game. You can play both as Spidey and Venom. Being able to unlock Symbiote Spidey Costume is a good after game goal. The replay value is hi. What do you think

I got Ultimate Spider Man and Xmen Legends 2!

Good Bye Marvel Nemesis, Destroy All Humans, Star Wars Republic Commando and welcome new games. Ultiamte Spider Man is cool and so is Xmen Legends. If anybody wants to know how it is leave a comment or pm me. Anyway what are your opinions?

Marvel Nemesis

I got the game but it was not as bad i though it was. It is a fighting game but a beat em up style game as well. Its not short and the fighters are good. This game is great in versus mode. When i beat it i will buy Ultimate Spider Man. This might turn out good
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