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I live!

yes I am still here. Daily as a matter of fact. I just don't post on forums anymore. And haven't bothered with a blog in ages, hell, no one reads them anyway.

If anyone does here's what's new:

Still on the wagon, 19 months now.

7 years GS anniversary just passed.

Broke 47000 Gamerscore.

Still unemployed and it sucks.

Going back to school in fall.

I can't stop playing minecraft.(360)

that is all for now, Fire and Death!

One Year Sober.

As of today I have been sober for one year. It hasn't been easy, it's hard to stay away from something both legal and socially acceptable. I have done it though. I think after one year I can say I will never drink again with absolute confidence. I've come a long way since the days of drinking scotch for breakfast, just so I could even myself out enough to face the day.

Now to quit smoking....eventually. One thing at a time, right?

I broke 44000 yesterday. While playing Duke Nukem Forever. It's true, it sucks, but it was 10 bucks brand new, so I thought, 'hey, why not?'. Because it's terrible that's why not. Everything they said is true, this game SUCKS. On the flip side I also got Forza Motorsport 4, and it is phenomenal. Taking a break from Skyrim, I realized I had played over 250 hours since it came out, so time to put that down for a moment.

Fire and Death!

Awesome explosion

Skyrim, an explosion of awesome. So good. I've been playing it near non-stop since it came out. I just cn't express how great this game is. I may never stop playing it.

In other news, the new union is up and running as of right now. To my fellow officers I promiseto actually be around for this one. At least as much as I can, you will see me there, seriously.

My father turns 60 this week, makes me feel old, though I suppose not as old as he feels.

Still no snow, in fact was about 13 C outside today. love how much warmer it is here than in Edmonton.

Oh, and holy crap, I broke 43000 gamerscore.

Fire and Death!

One more day....

One more day until Skyrim. The anticipation is killing me. Years I have waited. Tomorrow he wait will be over. I will be waiting outside at 9am to get my copy, though I probably should have pre-orderd it.

In other news, I'm stoked for the UFC on Fox this saturday. The title fight will be a good one, but I for one am more excited for the Guida vs. Henderson fight. Let's go Carpenter!

also evil and junk.

Fire and Death!

No Gears Here

I think I'm the only person I know not playing Gears 3. This is my choice, as Idecided I'd rather have Dead Island, and thus far it's seeming the better choice. Of course I only played Gears 1 and did not like it. Run, hide behind stuff! Shoot from 3rd person! Now in 3 incredible colors! Grey! Brown! Tan! No thanks. I can see why everyone is so ga-ga for these games, but I personally didn't like them. I actually went on a bit of a game spree and managed to aquire, Resident Evil 4, Dead Island, Portal 2, L.A. Noire, You Don't Know Jack, All the most recent DLC for Fallout: Ne Vegas, Mortal Kombat, and Moratl Kombat Arcade Kollection. All in about the last couple weeks. I find myself slightly inundated with new stuff to play. which makes me wonder whether I should play Portal2 or Dead Island? Oh yes, I also FINALLY got and HDTV. It's a 42 inch, which in my tiny living room looks like a movie screen. And hoo boy does everything look good on that sucker. In fact think I'll go play some game right now. Oh yes, one more thing, I finally caved and started a Twitter account, @FireandDeth, so follow me if you like. Fire and Death!

Just some random stuff

So I've been out of work for awhile and recently started a new job. It's cooking, which after all is what I do so that's a plus. Even betterit's half a block away, I can walk out my front door and see it. The hours are great, and the pay is adequate, for now. On the con side, it's evenings, and I can't express how much I do not want to work evenings. I moved across the countryto get a fresh start and get far away from my ex, which was bestfor both of us. On an aside, I'm still glad I don't have to see her. I'm in a place now where I would like to have a significant other in my life again. That is made a great deal harder by the fact most women my age work in the day. I have no problem meeting or talking to women, except that I'm at work when most are available. That said, I like the new job and have no intention of leaving, but I am going to try to get on days.

On the UFC front, versus 5 was Sunday, and was a good card. Notably Chris Lytle vs Dan Hardy, who put on a great fight. It was Lytle's last fight, he announced his retirement before the fight, and he looked good, almost too good to retire. He won by submission after an excellent fight of the night battle. On thepersonal fandom side, Cole Miller's one-handed guillotine choke victory was awesome. If you want a good chuckle look up "Pat Barry trains for Stephan Struve" on YouTube.

On the videogame front, I just got Fruit Ninja Kinect. Smashing fruit is fairly fun, but boy are my arms sore from punching fruit. I play it as though it were called fruit muay thai kinect, but it's more comfortable to me and it works. A diverting little game, but I agree with GS review, you really don't find that youplay it for long before you feel compelled to move on to something with a little more meat. Like Dead Rising 2. I've been playing that game like crazy.

So, I'm sore tired and on my first day off. Time to enjoy it. Fire and Death!

Kinect & Old World Blues.

Got kinect yesterday. It's amazing, but much like the Wii, I'm not sure it will stay that way. Right now, my first impression is, wow. Anyone recommend some good kinect games? Also just finished Old World Blues, the latest Fallout:New Vegas add-on, and if you're a fan of the game, get it. Quite simply it was hilarious, engaging, and far and away the best expnsion so far. Fire and Death!

Final Fantasy 7

For yers I have searched for the fabled copy of FF7. A game, that in my opinion, was the absolute high tide line for final fantasy games. Well, good news! After years of searching I found a copy at the used games store a block from my house. I started a game last night, and it felt like coming home, or putting on an old comfortable shoe. I think most of my spare time for the next couple weeks is going to be playing it. I had to force myself to stop last night or I would have stayed up all night playing. Just such a great game. Think maybe I'll go play it now. OOps, there goes anything productive I was gong to do today;P Fire and death!

First in years.

I just received two moderations in the same day. warning only, which I guess is fair, but in the case of one of them, I wasn't aware I was breaking the TOS. I guess rules must have changed since I opened my account in 2005. guess I'll go read it again. Also that's only my 4th mod in 6 yer so I guess I can't complain. Also I'm looking for good ideas of stuff to draw, I'm having some sort of cretive block. Any suggestions? And if I can figure out how, would anyone like to see my artwork? Fire and Death!

now with even more rage!

Life sure has been frustrating lately. Get a new job, lose my new job. Quit drinking 6 months ago, now everyone I know invites me to go drinking all the time. I swear I'm going to punch the next person, whom after I've told for the fifth time that I quit drinking says, "Oh, you're still doing that?". Like I haven't been serious about it all this time. News flash; I am very serious about this. just seems the more I struggle, the farther I sink, and the more my rage about it builds. I know I just have to go head down and plow through, but it's hard. I just keep reminding myself that anything worth having is worth a little pain. Fire and Death!