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Seriously impressive stuff
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I'm more afraid that you can't differentiate between when an opinion can actually be wrong. So say someone can't be right or wrong outside of opinion is flat out incorrect.

factual schmactual brain in a vat theory = everything outside yourself is opinion-based i subscribe to this theory so you may leave me alone

You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the brain in a vat theory. It has nothing to do with "opinion", it means everything besides your consciousness could flat-out not exist. Interesting philosophical concept, but if you live your life by that theory, you are not able to function in society, as you are proving in this thread.
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its all bullsh!t ofcourse, there is no right or wrong outside of opinion, if you think holocaust never happened; more power to you


There is an inherent danger in not recognizing the holocaust; doomed to repeat a similar episode.

this is 0 chance of a "holocaust" happening dude

You say that, yet genocide has occurred multiple times since the 1940s/