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What I thought of E3 and my favorite games.

Hey guys! Here's what I thought of E3. it's an article from my video game blog site so if you take the time to read it over leave a comment on the page or in here. Overall I thought that this year's show was pretty great. Not a ton of surprises but I am stoked for Halo 4 and Tomb Raider and let's of course not forget the Wii U! Let me know what you think please!!

My thoughts about E3 2011

Which E3 press conference was the best? Hear our thoughts!

Hay gaming freinds! You know I run a little website and that we have a podcast. We decided with all the E3 hype this year to record special E3 editions. On monday we talked about and graded Microsoft and Sony and yesterday we of course discussed at length Nintendo's show and the Wii U unveiling. This was a lot of fun and I think it's neat to have the ability to share our gamer/fanboy perspective on all of this info. PLEASE check it out if ou are interested. They are both short (under an hour). We are available on iTunes for free (search: Rule of Two Review Podcasts) and of course can stream from the site at these two links below.

If you leave any comments or even questions for us to address eaither here or on the pages on the site I promise to read your name and comment/questions on next week's E3 wrap up! (btw it would be REALLY cool for us to get some questions from you guys that give us a chance to interact with you our fellow gamers on the air. it would mean the world to us and myself as the host :) . So thanks for tuning in guys! Game on....

E3 Special Day 1: Microsoft and Sony

E3 Special Day 2: Nintendo and the Wii U

Hey I'm offering FREE GAMES through contests! (I'm dead serious)

Hi there awesome Gamespot friends! So my website, Rule of Two Review and our gaming and movies podcasts have been kicking for a little over three months now. We just completely overhauled the site to make it much more efficient so go check it real quick for new reviews of de Blob 2 and Hard Corps Uprising!

HOWEVER! What I really want to do is get even more followers to the website to see all of our awesome content. I realized there's no better way to earn people's love than to, well, buy people's love :P Which means I'm offering FREE GAMES AND MOVIES! So here's the deal:

- I want to get the Facebook Page up to 100 "likes" and the Twitter Page to 50 followers.

- What I'd just love for everyone to do and totally just help the crap out of me is to super please go to one or both of these and like/follow it. And then any of your fellow gaming and movie loving friends, have them do the same.

- I want t make this thing viral and make it something we can all appreciate as a hardcore nerdy fanboy community because we all are passionate about this stuff :)

Now...the free stuff. I host both of our padcasts on the site which I linked above and can be downloaded on iTunes for free. Just search rule of Two review and look for the 1-Bit podcast and the Frame by Frame podcast. As soon as one of these pages gets over the desired number of followers I will begin a contest on every episode of the podcast (and soon to be video podcasts!) where I will ship the winner a brand new free game (or movie) of their choice! This is not a joke and it is not spam. You all know me and know I'm a real person and this stuff is just what I'm passionate about. I will supply all of the prizes.

So this is all next to no work for you friends of mine and all of your friends to have access to free stuff every month. Just follow our site, listen to our podcasts (which are awesome btw) and BAM! Access to free games every month! This is my baby. My pet project. I really want the educated peer nerds that I share my time with to be into it with me and our team at the site. Support fellow gamers and win free games! Any questions or suggestions or....whatever....just let me know okay? THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for any and all support. Here' to the first 100 "likes". See you all soon :)

2011 year in preview, WHAT!

Hey all! Rule of Two Review's new episode of the 1-Bit Podcast is now up on the site and will be up on iTunes later today (Friday Feb 18th)! We break down all of the upcoming ass-kickers of 2011 month by month and also discuss The Xperia Play (PSP Phone), the 3DS' launch, Skyward Sword, Guitar Hero's axing and more random hilarity and gaming greatness. Please comment on the page and and rate us on iTunes!!

NOTE: To DeadSarow, elbert_b_23, and OreoMilkShake I give you guys all shoutouts on the podcast for your awesome support ;) Thanks guys!

Listen to Episode 4 of 1-Bit here!

Gamespot friends I need your help!!!

So any of you who may have been following me lately may have noticed that we have begun our very own gaming and movie website Rule of Two Review. It's been starting to get more traffic and that's been great to see. However this site is created for you! The real gamers and movies nerds out there since I obviously share this passion with you :D

What would mean the MOST to me and my small crew ever would be if you went to the actual Facebook page and "like" it. The link on the page doesn't connect right to the FB page itself. PLEASE to help me out and do this!!

I host a gaming podcast called The 1-Bit Podcast every week and if I see any of you awesome GS friends of mine start to like the page I promise I will give you a personal shoutout on the podcast and then i will be able to start the contests where we'll give out (and mail to you) free video game prizes and Gamestop gift crads!

This really will mean so much to me and the hard work we are doing with this site and our reviews and fun content for all of the hip nerds out there. I've applied to attend E3 as a media outlet to so this will help our status for the expo team as well. Thanks a lot guys to all who help us out! You're the best! ;)

The PSP 2, Dead Space 2, and the 3DS!

Hey guys! The new episode of our podcast 1-Bit (which I personally host ;) ) is up and ready to experience! The PSP 2 got annouced hours before we podcasted so we dive deep into the brand new information. We discuss the 3DS's new price and release date, Dead Space 2, The Old Republic and LittleBigPlanet 2 and more news and reviews in gaming! Check it out!

(Also find us on Itunes for FREE and download and rate us!)

My 2010 GAME OF THE YEAR is....

....talked about right here on my video games podcast: The 1-Bit Podcast! Myself and some of my smartest and funniest gaming buddies brak down the awesome year in games that was 2010. Tons of great Wii games, a new mass Effect, Halo, God of War and more. What was my GotY and what games did we all decide were the best and worst of 2010? Listen and find out!

Also Gamespot friends PLEASE go to my website's Facebook page and "like" it and follow it. We have tons of awesome gaming and movie content including my two podcasts. Help me make Rule of Two Review a success and keep on gaming!

My 1-Bit video game podcast is up!

Hello friends of me! My new website RULE OF TWO REVIEW's new podcast is up and ready for your listening pleasure. This week we rename the podcast the 1-Bit Podcast. In this episode we talk about the SKYWARD SWORD DELAY, Mass Effect 3, the awesome trailers at the underwhelming VGAs, and a few other hilarious tidbits. As always I am the host, contact me here or on Facebook or the website, and give us any feedback or questions. Oh yeah! And share us with your friends :D Thanks for listening if you do! Hear the new episode HERE!

Check out our new movies podcast! Frame by Frame!

Hey all! The new episode of our podcast is now up on my site. This one is the movies podcast dubbed Frame by Frame! In this episode we BS about Tron, 3D movies, the top pirated movies of 2010, X-Men and other random hilarious topics. I'm also taking cues for shoutouts from my friends on the Gamespot.com forums here. So let me know if you want me to bring your name up on the podcast! Also comment on the site and email me with any questions you'd like us to discuss. PLEASE check it out and tell me what ya think! The games podcast will go up on wed the 29th. Hope to hear from you!

Click here for the Frame by Frame podcast!