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300 Reviews on TV.Com!

I just wrote my 300th Review on TV.Com for the SOuth Park episode "Sexual Harrasment Panda". I am going to do the SNL one [Forest Whitaker, Keith Urban] soon I swear.

At Least one of my Friends has a Brain in Her Head...

Yesterday on Myspace I was talking to Allora about V-Day and it turns out that she is not a vain gift ***** like some people I know, if you go on my Myspace you can see 3 comments she left on my page yesterday [and a comment about when I said I hate being single... did not leave a reason why though], she said that she just wants to have fun with her friends because that you are not here forever and you should just enjoy it while it lasts. And I found that to be quite profound advice, but I do things in the polar oposite way of what she said, I sleep and go on here for fun. She also had a conversation with me about a little buletin I posted [basicly it was a short thing saying "no lovey dovey crap or I will hit you" and it was directed at everyone who makes a big deal out of the day], I won't waste your time with that though. And if anyone thinks we should date, don't bother asking, both of us just want to hang out rignt now so don't waste my time asking about it. Well I am going to post a V-Day blog on Myspace later so I will copy it onto here for you guys, I'll type more later.

Valentines Day is a god awful Holiday...

[Copied from a Myspace Bulletin I posted with the title "Who Else Here ******* Hates Valentines Day] I do, how bout you. Tell me why you do if you do, and if you like it. Don't just say I like getting presents okay? I hate it because it is a fake holiday where you have to blow a ton of money just to prove your love, and personaly I would be happy to get a stick of gum, but I like gum. Now you may be saying that I hate this holiday because I do not have a girlfriend, but that is not why, I would still hate it equally if or if I was not boffing some girl at the time. And I think that all of you ladies need to stop stressing the importance of "money = love" on this day, I beleive that all you need to do is hang out with someone, so ******* do that! The only good thing is seeing your girl's smile on her little face... but that will be over fast. And I would just like to say this, demanding presents is not the way to keep a guy, unless you are hot enough to make it work because then the guy will just deal with it. This holiday is just a way to sell gifts, and that is all it has ever been, sure it has a nice premise [showing your love to a girl or guy] but it just became total bull **** after a while, and if anyone that knows me is getting me anything, please just make it one of those little cards with the candy in them, that's all I really want, it is simple, cheap and explains everything up-front and that is how I like it... I may copy this into a Blog later so have a good day, and girls tell whoever you are plowing that the gifts don't really matter.

I'm not going, but I found a new way to have fun

I have decided not to go to the dance, besides I don't wanna pay 15 bucks for the tickets when I just paid 250 bucks for a class ring [come on *enters idiot mode* its pretty!]. But I gotta say that the last few days for me have been much more fun than almost anything I have had since I became a hermit in 2004. On Myspace me and my friend Allora were screwing around in messages, and then she posted a Bulletin [Myspace thing] that said "Lingere Party", so I instantly went there and asked her to send me copies of the funniest messages she got from people wanting to go... and by god I got a good picture out of it [can't post it, really NSFW or safe for anything with children looking], but I must say, it is nice to have someone as twisted as myself to talk too because that it is just so boring to do nothing else. Have a good day.

Level 20!

First off I would like to say, hooray for myself, because I am now the ******* Cowbell! But I just enjoy being higher up than somebody, it makes up for all of the problems in my life.

The School Dance

In one week on Saturday my school is having the "Cornation Dance", but I a mwondering if I want to go or not, I hate dancing and I hate dressing up [I plan to dress how I normaly do, but with a Clip On Tie attached to my collar poorly], but I would like to hang out with my friends a little bit. I may ask someone to go with me [as a friend so my parents don't suspect anything ;)]. If I do  Iwill tell you what I decide, tell me what you think.

This damn Site!

I had to change my Email again... so now I am trying to get my Email fixed so I can get my Password when I want it... I swear websites are too hard to use now.