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Haven't been here in awhile so go easy on me


its been like 4 months since I've been here s pm me people and comment to tell me how life has been wit u all :] i'll ry and come on more but high school homeowrk takes up my time now n days, well ta ta meh lovelies :]

(Pictures to steal ya soul 8D )

Breaking Dawn to come AUGUST 2

Anyone else extremely excited about the release of Breaking Dawn August 2? There is a premeire party tonight for it starting late so hope you guys can check it out! Be sure to watch for it later!


breakingdawncover.jpg Breaking Dawn image by RoxXxy13

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn



Edward and bella

Edward and Bella

Bella and Edward

bella and edward

bella and Edward

Im feeling random and want to name all the twilight quotes i know O_o dont ask XD

Edward and Bella Swan

Edward and bella

Edward and Bella

bella and Edward

Edward and Bella

Edward Bella

twilight.jpg :] image by shootxyourxfriends



Twilight Trailer


twilight icon Twilight








Yeahhhh I know this was alot I got carried away eheh but hey I can do thsi because its my blog and its going my BIRTHDAY XD

and because it shows how dedicated I am to twilight now and the dazzling Edward Cullen :P

TAGGED(caps) come to see if YOU have been tagged

10 Random Things About Me

1. I luv the color purple~

2. When I grow up I want to be a voice actor~

3. I can sing~

4. I can be more random than you think~

5. I luv to party!~

6. I love candy!~

7. Im a softball player~

8. I own more than 3 accounts on the Internet~

9. I listen to techno and rock~

10. I have never kissed a boy~

Now I tag these 5 people~

1. Gaawa-kun

2. diamond07

3. GaaraOfTheFunk5

4. spazzoids_rule



Hina luvs ya~

Sora.jpg picture by hinata3454

uhh yeah :/

well hmm i dun know how to say this buttttttt...........................

IM SINGING AT MY GRADUATION they chose me to sing the national anthem and now im really freaked out because i have huge stage fright- i guess they liked my voice so ya idk hopefully i dont freeze up on stage hehe^^;

Roleplay Poll

Now you each have your little charcters from show you enjoy to watch. But have you roleplayed with them before? have you been able to make them do what you want? Or would you like to start that here. Please answer these following questions and keep in mind that these characters must be made up.

What is the name of your character?

Is your character a male or female?

How old is your character?

What kind of weapons would you like your character to have?

Does Your character love any other character?

Where does your character live?

What does your chacter look like?

How does your character act?

Does your character have any allies/friends?

Does your character have any enemies?

What is your characters history of his/her life?

The following questions are at random because i would like to see how you create characters.


here is a quiz i borrowed from meh buddie on DA so the questions on here are very random and just so u know again i did not make these questions i borrowed them from meh buddie^-^

[_] Come to my house to do nothing at all but chill?

[_] Fight me?

[_] f*ck me?

[_] Kiss me?

[_] Let me kiss you?

[_] Watch a movie with me?

[_] Go out to dinner with me?

[_] Let me drive you somewhere?

[_] Take a shower with me?

[_] Drink with me?

[_] Take me home for the night?

[_] Let me sleep in your bed?

[_] Sing car karaoke w/ me?

[_] Re-post this for me to answer your questions?

[_] Hold my hand?

[_] Let me make you breakfast?

[_] Help me with homework?

[_] Tickle me?

[_] Let me tickle you?

[_] Instant message me?

[_] Greet me in public?

[_] Hang out with me?

[_] Bring me around your friends?

[_] Be down with me no matter what?

[_] Go to prom with me?

D0 Y0U...
[_] Think I'm cute?

[_] Think I'm serious?

[_] Think I'm a good person

[_] Think I'm conceited?

[_] Want to kiss me?

[_] Want to cuddle with me?

[_] Want to hook up with me?

[_] Want to *Do* me?

[_] Think I would do you?

[_] Love me?

AM I...

[_] Smart?

[_] Cute?

[_] Funny?

[_] Sexy?

[_] Cool?

[_] Romantic?

[_] A *freak*?

[_] Gangsta?

[_] Loveable?

[_] Adorable?

[_] Trustworthy

[_] Compassionate?

[_] Great to be with?

[_] Attractive?

[_] Mean?

[_] Well known?

[_] Thought about hooking up with me?

[_] Found yourself wanting a kiss from me?

[_] Wished I were there?

[_] Had a crush on me?

[_] Wanted my number?

[_] Had a dream about me?

[_] Been distracted by me?

[_] Wanted to see my private part?

[_] Looked at my page more than ten times?

ARE Y0U...
[_] Happy you know me?

[_] Horny?

[_] Thinking about me?

[_] Wanting to call me to talk about these things?

[_] Going to repost this?