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Houston, I have a problem

I need your help guys. Maybe even medical assistance, because this CAN'T be happening to me!

Last year I was buried in piles and piles of homework, school projects and such, so videogames were gradually losing importance in my life, due to the lack of time. I just had time to play little flash games in the internet to distract myself, and turning on my Wii was becoming a task that I didn't have patience to do. I was playing my loved console much less frequently, maybe once a month or even less.

Then, here I am.

I spend more time playing Mafia Wars then any other TRUE game.

Hardcore titles for the Wii such as CoDMW:R and Metroid Prime Trilogy seem less and less interesting, and I get bored when I play them.

Casual games have invaded my life, and I don't like this.

PLEASE help me! What can I do to return to the wonderful world of non-casual games? Is there a way?

Thank you.

Wii version gets a lower score...Again.

Did you guys see Star Wars: The Force Unleashed review? For all the platforms? Yeah, the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions got a 7.5. And the Wii version, a mere 6.0

It is not the first time that this happens. It happenned with Rock Band and a few other games out there. The third-party companies think that we (who play Wii) are just casual gamers that buy any crappy game they launch`.

I know, I know, videogames are meant to be fun. But with this whole bunch of lame third-party games, we dont have this fun. They just dont give attention to the Wii. Tell me a good third-party game, that fully uses the Wii potential. You will probably say "Zack and Wiki", Resident Evil 4 and No More Heroes. Yeah, I agree, they are all great games. Tell me one more. Nothing comes to your mind? Yeah, it happens with me too.

Mario Kart Wii

Hey there, I got Mario Kart Wii! I spended just a few hours with it, but I am enjoying a lot! The Wii Wheel is very confortable to use... The only thing I am disapointed is the lack of variety. If you are a lonely player, all you can do is race and try to beat your records.

Well, it is a great game. If you didn´t buy it....go to a near store and do it!

My Wii aficionado emblem...vanished

Damn! Where is my Wii aficionado emblem???? I saw it yesterday, but then.....it disappeared!

Some people say the your Wii Aficionado emblem can disappear when you add games from other companies to your collection(Xbox, Playstation). The problem is that I HAVEN´T ADD A SINGLE GAME SINCE I GOT THE EMBLEM!!!!!

Sigh. What´s going on here? :cry:


Hey, I would like to know some sites or programs where you can create your own banners ( I would prefer sites or programs where you don´t need to pay...).

Any suggestions will be accepted.

Thanks! :D

Wii aficionado emblem

Yeah!!!! Second emblem!!!!

Wow, two emblems in two days... I think that´s really good. But I also think it will get harder to get more emblems...

Oh, and thanks to all your nice comments from the other blog, my friends!

Black and gray

I have an impression that some games are getting darker, with a lot of black, gray...

Example: Zelda Twilight Princess. Zelda games were always fun, colorful and happy. But the Wii version is much more obscure...

Yeah, I know it´s because of the Twilight, but it´s still too dark. But don´t misunderstand me! This is not a bad thing!

Another example: Metroid Prime Corruption. Metroid games were always dusky, but the Wii version is a little more...

Look at that opaque Power Suit! It´s so strange...

Well, I think it´s only an impression of mine.

The N64

Nintendo 64. I don´t know about you, but this was a console that pierced MY mind and heart. I played games that now I consider them awful, like Bomberman Hero, Tarzan, Kirby Cristal shards...

That console wasn´t revolutionary, nor evolutionary. But it had a unique magid that envolved me.

And that N64 flame isn´t extinct. Even if I wanted to forgot the Nintendo 64, I woudn´t be able to do it.

That´s it. I´m much better now.

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