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Xbox One

 Man they really have done it with the consle having to be always online, blocking used games, and not even focusing on the most important thing about a consle GAMES.

Nintendo DS

I will most likey be getting one for christmas along with a couple pokemon games like Diamond and Pokemon Heartgold.


I couldn't believe how easy it was to platnuim it only took me a week lol and I went up another level on here!

Twisted Metal Online (With Latest Patch)

The mode has been greatly improved recently so I am playing it and aiming for the online trophies but it is a pain becuase it can be VERY caotic more that other games but it is very fun when you dont face perfect players.

MW3 Online

Anyone have and a ps3 with MW3 cuz I would like to have people to play with because it's more fun than just teaming up with random people that could suck... I'm bringing my kd up from those bad matches.