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Leaving Gamespot

Gamespot has proved time and time again that they are immature and that users like myself are clearly not wanted. I'm left to assume my level of reviews and opinions or information spreading is clearly not desired on this website. They act as if it is 12 year olds that read all this stuff when in reality it is the adults or older users.(Such as 18+ as least) I'm left to think that they like all the commenters or reviewers full of grammar and spelling errors while lacking any kind of length or details; because they're ok with those; but I'm the one getting punished everytime I turn around. I'm sorry the "official" reason is "offensive use of the word retarded", x2(Second time was when I described the first time) and "censor bypassing". Well you know what? You shouldn't have the censor, we aren't 10-12, and retarded is a naturally offensive word, but yet you don't censor it despite not liking it. See how these things are retarded? Hey idiots, how about letting people say what they want and acting your age. Your readers aren't children.

Deleting my comments and sending me spam about it is one thing, but deleting a blog post and then suspending me(Without the bravery to do a full blown ban like ya should have if you hate me or people like me so much), is quite pathetic. Waited for the 2 day suspension(Which said 1 day in the spam message, go figure) to wear off just so I could type this and say FU to GS and goodbye to any profile/reviewer viewers; assuming they don't delete this too. I'm surprised they haven't start deleting my reviews, they do lot worse than the stuff of mine they did delete. But I backed them up and may edit/redo them for another website or storage of some kind when I start again; because I'm done here. How can I say this without censor bypassing? They keep taking a large generous golden shower on my account. Ya, that works.

Sorry but I can't operate under these ridiculous restrictions and treatments any longer, and will find a better area to put my contributions and read game news. If I'm too good for Gamespot, I'll just have to move on. So this is Drain checking out, any future reviews or comments of mine won't be found here on Gamespot. Was going to review the new Rocket Knight Adventures before they did all this shi.... cra... no, lame stuff, heh. There, ya happy? I Child-proofed it for you.

AvP3's Multiplayer fails.

Yes I'm still alive...

AvP2 was one of the most successful shooters of all time. Sure, it had a large array of bugs, glitches and terrain exploits, not to mention balance issues that were never addressed before being abandoned by its creators; but it still served as a very popular online base for the years following its release. I was there during AvP2's prime, and there when it finally died. Sooner or later cool Aliens and Predators weren't enough to overlook the game's aging graphics and ignored host of issues and problems. I was just going to review the game itself, but I found myself only actually wanting to talk about the multiplayer. There isn't much to say about the SP. It's good, but I'm sure it won't say anything Dead Space or Call of Duty or Halo or Bioshock or [Insert Name Here] hasn't already done for you already. So I decided to just blog post about the issue I wanted to focus on instead.

For most of us, the hopes of a decent AvP multiplayer died when that game was abandoned by its creators, and finally expired, becoming a ghost town. I always kept hope that there would one day become a sequel... but then something happened, AvP3 rumors flared up, and our anticipations soared. Would AvP3 live up to everything we ever hoped? Would it fill our AvP lust? Would it be the AvP with next generation graphics that we've spent years waiting for? The answer is yes... and also sadly, no.

AvP3 hit the shelf, and much to our disappointment, it lacked nearly every feature AvP2 had, such as different classes, number of weapons, gameplay modes, large maps, number of maps, etc. The list is so long it's one big tragedy. It didn't even ship with Dedicated Hosting, and when they released that, it was in its command line only, beta version. A game we waited for all decade couldn't even ship with a finished dedicated host client. It's also extremely complicated to use compared to practically any other game's client, largely due to being command line only. Everything about AvP3 feels rushed, unfinished, and obviously not designed by people that actually play video games. They even put in a matchmaking system, which is always a fail with video games. People don't want to sit in a damn que, they want to jump right into a game and get to shooting. I'd never play such, but I did anyway just to see the que times, and as you could expect, they're terrible. Half an hour in que just to get a game with 1-2 other people. I don't want 1vs1s or 3person games, I want huge 18 player frenzy battles. Luckily we get that with dedicated hosting... but our hopes are shot down by every problem imaginable soon found afterwards...

This pile of fail begs the question, why did AvP3 ship when the game obviously wasn't finished? In fact, why do most games do this? Why is everything rushed? Why can't people finish stuff? I could end this report right now... but I'm only really getting started...

So we give it a fair shot, take one big bite of the fail sandwich, and try to enjoy what we waited years for. We jump into a game, prepare our pulse rifles, and hope it'll give us something worthwhile. We are immediately hindered by the fact that you can die before your screen even loads, even while in game. You can join a game dead, then die again during the respawn before your screen loads. This is due to 3 reasons. First the maps are way too small. AvP2 had large maps, where you could repop in an isolated area that's closed in and hard to see inside, or just far off from most of the action. This offered you a good chance at actually loading before dying to another player. It wasn't always the case, but it did much to help stop such a problem. AvP3 does nothing of the sort, maps are too tiny, too open, and feel like they were thrown together. There's no room for 18 players, they are all just a tiny pit of hell where you usually don't live for more than a few seconds before dieing. There's FPS, and then there's this, where death comes so fast you usually can't do anything about it and it is just plain unfun. That's not to say that death doesn't come fast in other shooters, but at least most offer some sort of safe respawn where you have a chance at survival. I played Call of Duty 4 and I rarely ever got ganked respawning, even with game's full of people. Maps were huge, and with tons of closed in areas to put respawners.

The second reason is that players are too weak. Health values in AvP2 were higher. Granted you could instantly die from a grenade or rocket launcher or disc throw, here you die almost instantly from almost anything. Finally, there's no short lasting invulnerability when you respawn to ensure you actually get to move before being killable. Most games don't have that, but it isn't always needed because they are usually generous enough to respawn you in a safe area that you can't just be killed instantly at, such as AvP2.(See Reason 1)

So we get over that pile of nonsense(Which took 2 paragraphs to choke on), and what do we get next? Serious lack of gameplay modes and no classes. Using a certain gun means you have to hunt for and find it. You can't spawn with anything beyond your normal gun, despite any game mode setting. Why can't I spawn with the sniper rifle, or a flame thrower? Or the Smart gun? Granted the Smart gun is OP, but choices should still exist, even if that one isn't on the list. The other guns aren't overpowered, why aren't they a choice? Predator has the same issues, the shoulder cannon is crap but yet you have to hunt for it. The disc is "ok" but is a swing and miss most the time. Why do I have to hunt for junk or "questionable" weapons? Aliens don't have this issue, they don't have to hunt for their ability to wall crawl, run fast, or pounce. So the game feels handed to Aliens, but the reality is, everyone is screwed by this system. Original game allowed you to choose between classes or be like this where you have to find them. Here it isn't even a choice.

The lack of choices in the game goes even further. No classes is bad enough, but it then tells you that you don't even get model choices either. You have to look like every other newb in the game. Only way to get more models is to participate in the game's terrible "ranked matches", which take forever to find in the matchmaking system and are often 1vs1 bore-fests. No one but losers with too much time on their hands would want to do this crap. Thanks for insulting us by expecting us to do this for the models. Just give us the damn models, or let us get them from ANY game like CoD does with its levels. What a joke and slap to the face to players.

Failed game settings add onto the fail. You can't switch races once a game has started, meaning a bigger team is STUCK bigger unless people join and are forced onto that race. Why can't I just switch myself to the smaller team and be done with it? There's suppose to be an auto balance but I've never seen it work myself. In AvP2 you could switch teams at anytime, why not here? Why this locked BS? Speaking of which, you can't control a team's size either. Why can't I have a game of 6 Marines and 12 Aliens then go crazy? Why are the teams locked as even? Why the game balanced around a 1vs1 setting instead of bigger numbers?

Brings me to the next fail. The game is balanced around 1-1-1, meaning every race is balanced around even numbers with every other race. In reality the Alien race should be weak and fast, valueing superior numbers, while the Predators are strong, with the best weapons and health, but few in number. So logically a fair game, least in a world that made sense, would be something like 3 Predators, 6 Marines, 9 Aliens. But in this joke of a multiplayer, it's 6 on each. Why are Predator's not stronger and more advanced than Marines LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO BE? The design makes no sense. Even AvP2 had this issue, but at least you could still set the team sizes for that and play it how you wanted. Here they are all locked to a max of 6, with no way to turn the cap on one up or down.

Think I'm done? Getting there, but the game modes can't be left out. Predator hunt is a joke because the Predator is not as strong or powerful as he is suppose to be. They didn't even bother to boost him for this specific game type like they should have. It makes no sense. Mixed Species Deathmatch is the biggest insult the game has made. Team Deathmatch doesn't let you adjust team sizes, hindering its fun. Infestation is fun but not as fun as it could be due to tiny map sizes. All suffer from inability to change race in game. You shouldn't be able to in Hunt or Infestation obiously but in the Deathmatches you should be able to.

None of the game maps are appealing. Remember Hanger from AvP2? Map was HUGE. Giant boxes you could run inside of. An entire second floor with catwalk that Aliens could run underneath and see through, seeing you on them while you couldn't shoot them undernearth. A giant hanger area with a ship Predators could stand on or jump across. The map was amazing. Remember the camp level? Huts in a fenced in area with large open spaces and an underground tunnel. Remember the Hive level? An outside level with a movie classic Humve parked next to an infested building, nearly fully devoured by Alien growth, with wall vents for them to climb in and navigate through the level faster by using? That was awesome! Here all we get are tiny pit levels that may as well be boxing rings. My hopes soared at one level, it had buildings with an outside level and a crashed ship. It was big, unlike the rest, with buildings to get on top of. But my hopes were crushed when I found out you couldn't go inside a single building. Why are they shut off? Even in the SP they are open and you go in them, why'd you shut them off from us in the multiplayer?

The weapons suck. I mean pretty much all of them. The pulse rifle spawns you without grenades, and the grenades are nearly non-existant. The sniper rifle takes too long to use with its scope and doesn't scroll fast enough while in the scope. The smartgun is ok, OP in fact, but so rare that you'll likely never use it. The flamethrower does next to nothing at all. The shoulder cannon is an absolute insult to any Predator fan alive, it does next to no damage and is so inaccurate it's just sad. The netgun and speargun didn't even make it to the gun. The disc rarely hits its target. I guess this is their idea of "balance", make every gun suck so the Aliens aren't underpowered. An Alien can easily cut you off before you make it to a weapon spawn and kill you, but they suck so bad it doesn't really matter; so yay for balance. Aliens eat it too though, as they are all identical, absolutely no difference between Aliens.

Since they naturally don't get weapons, and the game blessed up with no classes either, Aliens got it the worst. Why no Predaliens or Praetorians? The ability to wall walk in this game, like you'd expect since everything else sucks, is also terrible. In AvP2 you could hold 1 button and let go to fully determine whether your character wall walked and hung, or fell and stayed on the ground floor. It was extremely simple and easy to use. That allowed you to focus on traveling and hunting your prey. Here it's confusing as hell. You hold a button to start it, you let go, and often you won't fall. It can also wall walk you when you aren't holding it and don't want to do it, even despite it not being told to have done it. It just does whatever it wants and you rarely end up where you want to be. It, like the rest of the game, it's all messed up. They also broke the ability to freely pounce, now making you require a target to use. But the target icon never shows up when you need or want it to, meaning you can't pounce. When it does let you, it's as innacurate as you were as a newb trying to pounce in AvP2. The difference here is that it's stuck that way and you've no way to improve it by getting better with targetting. Playing an Alien in this game is one big luck fest, mainly due to the terrible controls and whether or not they decide to do what you are trying to do. Trust me, it isn't too exciting, at least compared to to how fluid and perfect the controls were in AvP2. AvP2 had a ton of problems, but at least they were all technical, and just not by short sighted design. Controls were not one of its problems, in other words.

In summery AvP3 is one of the biggest letdowns ever. We hoped that waiting all decade and enjoying the terrible AvP games over the years such as Concrete Jungle, and Requim on the PsP would finally afford us a decent game. But what we got was this cheap unfinished rip off that is fully priced at 60$. I got mine for 25$ and I don't even want to play it. I recommend you pirate it for the SP if you lust AvP action, and stay far away from its terrible Multiplayer. All you'll get is ripped off. Play a real shooter that doesn't feel stripped down of everything it should have had. AvP3 is so bad that it's worse than AvP2 was during its early years, and that's while taking every single glitch, bug, flaw, and issue into account. It is a terrible game in every way and it's multiplayer is an absolute joke. It never should have been released in this form. It isn't even close to being finished.

Why do companies do this? Because it's a profit. You can puke any pile of junk onto the shelf and it'll still sale more than what it costed to produce. Until people learn to stop buying this stuff, game quality will never increase. Why should they make something if you are still paying them for the junk? I will sit on my CD key and hope that someday that they fix this terrible rip off of a multiplayer I was fooled into buying, but I doubt that will ever happen. Consider this the end of my rant. If you could actually stay awake to read it all, I hope you found it educational about game quality standards, among other things.


Big Rigs(Lowest rated PC game ever) gets a patch, LOL

"Stellar Stone put out a patch for Big Rigs that is already included in newer copies. With the patch installed your opponent actually moves, there are sound effects, and the broken Nightride track is replaced with a mirror version of the first track that doesn't crash the game. The grammatically questionable but entertaining "You're Winner!" message was also changed to read "You Win!""

The question is, why bother? So you take a turd, and... work on it a little bit? It's still going to be worst PC game ever made. What a laugh, and I can only laugh at the game company responsible for not only the game, but for also somehow thinking the game is salvagable with this joke of a patch. Stellar Stone is such a joke to be like this. First ya release a game so terrible no one in their right mind would ever want it, then you think its salvagable enough to work on it? Cover your shame and leave it behind, like other companies do with their failures. I'm tempted to review the game myself but not only is it old, but it's also so terrible it doesn't really need my opinions on it for you to see how bad it is.

I guess they were so ashamed of it being lowest rated Gamespot reviewed game(and probably plenty of other sites) that they hoped to improve it "slightly" so it would bump to a 1.5 or something and not be the worst. But still, even if that's the case, it's still beyond pathetic. There's a reason why you don't see "Steller Stone" on any game worth anything. Their quality is so low it's a real mystery why EA doesn't buy them out.


EA's next big failure and nonsense of things like full DRM

As we know the devouring plague known as EA has been slowly trying to ruin and destroy the world of video gaming in their plot to profit as much off it as they can for as little effort as they can. They buy out decent companies, take over their work, then ruin it. They put in limitations no gamer with a brain cell would want to endure.

Take a look at their latest work, CnC4. Now know that CnC was one of the best RTS's of the 1990s with it's 1995 release. It led on in the following years with Red Alert(1997) and Tiberian Sun(1999), and Red Alert 2(2000). These are games that players like myself grew up with. People like me were 10 years old fighting the brotherhood of nod on their Windows 95. I came home from middle school and fought the Soviets in tank wars.(These days I have full music soundtracks of all original CnC games) Sadly those works of arts were put to rest when EA bought out Westwood and took over their work. After that, what you got was Red Alert 3 and Tiberian Wars, games that were completely different than the games they were sequels of, and not in a good way. Fans were insulted and effectively pissed on. They ignored everything bad about these products and took it even further with CnC4, probably their worst CnC butchery to date.

Take a gander at this page:
Nothing but bad reviews from top to bottom. Hope EA is proud of themselves. They butchered and destroyed a once great series and I'm sure many others will come. This "get rich quick" company is ruining the world of gaming. Know that I didn't actually play the game, nor do I ever plan to, but I trust the mass of unhappy owners. CnC died for me when EA ate it. I gave Red Alert 3 and Tiberian Wars a chance and that was enough for me.(I'm not reviewing them but trust me I played them, many bad games I don't even bother reviewing) The one hope I keep out of this legal crime is that hopefully EA will stay off the RTS's from now on. I also hope this is the actual end of the original CnC line and EA has done nothing but piss on it since they bought it. Red Alert 3 was so bad it's shocking, I felt violated after playing it.

A bigger issue is the limitations they support on their games. CnC4 requires an internet connection AT ALL TIMES just to play the singleplayer. This is a huge insult to players. Despite how common the internet might be, sometimes a player doesn't have it(I've lost service to storms plenty of times). Some people still don't even have one. So now I buy a new game, and can't even play it because my internet isn't active at the time? Whole point of a singleplayer these days is to game offline when you are BORED. Why would you support such a feature? I've taken a nice "No buy any game with this BS in it" stance. One such game was Assassin's Creed 2, which I looked forward to buying and reviewing. But after reading up on it's "internet connection required at all times" nonsense, I said, FU Ubisoft. A once per time thing on install is enough, shouldn't need it at all times to fu cking play the game! These new limitations are a growing problem and only way to fight back is to NOT BUY any game they are slapped onto. I've done my part by not buying AC2 or CnC3. I didn't even rent them.

I dug up an old articale:
In it EA trys to justify it's huge wad of BS, it's so pathetic it's funny to read.
"This is primarily due to our 'player progression' feature so everything can be tracked. C&C 4 is not an MMO in the sense of World of Warcraft, but conceptually it has similar principles for being online all the time"
Why not just save them offline and then update online profile when you actually go online, like... um... Xbox Live does? It's like they think you are just completely stupid. We both know it's just an overkill gimmick vs piracy, why lie to our face hoping we're stupid?

Whatever happened to the good days where, you bought a game, brought it home, installed it, and PLAYED IT? No BS involved. Why do a ssholes have to come along and ruin good things like this? Do the world a favor and NEVER buy games like these. If it requires internet connection at all times just for a singleplayer, STAY AWAY.

Starcraft 2 Beta thoughts

Can't really count this as a review as the game isn't even out yet, but yes I was lucky enough to secure myself a beta key in Starcraft 2, and can report my findings and opinions. This won't be a "full coverage" or such review but I will point some stuff out and offer some insight.

From the start, SC2 beta is really impression looking. The menu's are flashy and futuristic. It's like the first one, but there's so much more to it and it's a real visual update. It kind of reminds me of Dawn of War with that planet or ship in the background, offering decent visuals on the menu's itself.

Sadly by the looks of it you'll need an internet connection to play, even for singleplayer. It has to connect to Battlenet before it can do anything. You then select the Singleplayer option from the Battlenet screen. It's like logging into Bnet and then clicking Singleplayer from that. It makes no real sense except to allow you to chat to players online while in a solo game. But at what cost? Players without an internet can't play, even if they paid for the game! You also need a unique copy of the game for each and every player if you want to LAN, including internet connection for each computer involved. These facts pretty much destroy LAN. Imagine having 5+ copies of this just for LAN? No thanks. Why can't I just install with my 1 game on each comp and offline LAN like with your previous games? Why do players that will never play online need a unique online CD key and then have to get online to play with me? There's NO harm in allowing that as they can't share the CD key with me online. So ya, thanks for pointlessly killing a great feature the game should have had... In other words, THERE IS NO LAN UNLESS EACH PLAYER OWNS THEIR OWN KEY AND YOU HAVE AN INTERNET CONNECT TO EACH COMPUTER. The days of hitting up LAN when the internets out was apparently too convenient...

Luckily most of us have an internet these days, and probably no friends to LAN with anyway. As for Battlenet itself, it's quite an improvement. None of the features we wanted actually made it through to Blizzard(Such as IP bans, decent map filter system, etc), but the engine is still an upgrade in itself. The game supports a much superior statistics system for your account, even including achievements. What's really interesting is that you can only make 1 account with your CD key. This means no TKers in half your games on dummy accounts. It also means no losers switching to new account to SPAM or bother you around your ignorelist ability. In short, only the noterious would ever need more than 1 account. Spambotter abusers would be in for a real hassle trying to continue their reign of gayness on this game.(Ever join a guild channel under attack by such? There's like 12 or so names with random letters, ie trturutrurtu@useast just spamming away! And they create new name and rejoin when booted, it's hell because Blizzard didn't care about it.)

The game supports custom maps, but I don't see the editor anywhere in the beta, so all we have for the time being is ladder maps, or ladder itself. Ladder isn't much different than the previous games. You can select Solo, 2vs2, 4vs4, or FFA(But beta only has up to 2vs2 ATM). You'll start with your town hall and some workers, that's it. Luckily it doesn't take as long to get up and going as the first Starcraft did. You'll find that you can get up to speed around the same amount of time as you did in Warcraft 3.

What's that you say? What about the damn gameplay Drain? I'm getting there. :) Many of the regular units make a return, such as Zealots or Marines, while others were removed, but there are plenty of new ones too. The style of gameplay isn't much different than Starcraft 1, but there are new strategies. While most Terran players found that their main playstyle was to just mass siege tanks or battleships, they now have the option of backdooring an enemies base with jumpjet infantry to gank workers! Zerg now has a hero unit at the start of the game, with the main purpose of spreading the blight(Oh I'm sorry, "creep") or aiding in early defense. The races don't play much different than the past. Zerg is definity offensive in nature, while Terran seemed like a well rounded faction. Protoss I never liked and didn't touch much, but I sure lost a game to a huge mass of Zealots and Stalkers. :( The hit and run style of Starcraft is still here, all with shiny new graphics and a more convenient engine to play it on. One example is Terran workers having an Auto-Repair ability like Workers in Warcraft 3. $$$ One thing I should mention is that you can now control up to 24 units in 1 group. This is a huge improvement, especially to Zerg players. That 12 unit limit really sucked when you had 50 or so on the screen at once. Still doesn't sound like much, but battles just don't seem get as big as they used to, least not in 2vs2. If you're expecting me to try to "balance discuss"(To the Forum trolls lookin for food), I will not. Although I was a pro War3 player, I never played much Starcraft 1, and won't try to discuss balance concerns or issues when I'm not ready to do so.

The graphics while playing are visually stunning and alone worth the 60$ for the upgrade. For anyone that likes Starcraft like myself but can't bring themselves to play a 1999 or so game, this game will be quite the bargain. On top of that, it'll be the new "game" that has all the custom games in an RTS, like Warcraft 3 used to before everyone deserted it. I know I look forward to making some custom maps myself.

Now for the technical, mainly because Blizzard released zero data for users concerned about it. For me Starcraft 2 runs perfect at default settings(Never tried max but it probably wouldn't be perfect FPS if I did). I'm using Quad Core (2.5MHz x4) CPU, ATI Radeon HD 4650video card with plasma HD flatscreen with 1440x900 desktop resolution, I also have second monitor I use with first but it's an old box just for more screen space. In short, even with game on first screen and movie or such on second the game looks amazing and still runs perfectly. I know my rig isn't the best, but it's very affordable for a non-rich gamer. The game is well optimized though and I'm sure I could run it perfectly with half of what I spent on my setup. I'm sure Dual Cores with 100$ or so video card would run it just as good.

I can't point out how much I hate Blizzard, what used to be a good company turned to the dark side after they struck oil with WoW. But despite all that, I still can't deny that SC2 will be quite the bargain and I don't see myself passing that up come release.

Still looking for that "next mmo"

Having quit WoW Jan 2008 and not having played any MMO except Warhammer ever since, I'm still looking for that next MMO to satisfy the lust for large scale PvP battles with a decent PvP system. Warhammer really came close, and was a great game for the 2 months I spent on it, but I couldn't line on. It becomes a tedous grind at max level and just doesn't yet offer enough content. The game really is a gamble as to whether you are on the winning faction or not for your server. If you aren't, you may as well reroll and try again. Trying to grind on the losing side would take an eternity as winning provides around 3x the rewards experience wise, and even more loot wise from city raid instances.

I tried Age of Conan... ugh was that a mistake. Imagine having to spam a key to swing your weapon again and again... forever... how anyone can endure that for more than a few hours is beyond me. I made it to about 20 minutes. While its interface and dated pasty graphics were ok, the combat system is just downright terrible. It makes no sense. That's like driving a car and saying I have to do a dozen different things to go everytime. Is pushing down on the go pedal not enough? See the issue? A degree of automation lets you focus on the things that matter and rid out unrequired tedousness. The designers of Age of Conan were nuts and that's why that MMO was quickly swept under the rug and has an even smaller population than Warhammer, if you could believe a game could have such.

I considered Aion but heard only bad things... now some of my friends are on Fallen Earth. I read about it... but it just doesn't look interesting to be honest...

oh big keep sieges and large clashing armies(Not the 200 vs 50 player fights from Warhammer) where are thou...

Fable 2 - Knothide Island Review

I had to get a fable 2 expansion, what respecting Fable 2 owner wouldn't? Sadly, for my 10$ I was given a depressing amount of content. Although it promised a pile of new missions, clothing, and exotic items, all it offered was one rather short mission chain, and few additions to content with. A player can find himself done with this entire "Expansion" in about an hour, or two at the most if he spends time running around. It's a serious rip off, if you consider the time vs the cost. I mean, Fable 2 was 60$, and probably much less now at this point, for 10$ it should last at least several hours. A new Fable 2 profile can last a new player around 20 hours, or more. For a fraction of the cost you at least expect 5 hours, a fraction of the main game's life. But instead you get a small town addition that's about as small as the smallest towns in the normal game, with a main quest you'll plow in about an hour. And yes, as interesting as it sounds to revisit the same dungoen again and again, you can't help but notice the cash in. They tried to extend its length in a cost productive way by having you revisit the same dungeon with different weather, lol? Is this for real? Maybe if there was more this would be ok, BUT THIS IS IT, ITS THE ENTIRE EXPANSION.

The shops offer the "Exotic" new stuff that was promised, but players like myself won't be bothering rounding up the retarded items required for the trade at the main shop. Yes, this new shop won't use any of that hard earned gold we massed up, no, she wants items to trade. So have fun digging through every shop in the main world looking for these useless objects just to trade(You could always use a guide, but I recommend my route, which is not bothering at all). Why can't I use my billion gold to buy this stuff? Why must I hunt down and buy cheap junk to trade instead? It's completely stupid and an insult to any Fable 2 owner that is richer than god like me.

And this "new clothing"? It can't be dyed! Why would they do such a thing? When every normal piece of clothing can be dyed, even if to a restriction, why is this new stuff locked the way it is? Yet another insult to any Fable 2 owner.

I'm not rating this since it isn't actually a "Game", but long story short, don't get this rip off of an expansion. Maybe the second one is different, but stay away from that scamming submarine! Knothole Island takes what the main game established and put it in the trash, all for a quick extra 10$ out of your pocket for a really depressing amount of added content. Maybe the second expansion is different, but don't count on me reviewing it anytime soon.

This is impossible to recommend, there are far better things to spend your money on at the marketplace. Go get Bomberman Live, same 10$, and at least dozens of hours of explosive fun as opposed to the 1-2 you'll find here. If you must get a Fable 2 expansion, hopefully the other one isn't a complete rip off.