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After a long time...

Greetings everyone. Its been a while (2 months or something like that) well my life its going pretty good (I hope yours as well) and the only thing that sucks now its because everyone goes to the beach and stuff like that and I still have a lot to study for exams, so I will only have vacations after 21july or something like that. Anyway aside of this I got my PS3 last month and I don't regret 1 sec the 400€ it cost me (I got the version with GT5 prologue), up to date I bought the following games:

-Gran turismo 5: Prologue (it came with the console)

-Devil May Cry 4 (Collectors Edition)

-Virtua Fighter 5

-Ninja Gaiden Sigma

-Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

-Metal Gear Solid 4

All of them are awesome games, but omg mgs4 its probably the greatest game I have played in my life, it surely deserves the 10 from gamespot and 10 from ign and a lot of perfect scores from other magazines/websites. I'll be reviewing every of my PS3 titles soon so you can than see what I think about the game. In the other hand GT5 didn't surprised me that much, I hope the full version will be better. Well thats it people I don't have much time but I see you all around.

Thank god its april

During the last 3 months, from january to march we haven't seen anything special to come around, thank god its april, assassins creed its almost out and and GTA IV will be out this month too (not on the pc...) but I plan to buy a PS3 very soon so I hope I'll play it before it comes to the PC. I was also expecting to get DMC4 this month for the pc but capcom changed the release date to 2jun in US and 1jul in europe... I just hope that so many time will result in a good port (unlike DMC3 SE...).

There was only 1 game I think its worth to mention in this period (talking about the PC, in others I would have to mention crisis core of course), sins of a solar empire. You can read my review here:

Sins of a solar empire

Lets hope for some action in the industry this month.

I'm back at last

Hello everyone! At last I am back, its hard to find some time in school time with lots of exams and works to do, but I think i will have some time now, also... my net was down for a lot of time because I was changing the speed and other things. Well I will be posting now and I'm sorry to all unions, specialy the ones where I am an officer but I will become more active now.

What I have been doing? Well I'm having lots of work in school... I have been playing a lot of PSP because I spend more than half of my day outside home (and 90% of this time in the university), so the time I have to play its mainly to play on my beautifull PSP, I will be reviewing at least two great games that I played on the PSP, Crisis core (of course) and Yu-gi-oh GX tag force.

Crisis core has become one of my favorite games just like the original FF7, with great story, memorable characters, awesome graphics and gorgeous FMV and a great fighting system.

Yu-gi-oh GX tag force was a good surprise, Its a long lasting experience with a good replay value, the card play in this game its also simple and complex, very enjoyable. I had a good time playing this one.

Cheers to all of you.

A Free Version of Battlefield !!

Good News !!! We will have access to a battlefield game for FREE!!

The game its named "Battlefield Heroes" and will be out in this summer, the game will be downloaded from the official website and will not require monthly fee, EA stated that the will have profit from in game advertising and special items and stuff that players can buy. Battlefield Heroes will apply to battlefield players as well as casual players, you can also evolve your character (I don't know exacly what this means). The graphics of this battlefield are cartoonish similar to team fortress 2.


Ok I'm really angry today :evil: , I got to the shop to purchase Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None, it was only 10$ and it looked like a good adventure game so it was worth the money. I got home and installed the game wich was faster than I thought. Than I started the game and got to the options menu, when I got there I saw no resolution changing options, but I said to myself "ok don't stress maybe it (this was pretty dumb but I had hope) just sets the max resolution the monitor can have automaticaly".

I started a new game and saw a long intro movie, the movie was quite interesting and the graphics were not very good but I knew the graphics were kind of dated so I didn't mind about it, when the real game started I found myself playing the game with a resolution I consider unplayable for my monitor, the 800:600 or 1024:768 resolution on my 22' monitor that supports up to 1680:1050 looks sooo baddd omg I wasn't able to play it for more than 2 minutes.

Last year I had the same problem with World series of poker 2007, the default resolution just sucked to much, it was horrible to play it, what in the hell are they thinking? that everyone has a 15' monitor and a geforce 5200? god I wanted to play this 2 games badly but they are just horrible the way they make me play them, why dont they just LET me CHANGE IT!!!???...

And then There Were None

The biggest plasma in the world!

In modern days people are buing a lot of high definition televisions and trashing the old ones, "I want a big televion" its common nowadays, panasonic is aware of this and released the biggest plasma in the world, but guess what... only a few people will be able to have this baby at home because this new plasma its damn expensive.

This plasma has 150'', (close to 4 meters long) with a resolution of 4096:2160 pixels and will be the first television in the world with the QuadHD tecnology, it has 4 times more resolution that 1080p wich was the best format of high definition in the market. The plasma will be release to the public this year for the insane price of 50000€ or 72565$ (euros and dollars), panasonic hopes to sell a lot of this giants mostly for commercial purposes. Panasonic's last plasma was released last year during Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, this plasma was 103'' and had the 1080p resolution, panasonic clims to have sold 3000 of this products. How many people will have that amount of money to spend in a plasma? well, not much people thats for sure but obviously multimillionaires will be pleased to have such a big plasma at home. Panasonic its also working on the OLED (Organic Emitting Light Display) technology that will made the television even much more slimmer, Panasonic showed a prototype of a 31' plasma with 1cm of tickness.

Can you imagine playing PS3 or Xbox 360 in this baby? ahhh it must be outstanding!!

New IAA Emblem

Hey people.

Its monday and I have received the emblem just like gamespot told us.

Its a quite pretty emblem :D, I feel the show was worth watching even if it was just to get this new emblem ;). Hope you guys have already got yours, being forced to watch the whole show to get this was kind of impossible to some impacient people :P, the interviews were terrible and many people stoped watching there, but to everyone that had the courage to keep watching until the awards (badly awarded awards I guess...) here is your prise :).

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