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I have got to learn photoshop.

I swear, I have to learn how to use photoshop. I want to make new sigs and banners for my union, but it is taking me some sweet time to figure out how to use this thing. I new I should have went into some graphical design major instead of Sociology. Damn my wanting job security and good benefits. Bah well. In other news, God of War II rocks for a relatively straight forward game. Atlus is pumping out some great RPGs for the PS2 in the next couple months, so still no reason for me to go out and buy a PS3 yet. The Wii is still the most badass thing that I own, can't wait for the new games set to come out. I still manage to be hesitant about purchasing an XBox 360. Reason being, I only tend to like shooters on the PC and I can only play so many racing games, so the majority of 360 games that I want is still limited. Hopefully it will continue to receive more support from Japanese 3rd Party developpers. If that happens, I'll make the purchase. PSP is gettig a price drop, I might pick it up finally, but realistically the games really aren't that great because of its poor design and the limitations that come from it. Final musings: the last semester of my senior year in college is awful. Not because it is hard, just because senior slide has kicked in hardcore. I am doing more partying than working, but to be fair, I'm already set to graduate and have fulfilled all of the requirements for my major and minor. Meh that is my blog and I'm sticking to it.

Ankle Surgery: Round 2

Oy, its 12/14 and I just returned home from surgery on my left ankle. If it wasn't for the meds from the hospital and vicadin I just popped, I'd probably be miserable right now. Anyways, who ever said playing sports and working out was good for you? All it has done to me, other than being in pretty decent shape, has left me with having to have surgery on both ankles. Thats just not fun. Bah well, at least when I have a clear mind, I can get around to beating all of the games I intend to beat. Gotta finish LoZ: TP, last dungeon of Magna Carta, last dungeon of Atelier Iris, and a few other odds and ends games I have to complete. Bah well, best to keep blog posts short and sweet.

Purging of Unions

Man, I was really starting to be a member of too many unions. I had to resign from all the ones I finally looked at and realized how bad they were. I also am a member of too many unions based on the same subject. I only like being a member of a union if I am going to remain somewhat active and as long as the members of the union are not absolutele morons. If I really cared about the union system, I would probably seek out unions that hold interests of mine instead of waiting for invites. Bah well, some day I'll look for a good Capcom and Atlus union.

Death of the FFU

It appears the first union I ever joined here at Gamespot is on its way out. It also seems with the death of that Union I lose my covetted position of Spotlight Writer at the FFU. It is a shame in one sense that the FFU is dying because it was a legend among the unions here. Nonetheless, a few too many leader changes and inactivity will result in the death of any powerful union. Bah well, with all deaths there also comes rebirths. It appears I will be reclaiming my duties as a Spotlight writer at the Final Fantasy Franchise Union. Hopefully, this union will achieve the glory that the FFU once held. Hooray for short blogs.

I imported a kickass DS game

To make up for the lack of a Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo DS, I decided to look for a similar game. After a little research and watching some videos, I decided I would import Jump Superstars. This is like SSBM but with a few gameplay tweaks. Instead of Nintendo franchise characters, this game consists of the over 100+ characters to populate the Shonen Jump manga characters from Japan. In all likelihood, this game had to be an import because there is ZERO chance of it receiving a domestic release. The publishing rights for the characters from the different mangas and animes are the properties of multiple companies within the United States, and these many companies would not join forces just so they could release this fantastic game. It just would not be economically sound. Like I previously said, Jump Superstars is like a Super Smash Bros. for the DS just with many more characters. The characters have DBZ favorites like Vegeta and Goku; Naruto; Yugi-Oh; One Piece; Prince of Tennis; Bobobo Bobobobo; and many more series. Total recommendation for any of those people who are willing to import a game.

Facebook: The Rant

The title should give away what my rant entails. This little outrage is based on the semi-popular facebook. Now almost everyone and their mom has a myspace account, which sucks equally, if not more than facebook, but that is another rant entirely. Facebook... originally planned to be an entity so college students could keep in touch with their fellow college friends and people they once went to highschool with. Now it has branched out to include highschools as well. While its intentions may have started out as good, ultimately it is a prime example of how easy it it to stalk people. I'm not going to lie, I do have a facebook account. The means of me getting it though are not as one suspects. I have always hated facebook because I know its inherent evillness. "Why do I have one?" you may ask. Well that is because I angered a roomate at college who knows me far too well. This roomate also happens to be one of my best friends from my home town and a good friend for many many years, so to say he knows me well is an understatement. Ultimately, I got him mad one day and his means of revenge was to make a facebook account for me and put up all my information that it entails. Lo and behold, I got plenty of friend requests from the masses just dieing to have me a a facebook friend (which for most people would boost their pride and sense of belonging). Now, i got silly messages in my email telling me whenever anyone wants to be friends or when they write something on my stupid profile. I see the good in facebook, when used correctly. The problem is, I now have people who I would rather not know a damn thing about me or get into any contact with me sending me all types of messages. None of them are insulting or degrading, but I just do not feel that warm giddy feeling that those get from being popular. Plus the whole stalking thing kinda sucks when you have some overzealous people trying to get into contact with you. Heh, I know one girl who "pokes" people she does not even know but thinks that they look cool. I ultimately insult her when I find out she hooks up with people she has met for a total of one night, but that is just playful ribbing, and raging. Ulyimately, without going into an obscene amount of detail for my hatred of the being known as facebook, I feel that all people who utilize it are mindless sheep. Especially those who get obsessed and have to check it on a daily basis. It is like an addiction worse than crack for some people. My true friends already know how to get into contact with me, be it through phone, aim, or just approaching me lke a normal civilized being. My final statement is "Death to the mindnumbing, addictive, incessent, piece of garbage known as facebook." ~Gormeau

Squeenix: Squeezing the life out of the RPG genre

Square-Enix... It's been so long since you put out something original, and dare I say, actually good. Let's see... SO3: trash; FFVII-IX: good but highly overrated; FFX: awful; FFX-2: sigh...; FFXI: ungodly boring; DQVIII: alright, that was good; but Radiata Stories: the worst purchase I have made since Summoner, if not ever. The other FF offshoots from tactics advance to crystal cronicles are all meh to average. Have they lost their way? Have they lost the ability to be original? Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II were like filler and mini games. Though seeing a 3D Setzer made me happy in KHII. Despite their best efforts, they do not seem to be able to make a game that starts off strong and manages to stay strong to the very end. The last great game they have made was Chrono Cross (yeah, great game and great sequel, some people just couldn't understand the connections). That was back in the day of Squaresoft on the end of the PS1's main lifespan. Where is the innovation and breathtaking storytelling that used to fill up the RPGs of yore? To truly play great RPG genre games, one must leave behind the Square that they have passionately fell in love with. Square is currently dead to me and I doubt that FFXII can be so mind blowingly good that it will bring back my faith in them. The greatest RPGs that I have played lately are not from Sueenix, but from great companies such as Atlus and Capcom. From SMT to DDS, Atlus has not stirred me wrong. Even Metal Saga, while being trashed in the critical light, is superior to the dribble coming out of Square as of late. Capcom tried to be innovative and they came out with one of the most underappreciated, overwhelmingly incredible games ever made. Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter was fantastic but was not worshipped the way it should have been because it did not come with the Squeenix stamp of mediocrity that seems to sell so well here in the US. Why? Why can't Square use their funds to make a truly excellent game and stop recycling the trash that has been seen over and over again? I would end the Final Fantasy series immediately. Not because I want to see the legendary series cease to exist, but just in the hopes that Square can concentrate on making new, unique, and especially good RPG franchises. ~ "Angry" Adam 'Gormeau' Gorman

War on my University's firewall...

Since the end of my freshman year, my university has cleverly plotted to ruin all enjoyment that a student could gain from the internet. This firewall is completely and utterly impenetrable...or so I thought. Since the end of my freshman year, the univeristy has gone through many means to make the internet as safe as possible for its students. This is in part because the greater majority of the student body is not smart enough to not open an email attachment from someone with the address of bobbigwang@computerdeath.com. So while the school is trying to stop a university-wide infestation caused by some ignorant students, those of us with half an ounce of intelligence or more suffer. During sophomore year, they instituted a new edition to the firewall which nullified the ability to use P2P programs of any kind. That can be annoying for those who like to get their things for free, but they also killed the ability for students to play online computer games. With the super firewall, servers could not be connected to. What was once a decent internet speed was slowing down to a snail's pace Junior year resulted in the greatest offense. Some big wigs created a program that checks all computers on campus. If it isn't installed, then the internet for you and anyone else in your suite/room is inaccessible. The program essentially checks to make sure that the school provided virus scanner is up to date as well as the latest form of windows is had. If either of these conditions isn't met, then say goodbye to the internet. This program constantly has to be updated, which results in there being no internet for long periods of time at least once a week. Other than the internet being lost intentionally for maintenance reasons, the internet will randomly shut down and not allow access to anyone on campus for random stretches for seemingly no reason at all. With all the maintenance, one would like to hope that the internet would at least run well; but alas, the internet here can usually only manage a direct download speed of about 20 kb/s if I'm lucky. To make up for this insult, a couple tech savvy friends and I think we have found an exploit in the system. We have discovered a way to make a hole through a few of the ports. Granted we have to do some fancy tinkering with the web, and ideally not get caught, my internet should be running perfectly in a matter of 2 days at the max. Adam "Gormeau" Gorman

Return of the Ankle

Well, this will be the third and final rant/blog having to have a semblance to do with my ankle. Today is currently the 16th of April, and it has been 2 days since I have moved on to my 3rd of 4 casts having to do with the dreadful ankle surgery. Anyways, since I made this blog post a part of an unexpected trilogy, I might as well speak my piece. So it appears I am finally in a cast that allows me to wear my normal sneakers ( or 'tennis shoes' for you others who call it that). The ability to walk around without a 20+ pound boot is a good thing and my gaming drive has returned for all the Zero comments who were wondering at this point. My gaming drive did not immediately return me to my faithful RPGs but left me direced towards another group of games that I admired deeply. This game series is none other than the Megaman X series. So, I decided to !00% the X collection even though I have done this with every game in the X series as it came out. This just gave me a chance to relive the glory days. Upon completing the X Collection, I returned to the beauty of finely crafted stories that can (usually) only come from RPGS. As of this moment, I am at the save before the last boss of MS Saga, the save before the last boss of Atelier Iris (I think), the save before the last boss of Magna Carta, completed the FFXII demo, and have donated time to getting 5 hours into DQVIII. All in all... a success. I have beaten a couple games, Kingdom Heats 2 (100%), FFVI (for the umptienth time), and Breath of Fire IV, for the third time. I do believe that I am not as hardcore of a gamer as I once was, but I get bursts of motivation that make me unstoppable in the gaming realm. It is truly a pity now that I am returning back to school in a day that my gaming will clearly halt because of the mind-stakingly amount of work that I have lined up for classes. Bah well, at least during the summer I can have the glory of completing multiple games. Adam "Gormeau" Gorman
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