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Gears of War 3

I am now making Gears of War 3 videos and posting them on Youtube. If you like gears content check out my channel. Thanks!


Yay! GameFAQs staff actually helped me :)

Awesome message from one of the GameFAQ's staff. :D I'm unsuspended and all is well... I guess they made a mistake and there flawed auto system messed up and banned me. :D Very happy to have the ability to post again.

"After reviewing your moderation history you actually have a pristine history for being a 6 year old registrant.

4 marks in 2010 but they are all consider warning marks.
1 mark happened in 2008 and was a warning so it's overlooked.

When a user skips an entire year with no moderations we carefully consider this for future penalties. We also consider if a user hasn't been moderated for consecutive months in a row. Since you dont have any points loss or suspensions though, you are still in very good standing on the site. "