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Final Fantasy X

wow this game is amazing i got it 3 days ago and its so addicting. and for a good price of $20 dollars its a hell of a good price. did i make the rigth choice? i also bougth X-men legends, hitman: contracts and kill switch all in the same day but FFX kept me playing more than the other games. :D:| at first i thougth that FF was a boring RPG game and man i was so wrong. how many hours did you Play FFX?

Did i make the rigth choice on buying those games?:)

The Forest has gone Downhill

some actions with --Wolf-- made all of us leave forest hangout for good.his reporting has gotten out of hand.he reports his friends for ban-dodging but hes a ban-dodger as well.but thats not the problem.thing is whenever we post a reply that is only with a smily or only a quote reply he reports it to the mods.(wat a snitch) so now that we moved to a new UCB he comes in it and starts trolling.he has more than 20 moderations in the board and got suspended for it.

but enough about that...

here in the new UCB called The X-pad is were we all went and the board is growing pretty fast with only 33 members in it.we have like 1500+ posts in it. its a great place to hangout with friends. also if yall want to know wat was going on then go to the X-Talk thread which is located in the X-pad in page 10. sign up and join us:)

heres the link:

The X-Pad

Teh X-Pad Owns

Click this one and you own!