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the top 5 friends of the day.

Here are my top 5 friends of the day.

1.Hyper Hedgehog





Sorry people if i didnt choose u so dont be mad. :(. Next Week will be another 5. who will make it next round. Cant wait to see. Bye everyone.:D

The new Season of what if.

What if sonic unleashed turns out awful. i will be pissed. What if Tyra Banks actually work at a bank? weird. What Cloyd was Sora's older brother. They would be good teammates like they are in Kingdom Hearts. What if i decided not to do a what if blog. Would Gs be the same or Would my friend continue the blogs. the world may never know. What if Judgement day was tomorrow. were all doomed.

I met Patrick Swazey today

omg i finally got to meet a celebrity today. His name is patrick swazey, the guy who played in dirty dancing. He got cancer tho but his new show is called The Beast. yup i got to see a few scenes from the show and so many bloopers. i mean 1 hooker fell trying to get into a police car.lol. yea it was fun. They filmin one now but its late so i just came inside. its around the corner anyway.lol. Yup the only thing i need was his freakin autograph. yup. have yall met any celebs?

The mission. wat zerograv said

U noe wat he's right. I do have a mission to do on here no matter wat goes down. I'm not leavin. I'm goin to make my unoin sooner or later and its goin to be one of the best damn unions ever!! so zerograv imma help u. Imma help u all. if i be gone long so wat u noe i will come back. even if im gone for a year i will come back (hey thats wat haga said.lol) anyways lets ROCK!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

My last blog on Gamespot. *__________*

:cry:well people it was nice knowing every single one of u but i think i woul d have to say goodbye. i really enjoyed being on here while it lasted but there's nuthing else for me to do. i can visit sometime or u can make me a tribute but i will always miss u guys. before i go my top 5 friends are

1. Zerogravitybabe

2. brunoBRS



5. Tyke666

I will miss u guys the most for ur help. I will miss everybody so dont feel left out. my cuz already left so. Zerogravitybabe left as well so as my friend. we all joined this together and we must leave together. BYE GAMESPOT> I WILL MISS U!:cry::cry:

Are gamespot losing their reviews

Another 10 game. It's like they don't care no more. I bet the next good game that come out gets a 10 I mean what's going on. I'll tell u a game that deserve a 10 and that's SSBB. MGS4 deserve like a 9.5 or 9.6 but other than that it don't deserve a straight 10. Neither do GTA 4. Their great games but GS is going to easy on them. Tell me what u guys think.

Old school or New School?

Some people around here like to play old school games from the 1980's through 90's. However on the opposite side u have people who like next generation games and the new breed games. Well I love both because sometimes some of ur old classiic games could be fun but as the future comes it be funner than before or suckier than before( if suckier is a word) :P anywho which school would love to be with.

A. Old School featuring Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Starfox 64, Legend of Zelda and much more (sorry only said nintendo classics there are alot more I like)

B. New school feat MGS4, FF13, Soul Calibur 4, Resident evil 5 and much more

C. Neither cuz it doesn't matter to you.

D. Both because games are fun throughout your life.

Okay maybe not.....:D

I can't go! Why did I post that blog. I'm an idiot. I won't leave I can't there is so many stuff I didn't do yet. Summer's coming and I must do the most I can in at least 7 days. IM GOING TO BE IMMORTAL!!!!!! okay maybe not immortal but powerful or a genius or something. Anywho I won't leave but u will know I left if I post a monkey. Bye again on the same day but an hour later. :D

My returns and my leaves

Hello everyone. If u miss me that's good but if u didn't so be it. My returns and my leaves be so mysterious to you guys. Seriously like one time I might just return and then all of a sudden I leave again. It's like DejaVu if u put your mind to it. I just been doing things back and forth and when I get on I get right back off again. It's critical. So for my friends, I'm sorry for leaving you guys but I just been busy. I might get back on like in July but besides that I'm leaving for now. Bye! :D

The top 10 videogames of all time

Hey everyone. I decided that I will make my favorite top 10 games of all time. Here is my list then you can tell me yours.

1.Super Smash Bros Brawl

2. Grand Theft Auto 4

3. Metal Gear Solid 4 (Almost here)

4. Mario Kart Wii

5.Super Mario Galaxy

6. Call of Duty 4

7.Burnout Paradise

8. Final Fantasy 12

9.Kingdom Hearts 2

10.Super Smash Bros Melee