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The PS2!! She LIVES!!!

It seems the ol' PS2 still has some kick in her. She's cranking out Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4: Shippuden straight from Japan, and all I have to say is, I'm getting it. Hopefully this will follow up with Ultimate Ninja 5 coming out later in the year, we can only hope. Update! Game's I will attempt to buy (In order): Spy Fiction (Only $4.99, played it before, adding to collection) Rumble Roses (Only $5.99, heard it looks impressive and the wrestling isn't bad, fanservice is a plus!) Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4 (I'm preordering this!) Star Wars The Force Unleashed (Definately, but I'll wait 'til the price drops.) Maybes: Persona 3&4 (Not really a RPG player, but if it's unique, I'll play it.) Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (lol)

Day after Christmas

Just went down to a GameStop and snagged me a new DMC3 Special Edition for 10 bucks. Now all I need is to hunt down the other two games and I'd have finished the Devil May Cry set for the ps2.

Developing Quite Nicely

My collection is growing great, hopefully I can add even more games to it this holiday. With the PS2 almost dead *sadface* the games I want probably wouldn't cost that much at GameStop. I have to get all the ones I want before they stop selling PS2 games

Collection Starting Over

Going back a couple of months ago, I would've had about 10-20 ps2 games. Recently, I've sold all of them and was left with 2. Now I'm building it from the ground up with 3 new games I've gotten yesterday, Mortal Kombat Deception, Mortal Kombat Armageddon, and Resident Evil 4. Hopefully, I won't be so lazy to not do a review on them.