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NBA Finals

I guess I only have something to say after a major sporting event. :P

So the Lakers lost. Freaking. Hilarious.

It's not just that they lost, it's how badly they were playing in Game 6. Talk about ROFLMAO. Congrats KG, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen. You guys deserved it.

Supah Bowl!!

HAH!! THE PATS LOST TO THE GIANTS!! :lol: Oh, man. This is great. What's even greater than the fact that the Giants won, is that game-changing play by Eli Manning, how he got out of that sticky situation and slung it right to Tyree. And that was a great catch on Tyree's part. I'm so proud.

And it was SO worth seeing Tom Brady get stuffed like he did on that play where he got sacked by like 3 different guys at once. :D


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