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Another friend....gone.

I'm hardly ever at this site anymore. I've gotten much more attached to the Chicago Blackhawks message boards, but I'm still lurking here every day. I'd like that to change.

Anyways, it's even rarer that I post a blog. I was at Wal-Mart on Thursday picking up some cleaning supplies, when I saw a buddy of mine from my old unit. We did a deployment together. Said hi and everything, but he was on his way out. Turns out, he was killed yesterday in a motorcycle accident. I feel so numb right now. We weren't the closest friends or anything, but it's just scary how 3 Marines that I deployed with are now dead. They were set to deploy again around May 15 to Afghanistan.

Rest in peace Cody. Great Marine, great person. He will be missed.....

Happy Holidays!

So I'm finally back in Illinois! After many hours of delays on Friday, my flight finally got into O'Hare that night, and for the first time in 3 years I got to see snow! I'm loving it! I also had my first White Castle experience which was just amazing.

I love being on leave. I've basically spent all of my time so far with my family and girlfriend, and today me and my siblings are at my step-dad's house to celebrate Christmas with their family.

Well I'm off to eat, but I'm not going back to Camp Pendleton until the night of Jan 4th, so you'll see me a lot during this break. First Christmas home in 3 years! Have a happy Holiday Gamespot!

Not-So-Daily Update

So yeah, I get to go out again to the field tomorrow morning. Whoopee. We're going to be playing a rebel militia group for another unit to do a raid on. I'm not expecting it to be exciting.

So where is this story going? Thank you for asking! I hooked my ipod up to charge it so I'd have something to do while I'm there, and I saw my Zune (which has been corrupted for a few months now), so I figured I'd randomly charge it to see if it would work. It did not, it kept telling me to contact support. So I did what any logical, calm, intelligent person would do......

I threw it against the wall! And what do you know, it cleared the memory, and now works! This is the second piece of electronic gear that has malfunctioned on me, and was fixed by throwing it. The first one being a Sony Cybershot 8.3 MP camera I bought for $350 a couple years ago. Throwing things fixes them, folks.

In other news, all 3 of my sports teams won yesterday! Da Bears, Hawks, and Avs. Woot Woot. Talk to yallz on Friday!

Just bought an Xbox 360!

I used to love playing my 360, but I had to sell it about a year and a half ago. Today I finally forked over the money and bought a used one at Gamestop, along with Left 4 Dead, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, and NHL 2009. I was an idiot though, and I had no idea that used Xbox 360s DONT come with Hard drives, so now I have to go back in the morning and pick one up. Ugh, the headaches never stop!

Palin drops puck......again

So, I was browsing NHL.com just now and I found this article on the front page:

"Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and candidate for Vice President of the United States of America, will be the guest of the St. Louis Blues on Friday, Oct. 24, when she will drop a ceremonial pregame "first puck" prior to the Blues' game vs. the Los Angeles Kings.

Palin today confirmed that she will make the stop at Scottrade Center in St. Louis following a previous visit to Springfield, Mo., during her campaign trail in the state of Missouri."

Source: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=388044

I'm really getting annoyed at this. Is this all a publicity stunt? Sorry, but she's not really a "hockey mom" like she claims. What could she possibly gain out of this? I'm a huge hockey fan, but there's no way this will affect my vote. I surely hope she's not trying to gain votes out of this, or improve her image, because it isn't working.

Marine Corps Woes

Hmm, ok. So I'm getting out of the Marine Corps in about 8 months. I've done two deployments, and I've been sent away from the regular Infantry Companies, which is all fine and good. When this happens, usually Marines get sent to places where we can take care of personal things.

I got sent to Camp Maintenance about 2 months ago, along with all of my friends who want to transition out of the Corps. I don't know why I'm even writing this, I guess I'm just pissed off because it almost feels like a punishment for not re-enlisting. All these other guys go places like Camp Guard (work 8 hours a day, 1 day on, then you get 2 days off work), SMP (Computer place, they work like 8 days a month. Same with the Gym Staff), etc. But I get Maintenance. Manual Labor from 7am until 3pm. I just started a second job - an overnight position at Michael's. That goes from 9:30pm until 6am. It's just frustrating that we're being treated the same as we did when we first got in, and there's no reason for it. Well, time to go pick up more garbage.....

2K Posts!

And it only took me 4 years. Wow, I don't even have a speech prepared. Whatever, I guess I could thank the trolls, MagnumPI(for knowing absolutely nothing about the military, yet acting like he does), HellCat because she rocks, bt because he's a cool mofo, Carlos because his topics are cool, Omni for only suspending me for 2 days and not banning me completely(Rap still sucks), and muh kittah. 


 Well now I'm back from my 2-day suspension. It's pretty bad, I got moderated 5 times in one night (only 1 was something I did on purpose, the rest was posting in suicide threads). Did I learn my lesson? Yes, yes I did. Oh, and GO TO HELL MANNING!
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