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Funny Graphical Glitch on The Last of Us

Well I was playing the last of us today and this happened, kinda funny: 993042_10151498812849702_1938557829_n.jp Well Joel, you can say you won't laugh but I can't say the same thing lol. Anyway, after I reloaded the last savegame the glitch disappeared, so it wasn't a big deal ;) More pictures here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFL5C-bR95w

Quick update

Hello everyone, as many of you have noticed I'm no longer very active on my blog, that's because I lack of time, I only come to Gamespot to read the news and leave some comments. So if you want to know a little more about my gaming, visit my channel (No, I'm not asking you to subscribe, just visit it and if any of my videos is of any help, watch it. If you really want to subcribe that's up to you). This is my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkNeoBahamut So far my best accomplishment is beating the boss 'Manus, Father of the Abyss' of Dark Souls using a character without leveling up (SL1). Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qxt9K3awnk See ya around.

Hello and welcome back

Hello everyone, I can't believe the last blog I made was in July 6 last year, hehehe, well I'm still active in GS news and forums, I'll try to be active in the blogs again. So how you doing? I've been playing Dark Souls a lot, it's an amazing game, if you own a PS3/X360 and like RPG genre, then you MUST buy this game. I'm leaving a video of me playing against other players enjoy ;) EDIT: Looks like player in here isn't working, so I'm leaving a youtube link. Dark Souls PVP [video=JiExnmSs5bMIsjbZ] [video=ciQ7ljvw5bMIsjbc]

New look and games

Hello everyone, it's been a while (a lot of time really !!!), how you doing? So I changed the look of my Blog, what do you think about it? ohhhhh and I changed my signature, pretty cool right? which one do you think look better?   Well, about gaming, I beat Portal 2 (platinum), it's a really good game, I hope the DLC comes fast :) to play some more. I got WipeOut and Dead Nation (from my welcome back), both games are great, WipeOut is much better than I expected, amazing for a racing game. I've got inFamous 2, haven't beat it yet, but I'm on my way for it, I want to platinum it like inFamous 1 :D , for now the game is good, there are a lot of powers and missions (user content is huge). I'm excited about Dark Souls and Skyrim (must own this year), I played Uncharted 3 beta, but I think it takes to many bullet to kill........I hope ND fixs this before release :) Well that's all, what games are you excited for this year?

Update + Images

Hello everyone, how you doing? I'm good, I beat Demon's souls last week, great game, I'm on my second playthrough (trying to get pure black and white tendency for each world so I'll be playing offline), by the way I got two more platinums, NFSHP and Heavy Rain (Demon's souls you're next !!!). I want to buy a new game but not sure which one, Mass Effect 2 or Dead Space 2?. So what do you think I should get first? Well, that's all. see ya around. I'm posting some funny pictures about Kratos, enjoy (you can't unseen): [spoiler]     [/spoiler]

Platinum + level + Demon's Soul

Hello every one, how you doing? Lately I've been playing Heavy Rain and Demon's Soul (hehe kinda opposite games), I've been trying to get Heavy Rain platinum trophy (just need 3 more bronze trophies). So far I've got 3 platinum trophies :P (Bioshock, inFamous and Uncharted 2). By the way Demon's Souls is an AMAZING game, even if you die a lot (A LOT) the game is fun and very challenging, I've summoned some players to help me, and I've been summoned to help too :D, that's cool. Eventually I'd like to get the platinum trophy (not right now, I just want to keep enjoying the game), but do you know if you need to play online to get a trophy or something? Oh and I leveled up in Gamespot, now I'm level 36 - Radical Ninja, sounds pretty cool, eh? So, see ya all, and enjoy your vacation ;)

GT5 and Quick Update

Hello everyone, it's been a while. This week I've been playing GT5 (I got the Collection Edition), here's a Review (Thumbs up if you like it :P ). Oh and by the way, I wanted to make an update of the games I own, so here you go :P And finally [spoiler] This is me: [/spoiler]

What I've got....

Hello everyone, it's been a while :P . I just got a PSP :D so far it's great. I got the MGSPW Bundle: MGS Peace Walker is an awesome game, very addicting in a good way. I also got Crisis Core for PSP. The gameplay is great, that's a very good game :) . And one last PSP game I got is Twisted Metal, pretty good to play when having some free time. Well, that's all for today, bye, and keep enjoying your games ;) .

New Level + New games + question

Hey everyone, it's been too long, how you doing? So I reached level 35: Stitches - An epic mob in World of Warcraft. I almost feel senior on GS :P Anyway, 2 months ago I got a new job (I have 2 jobs now), and I've been able to buy some stuff for me (cloths, games and other stuff). So this is what I got (about gaming) so far: I upgraded my PS3 HDD from 120GB to 500GB :D I got Bioshock 2, God of War 3 and Resident Evil 5 (planning on getting Daemon Soul and Heavy Rain) Do you guys think it's worth to get the Move? it's looks interesting, and I may use the cam for other stuff. I don't want to make a long post so this is it :P

Finally GameSpot/Raptr Trophies Support

A few months ago, when Gamespot Fuse was released, a lot of people asked for the support of PSN and PS3 trophies, now finally this featured was releases some weeks ago, and it's working fine (you need to use the Raptr Client). So what are your thougnts?