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Happy holidays/I'm following the leader of That Guy WIth The Glasses

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I love That Guy With The Glasses damnit. There's just something I love about it. I've been watching for months. Yes I will play Follow The Leader via this blog starting in January. I do like the idea of that kind of thing, and will eventually start recording reviews. For now this blog or one on Blogspot, will have to do. So yeah, next sunday I wlil start reviewing episodes of television show episodes. Which ones? I'll figure it out along the way.

Ja Ne, and have a Merry Christmas!


Kamen Rider Eternal Redemption

Well I'm back

by on black! I had to. But yes I am back at least for the Dimension War. I got caught up in RPGs. I love you guys and apologize for being away for so long. If you haven't read my last blog I have a new fan fiction for Kamen Rider.

New fic

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Since it feels like I;m brinbing people to stay friends with me given my disappearances often, I will say that I have decided on a Bleach fic. However I won't say anything else. Yes I am a tease.

Apologies..... and a bribe

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I lost everything on Spirit Knights. I lost everything I had on it and the notes I had on Demons.

I deeply apologize and am trying to think of some new story to make it up to you. My current idea is Bleach related.

Part 2!

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The Knighting Part 2(of 3)

A pair of figures in armor and what seemed to be spandex finished off the last of the skeletons. The outfits disappeared to reveal David and Jade. David walked back towards Taiga, while Jade looked on still confused. "What just happened?" Jade asked as she caught up with the two.

Taiga walked towards them out of the shadows. He stood next to David nudging him with a claw. "You forgot something didn't you?" Taiga asked. David thought for a moment until he realized something.

"Oh yeah" David said, remembering. "In order to attain the information of the Shield Morphers fully you have to be a knight." Jade shot David a confused glance, to which he responded "Code of honor or something."

Silver Spirit Castle

Back at the castle the three of them were inside a large room. It kind of resembled a throne room, which it probably would have been, but instead it was decorated like a den. Taiga was sitting where a throne would have most likely sat but instead there was a recliner. The room was decorated with rows of nine swords on the wall. Two of them was removed from the wall, leaving a pattern of dust outlining where they used to be.

David was standing over a kneeling Jade with one sword in his hand. The other was sheated on his hip. David extended his sword arm. Jade looked worried as she looked at David.

"Do you trust me?" David asked.

"Of course."

With that David smiled and got on with it. He lowered the blade of the sword onto Jade's left shoulder, then her right.

"I name thee Dame Jade Willaims" David said.

Jade stood as he removed the other sword. David handed her the sword and a gem on the hilt turned a dark blue. The one David held had a similar red crystal. Jade looked at the blade and her reflection in it. "Its beautiful."


David and Jade were sitting in a pair of armchairs, drinking coffee. Jade was reclined with her feet up. Taiga was curled up in David's lap, with David scratching his head.

"One question that wasn't magically mentally answered for me" Jade said, her eyes fixed on her comrades. "If you were doing fine on your own, why do you need other people?"

David opened his mouth as if he was about to answer. However, he then quickly shut it again, as if he didn't know the answer. Taiga sighed. "As more of the team joins, the stronger your powers will become" Taiga explained. "Think of it like explosives. The more used the bigger the explosion. That's how our powers work."

Jade nodded. "So how many of us are there going to be?"

"Five" David answered.

"And Taiga's the only one one who could come through?"

Taiga grinned and chuckled.


A bird flew over head at a sports field. A pair of local teams was playing in a game. In blue were the miners and in red the hawks. A tall brunette in red was dominating the game. As the last seconds ticked down she nailed the last shot in.

As you can tell, the author (me) sucks at writing for sports.

The brunette walked off of the field to her friend. He handed her a drink. He was of somewhat clear Asian descent. "Nice game Lindsay. You creamed them" he said.

"Thanks Ren" Lindsay said before taking a drink.

The previously mentioned bird landed on Lindsay's shoulder.


A teenager was working on his motorcycle. He was a tall kid, with blonde hair. His name was Aiden. He stopped working as he heard a meowing sound. Aiden looked up and noticed a British Shorthair standing in front of him.


Taiga's eyes glowed.



A dragon like figure was terrorizing downtown.

The five teens grouped up at the situation.

I love my life

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I just got back from a movie an hour and a half(when typing this, meaning midnight) ago. I went to go see Eclipse (wait a moment for the reason)at the dollar theater with me my mom, my moms friend... and said friends teenage daughter andher four friends, all five hot!

Yes, I had to brag :P

EDIT: Also, I'm dusting off Seven Demons. Next chapter will be right after the next Spirit Knights.

Only one day late

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I promised. Power Rangers: Spirit Knights Chapter 1: The Knighting Part One Centuries ago, two groups fought for the fate of the earth: the Meiju, a race of spirits who created themselves from myth, and the Nika, a group of spirits born from the animals of the Earth. The Nika defeat the Meiju, but only five are left standing, and only one wasn't mortally wounded. The leader, a tiger spirit, sends his comrades back to the earth so they could rest and heal. The Tiger decided to watch over humanity, giving his powers to the Hughes bloodline in what eventually became the United Kingdom. The powers of the Nika were given to this human to protect until they were truly needed. The Meiju in 2010 are revived, where our story begin with the surviving Nika awakening, and the Tiger Nika take a physical disguise. A plane touched down at LAX. The passengers walked out, the plane coming from Heathrow. Among the passengers was David Hughes. David was seventeen, with brown hair and similar eyes. He was dressed in a red tee shirt and a black denim jacket and jeans. On his right hand was a strange silver device with a coat of arms on it. David's eyes moved across the room, stopping on a sign that read baggage claim. "There we are" he said, his British accent coming through. David walked through the hallways, following the signs. He walked up to whatever you call the thing the bags come in on. He picked up a blue backpack and slung it over his shoulder. After waiting another moment he saw a pet carrier come across the conveyor belt. Inside was a Bengal cat with a red collar. David picked it up and walked over to the elevator. Once in the empty elevator, a voice asked "Are we alone?" "Yep" David answered. "We're alone Tiger." "Good, now I get out of this thing? I saved the Earth and I'm put into a crate!" Tiger answered. David kneeled down and removed the pin from the lock. Tiger knocked the door to the carrier aside and jumped out. He took a moment to stretch as the elevator stopped and the door opened. David paid for a rental car. It was an 08 Dodge Charger with a dark red paint job. He put the crate and his backpack in the trunk. He opened got in the right front side. He looked in confused at the lack of a steering wheel. "Right, Americans use the wrong side." David got in the actual drivers side and Tiger jumped in, walking up to the arm rest and jumping into the back. Once there he curled his orange body up as if going to sleep. David got onto the freeway, the only light coming from his headlights. "So what happens now?" Tiger sleepily said "I find the other four." "How?" "I'll know" Tiger responded quickly. "I made these powers; I can find the bearers of them." Tiger went to sleep seconds after saying this. David had early on wondered why he listened to a cat, forgetting the fact that he's an ancient spirit. --- At about midnight, David's car approached the Silver Spirit Castle. Silver Spirit Castle was an enormous castle made from grayish silver bricks. It was built on the outside to look like a medieval castle, but inside had modern bedrooms, bathrooms, and corridors. However, the planning room still had that had that old fashioned feel. David pulled up in the driveway. As he braked, Tiger woke up. "Let's go" David said, sticking his head into the Charger. Tiger jumped out onto the stone walkway. "Impressive recreation. It almost looks like the one in Worchester." Tiger said. Tiger moved towards the castle, until his eyes glowed for a moment. They went from blue to black to yellow to pink before reverting to their natural red color. He shook his head, as if removing an image from it. "They've been chosen" Tiger whispered as he walked into the castle. --- The next afternoon group of seventeen year old girls were sitting and laughing at a Starbucks over coffee. One of them, a blonde named Jade, really didn't care. All these girls talked about was the latest gossip. Pregnancy scandals, fashion screw ups, sudden outings, she was starting not to care. She took a sip of her coffee, sighing in boredom. She heard a meow, causing her to look Jade to look down. "Oh look it's a cat" one of the girls said. Indeed, an orange and black striped cat with a red collar around its neck. "I wonder where its owner is" another of the clique said. Jade reached a hand down and petted the cat, which purred in reaction. One of the girls looked disgusted. "Don't touch it! You'll get fleas or rabies or something!" Jade picked him up and held him. "I'm gonna find go find his owner" she said, walking off. She turned the corner to see David. David looked up and saw Jade with the cat. "That's where you got too" David said, walking up to Jade. "I guess this little guy is yours" Jade said, handing him to David. "What's his name?" David took him. "Thank you for finding him" he said, shooting a slight glare to him. "His names Tiger." "Taiga? That's a nice name" Jade said, misinterpreting David's accent. David was going to correct her, but decided not to. The name sounded good anyway. "She's been chosen" Taiga whispered. David kept up a poker face, but was surprised. "Let me buy you lunch to thank you. Whats your name?" "Sounds great. I'm Jade. Jade Williams" Jade said, extending a hand. David extended a free hand and shook it. "David Hughes." --- David walked out the door of the McDonalds towards the table where Jade was sitting. Taiga was by her feet under the table. He was carrying two huge drinks and a bag of food. He sat down and the two talked for a few minutes. David decided to tell her. David explained the Knights, Nika, and Meiju. "I'm telling you this because you've been chosen." Taiga jumped up on to the bench and he created her morpher, a blue version of the one David was wearing. "This is the Shield Morpher. All the knowledge you need will appear to your mind." Taiga said. Jade stared down in disbelief at the device, and looked in confusion.. A bunch of strange, skeleton like creatures appeared all over. "Skells" Taiga said. David stood up. "Jade? What do you think?" He extended a hand. "Will you fight by my side?" Jade grabbed David's hand and stood up. "Let's get started" Jade said, raising her morpher arm. David smiled and raised his own. "Welcome then blue" David said. Jade chuckled. "Anytime there red." Both David and Jade raised their right hands. Both flipped the shield open on their morpher, revealing a button in their personal color. Both pressed the button with their left thumbs. "Knights Defend!" After saying this, both David and Jade slid the shields back in to place. They then crossed their arms over their chests.