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My First Next-Gen Console - XBox360

Today my brother got an XBox360 for his birthday with Project Gotham Racing 3, Dead or Alive, an extra remote and an 1 month free XBox Live. After trying to figure out how to get the controllers working and solving the whole profile thing (without the help of the guides... I hate them) we got to have a few races for 40-50 minutes. He's playing DOA by himself now and probably will play it a bit more when his friends come over, then go off to do something else. Thats when i'll probably have a go at DOA.

Anyways, the graphics are pretty good and so far the XBox360 has been impressive. Can't wait until I get my Wii on Christmas though. And next year (Australian release date) i'll try out the new PS3. Why did you have to delay this so long Sony?


500 Post Get! 25 Reviews Get! Level 5 Get! 123 Page Views Get! All of ur base...

Firstly, today we FINALLY got a pool. Its above ground but its pretty big and its hot here in Australia, so it will have to do until we get our new house (and in ground pool). We should start building it next year hopefully.

Now, for an upgrade on my stats... I just reached some high stats postwise.

Level: 5, Posts: 550, Reviews: 26, Profile Views: 123! All of ur base r belong to me!

Last but not least, tomorrow the Best and Worst of 2006 voting will begin. I'll post my votes up tomorrow, aswell as overall best games of all time. WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

My New Animated Banner

I just made a new animated banner. Its way to small for the page, animation is a bit slow, and it looks a bit dodgy but I like it. Yeh, it says Merry XMas lol. Anyway, if anyone knows of a site where I could create a better banner please post it below (or if someone could make on for me). I have no artistic ability so it will be kinda hard for me to do.

Also, heres another vid. The Clean Glass Prank. Click here to see more vids uploaded by me at TV.com! Anyway, heres the Clean Glass Prank...


9 Emblems, Level 4 and Seinfeld: The Horror Movie

GameSpot.com: Today I didn't make it out of Level 4, but rather hit 51%! hopefully I will make it to Level 5 by tomorrow. Also, I now have 5 emblems. Registered Member, Popular (50+ Friends), Tagger King (+1,000 tags), Public Access (uploading some videos) and MK Scream It Contest (from the Scream It Contest). To see some of the video's i've uploaded either visit my TV.com account (http://www.tv.com/users/DarkLord500/videos.php or visit http://www.tv.com/video/ where Chuck Norris Rap is listed under Most Popular) or scroll down below to see the first two I uploaded + Seinfeld: The Horror movie. I reccomend seeing The Chuck Norris Rap most though.

TV.com: Nothing much today. I just uploaded a few new videos, including Seinfeld: The Horror Movie (posted below). I also have 4 emblems: King of Comedy, Convival, Soup Nazi and Contributite.


Tom Cruise

More like Tom Snooze.

Anyway, i'm back from my 2 day banning. Also, just hit level 4 on GameSpot and level 3 on TV.com! Soon, i'll start uploading vids to. Weeeeeeee!

Rate My Collection

Rate my collection of games. The majority are PS2, but there are some Wii and PSP games aswell as MMORPG's. Any suggestions for games I should buy in the future, especially for Wii? Also check out my wishlist. Lastly, but not least, i've noticed a few blog posts with people asking how they post images in there sig and make polls. You should really check out the FAQS, but if you cant be bothered...

Level 3: Post comments on News Articles
Level 3: a Sig (picture/gif/jpeg), review games, post images
Level 5: make a Polls
Level 6: create a union
Level 10: upload video's

If theres anything I should add to the list, post below.


~Links to check out~

Flash RPG: www.dragonfable.com

Create a Board: www.proboards.com 

Website: www.newgrounds.com

Just Scored a Nintendo Wii

Just got a Nintendo Wii, but I have to wait until Christmas to use it. The two games I got was Zelda: TP and Red Steel, oh, and obviously Wii Sports. Damn, I cant wait for christmas. Even though people have been saying that Red Steel isnt that good, I think i'm going to be one of the few people that will enjoy it. Atleast until the Wiimotes novelty wears off.

A few games i'm realling looking forward to are Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Tiger Woods PGA 07 and Red Steel 2 (hopefully with alot less bugs and online play). Any other games you think I should add to that list? Post below!

My New Tagger and Convival Emblems

I woke up this morning, jumped on the computer, and noticed my new tagger badge to in my profile. I can honestly say I never expected to get a badge so soon, but I did. (Edit: Just got a Convival Badge).

Also, i'm going to start doing some reviewing once I hit level 3 and hopefully when I hit level 10 I can start uploading some vids.

Until then, cya everyone.

2005 DarkLord Awards

The 2005 DarkLord Awards

Here is a list of my favourite games:

1. Final Fantasy X (PS2) - Great graphics, great story and great characters. Easily gets my award as top game i've ever played.

2. Final Fantasy VII (PS) - An instant classic. It may seem a little odd to have my top two spots filled with Final Fantasy games (aswell as FF9 ranking somewhere up here) but I just love them so much. FF7 is one of my faves and deserves to be ranked second.

3. Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) - Its been awhile since i've played it, but I remember spending countless hours in this game which at one points, was my favourite game of all time. To bad I got hooked on Final Fantasy and EA games otherwise I might own a Gamecube instead of a PS2 right now.

4. Soul Calibur 2 (PS2) - A fantastic fighting game, all its modes are awsome and are worth playing.

5. Final Fantasy IX (PS) - Another FF game. Well it is fairly awsome eh?


Here is a list of my favourite systems:
1. PS2 (Slimline)
2. XBox
3. Nintendo 64 (Gamecubes a kiddy system)


Here is a list of my favourite heroes/villians:

1. Cloud Strife (FF7, Kingdom Hearts)
2. Link (The Zelda Series)
3. The Ninja (The Ninja Gaiden series)
4. Mario (The Mario Games)
5. Max Payne (Max Payne Series)

1. Sephiroth (FF7, Kingdom Hearts)
2. Heihachi (Tekken Series)
3. Bowser (Marior Series)
4. Seymour (FFX)
5. Ansem (Kingdom Hearts)

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