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they seem to be putting a lot of effort in with the new patch, but what are the chances of this becoming its own full fledged, hard copy, Xbox360/PS3 game. right now its more like a beta than a game if you ask me but thats just my opinion. i want to see this become its own series rather than just an arcade game or collection of arcade games(if they make SG2 or extend/plus/whatever). does anybody know anything about whether they are going to expand or not.

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Supposedly Endless Electronics does ps3 "reball" that is a permanent fix. Look them up, they have a good rating on the BBB.


this is useful unlike the other posts, and id like to thank ydnarrewop for the reasurance that the next PS3 i come into posession of is likely to not be a POS instead.

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i come back after days of being offline and this is the best the bloggers could come up with, my "friend" didnt open it since i had to remove warranty voiding labels. the point of this story has nothing to do with the "friend", if this s*** was that obvious then i would have dealt with the person who sold it to me. im no f***ing idiot; yet, ive come to expect this from the simple minded dumb a**es who have nothing better to do than find someone unrelated to the problem at fault. This is a Sony hardware matter, not a who is to blame for Sony's f*** up other than SONY!

Now to further inform the reasonable bloggers, i can get the console to work when it wants to, when i leave it flashing for a while i can later cut it on and runs perfectly. does this mean anything to anybody?

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i should have asked for the reciept but i dont think it would have done me any good at this point, i was there the whole time he had it. i even went with him to get it from gamestop

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nope new, bought it from a friend who originally got it to mod but the new slim models require some saudering inside so he sold it to me cheap so he could go get a used original model. he only had it for 2 hours, i watched him unbox it.

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ive had my ps3 for less than 6 months and now when i turn on the console it shuts right off, beeps 3 times, and the power light flashes red. I've been told Sony will charge me $150 to fix their own f*** up which is a hell of a lot more than i paid for it and i bought it new! I have been fiddling with the console but have yet to determine the exact cause, all i know is the cd drive isnt recieving edequate power. All the forum boards are saying its the yellow light of death which makes absolutly no sense, how red/blinking translates to yellow/solid is beyond me. from time to time i can get the console to work and it will work all day but when i turn it off for the night and wake up the next morning it will go back to its old problems. I never had this problem with Xbox 360, im only on my second console in 6 years, and i never thought i would say this but Sony is officially on the BSer list for me now. doing the math i would have to buy about 14 ps3's in six years at this rate just to outlast my 2 Xboxes. The crappy thing about it is the fact that i HAVE to buy another PS3 just to play a lot of the JRPGs i love (was currently on Tales of Graces f, and Atelier Meruru). Now that i have time to play these games my PS3 is shot. Im not sure if this is a warning, a rage, or me just looking for advice but i feel the need to post this hoping something good will come out of this. I take good care of my games and consoles and this failure to maintain a console is new to me and quite frusturating. if anybody can help please do, and for the people about to bash this post for either being pro-xbox or anti-ps3 ur wasting your time, i dont really care what the console fanboys think.

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im not stressin it. ive already sent them back. ill just go buy them from someone else, hopefully ill get a playstation game this time lol. they really did look legit though, case and manual all brand new. im still not convinced they did it on purpose cause one outa the 3 was good, i think someone screwed them over and they didnt realize it.

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i thought so too, but i just wanted to be sure. i already reported it and am shipping them back first thing monday. thanks for the help guys!

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yeah but they came directly from AMAZON not like another seller, id like to think amazon wouldnt intentionally screw me over but is there anybody out there that has had a silver playstation disk anywhere it may not be an american copy or something, just want to be sure before i send them back

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i forgot to mention they're kinda a silver color which seems strange for me since ive never seen psx discs that color

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