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The once yearly blog post. Three days late.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my once yearly blog post. Three days later than the usual December 9th, better late than never though. Not much to say really, life has been life. Battling depression, growing up, doing stupid stuff, being a teenager.

Every year I look back at this website, see what has changed, look at the small mark I left here. Its not much and in the big scheme of things probably isn't even related to important. Who knows... this place is only a shell of what it used to it.

Something has happened recently that I never thought would happen, video games have almost departed from my life. It has been at least 2 months since I played any game with any amount of seriousness. It is something I actually hate, its only recently games have really been recognized by modern media as a respectable art form. And just as this starts to happen, and arguably a new era of video game development and appreciation being ushered in, I fall out of it.
I don't want to think that video games were just a stage of my life but everything recently has just been pointing to that. Sad.

Okay I just lied. I haven't stopped playing video games, I just play only one anymore.

Anyone wanna guess? If you have known me for long enough this won't come as a surprise.

Microsoft Flight Simulator.

I have pumped thousands of hours into that game as a virtual pilot. Literally. Thousands. Just today I flew, in real time, to King Khalid from Heathrow in a 747-400. I am very active within the Flight Simulation community and I really enjoy it. Luck struck upon me a couple years ago and I was given a chance to give back to that community. Through Co-Hosting the popular Flight Sim podcast FSBREAK I have gotten to know the community behind that hobby even more.
So hey, wanna hear me and some other dudes talk about airplanes? www.fsbreak.net We do bi weekly shows and they can be downloaded via iTunes.
In real life, I am getting close to finishing my private pilots license. Which is super exciting.

Anyway, I figure that gives a pretty good idea about me. Flight Sim and wondering what happened to my addiction to Xbox. Lord knows...

As I say almost every year, special shoutout to those who remember the glory days and still part take in whats left of our antics here. We still are the best and tonight I raise my glass to us.

-Brendan Farmer

I did say I would post again here...

Okay, around one year ago I did say I would make another post. Well now its one year and two hours later and here I am. Dutifully posting another blog on what used to be single greatest use of my free time.

I spent the last hour looking through stuff I have posted over since mid '06. One thing has become apparent, my grammar and writing etiquette has gotten a lot better. (Yet there are still probably several spelling errors in this post.) About 2 years ago I sounded like a retarded fanboy, and now, well, I'm probably not that much better (but in my mind I would like to think I am.)

My gaming time has been reduced to next to zero recently thanks for my dominiative overlords... er... rather my teachers. Still gettin some time here and there to groove on some more Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

I still play large amounts of Flight Simulator and this rather insane hobby of mine can be tracked here...

With that, I shall leave you all again. For those of you who remember me and others from my time, two things; Im shocked you are still who/remember me. Second, heres to us, those of us that participated here 2 years ago, back in the glory days with Jeff, Brad, Rich, we were the best and always will be the best this place ever had.

Same time next year then?

*Takes Pulse* Yeah, I'm Still Alive

Alright, well, I was cleaning out my favorite last night, realized I still had Gamespot in there. I had a look and decided to come and check in.

So yeah, nothing much has happened. I still play games. My XBox 360 has broken 3 times since my departure from gamespot.

While still on the subject of gaming, I have a blog and podcast, which you can have a look at, at (that sounds weird) www.updownleftrightabstart.wordpress.com

Go have a look, we try to write intelligent things, and I hope you can enjoy it.

In more personal news, I fly out of Boeing Field in a great little Cessna 150G. Finally getting to the real thing, after flying in Flight Sim for years. I still fly in the sim, as I cannot even get near a 738 in real life. (Who in thier right mind would lol )

Yeah, so I don't expect to write something again for a another year, so enjoy this post; all 4 of you reading it...

Im back, and leaving again.

Well, I did say that I would stop by every once and a while, so after reading some of my friends blogs, I realized that things really havn't gone so well around here:

Alex Navarro quit:


Frank Provo Left:


Ryan Davis Left as well:


Well, amazing that anyone actually still uses this site.

Hope that you all are okay.

Im leaving GameSpot..... I'm serious.

I through with GameSpot, I've been toying with the idea of leaving recently, and I think that it would be a good idea to finally leave. Thier reviews havn't been very good lately, at least in my opinion, and things have been going downhill since the new rating system was put into place.

I guess I have enjoyed my 2+ years here, but it is time to throw in the towel. The firing of Jeff really just set this all over the edge. I'm done with this site.

Goodbye my fellow ex-gamespotters.....

I may still be on accasioanally. Dont remove me, I willstop by maybe once a month.

Goodbye. (I feel like I'm leaving a part of mebehind with this post)

Havnt been around in a while.

Well, i havnt made a bog post since, well, almost a month ago.

I've been busy playing Halo 3, great game, if you dont have it, go get it now.

In my time off I have made some new videos. Here are some now:

Very Violent Pivot Figures:

FSX JFK ILS Landing:

Last level of Halo 3 on Brute Choppers:

I also have aqurried my long awaited copy of Photoshop CS2. My current banner was made using it.

I'm trying to get some practice with CS2 in, so if any of you want banners, let me know.

Things to Try on Your Computer

Here are some things I found:

Try to create a new folder anywhere on your computer and name it "CON". You just can't.

- Open Notepad. Type Bush hid the facts
- Save it as a text file. Close Notepad, then open the text file. The words have become Chinese gibberish. But if you typed "hide" instead of "hid" or even add a fullstop, you will get a normal text file.

- Open Microsoft Word and type =rand (200, 99)
- Press enter and you get 127 pages of a well-known phrase.

Good way to kill some time; or try www.allsp.com (every South Park episode ever made)