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All my witty titles were too long...

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So this week I've mostly been playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on the 360. I never played it when it came out and the reviews seemed a fairly mixed bag (Gamespot gave it 7.5) so I figured I wasn't really missing anything.

I did, however, check out the recent trailer for Lords of Shadow 2 and although I had no idea what was going on (and accidentally spoiled the first game for myself) I thought it looked cool. So I popped into a local shop and picked the previously mentioned title up for a bargain price. I played through the first sections and was amazed at the beauty of the game. wow. I'll not go too muchinto it for fear that this post will turn into an inpromtu review andturn my attention away from anything that would end up with me doing that and just say that I was thoroughly suprised at the game and think its definitely worth a punt before the sequel.

When I'm finished it I may well return to vent a review into the digital pool of gamespot knowledge.

Tomb Bashing

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Tomb Raider

So I've watched the new Start/Select after having returned from my break and reading a delightful article in Metro about the Tomb Raider 'rape' scene and it's just over the top. I remember reading another recent article on Gamespot about the maturity of games, how they are pushing into more 'grown up' themes and women should be taking more dynamic and developed main roles. So we see the new Tomb Raider moving from lady in tiny shorts shooting up wildlife and dinosaurs into a bloodied, battered and desperate survivor. The change in tone actually got me to actually care about a Tomb Raider game for the first time since the original, but now it's being scutinised for a supposed theme which goes too far.

This is awfully reminiscent of my rant about AC3, but I find it laughably bad journalism on Metro's part and another clssic example of things gone too far. The scence is supposed to provide some drama and weight to Lara's first taking of a human life according to the official press release, but I'm not going to speculate on it at this time as I've yet to see the final game. Something mainstream journalists should also consider before just jumping on the first piece of information they get. The scene being shown at E3 was blatantly designed to grab attention, and it did, but until we see the finished game people should not be in outrage.


Well, back to work...

Anti-[insert subject here]

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After checking out the calls of Assassin's Creed 3 being "anti-british" I'm sitting with my face cradled in my palm. It seems to be that most gamers want to have plausable and believable plots, characters and settings. However, it doesn't seem to matter who is selected to play the role of villain as the "this game's anti-" claims start to pile in. To be honest, I'm glad that for once its not the Russians or the Chinese.

I, for one, really don't mind that the enemies are British in Assassin's Creed 3.

E3 Impressions so far

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E3 logo

I've spent my lunch hour at work catching up with today's E3 updates and I'm pretty excited. The games topping the lists for me for far have to be (in convenient descending order):

Halo 4: The new footage and especially the multiplayer trailer have my VERY excited to get my hands on it, and has as of last night resulted in impromtu lpaying of Halo Reach online again in anticipation.

Resident Evil 6: The campaign is looking amazing and it's going to be a long wait for this one.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist: I wasn't expecting a new Splinter Cell announcement but I'm certainly glad of it. Sam looks like a badass in the new trailer and I will be tracking this one in the future, although is it a year away.

Skyrim: Dawnguard: The more I see for this DLC the better and better it seems to look, and checking out this afternoon's start/select, I now know that the DLC will be roughly 15 hours long on its own, which was more than I was expecting.

Also, ZombiU has creeped onto my radar. I'll be interested to see how this one develops, the concept of the game sounds genuinely interesting. However, I hope that taking the Dead Island style tip and reveal trailers makes me wonder if it will go the same way when its finished. Will have to wait and see I guess.

Now, back to E3 information scouring...

SpecOps: A Shooter

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SpecOps: The Line Screenshot

So I got around to checking out the demo for SpecOps: The Line today, through a mixture of curiosity and boredom and I kind of came away from it wondering what they hell my brain was telling me I'd just seen. The initial premise of the game could have been interesting, seeing some of the deeper horrors of war and having the game billed as a unique environment for warfare and where the environment plays a key part in your battles. However, when I checked out the demo there was one instance where I could shoot some glass to make some sand fall on the baddies heads and allow me time to pick them off, and then there were some set piece events involving a bit of building collapse but that was it.

The mechanics of the shooting were very substandard too. Weapons have zero recoil and lack any feeling of damage, enemies are bullet spounges and have no concept of self preservation. The game also made no sense in that I thought it was tackling some dark material by delving into these 'true horrors of war' with some of the gore and brutality seen, but it quickyl turns into American troops fighting you as well as the regular enemies, which isn't explained in the demo but there is hoepfully a good reason for this. And the fact that some "melee specialist" enemies charge out of cover, taking ten headshots and trying to knife you... what?

To be fair it is just a demo, but considering the game is released in the next two weeks you'd hope for something a bit more polished, and I would have been more impressed if I was presented with what was billed as a game that would delve into the less glamourous side of war. Not some by the numbers shooter. I wasn't planning on picking this up anyway, but the demo sure didn't tempt me to.