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Well I don't know what you mean by RPG/RPG or Hybrid but: 1. The Mass Effect series (I know it's 3 games but it's one big story.) because after playing the first game, I grew attached to the characters, the lore, the universe and such. I love it. I still play the games from time-to-time. 2. KOTOR (I like the second one but it's too buggy) because I'm a SW fan, the story was amazing, it had few bugs (or at least none I encountered) and the gameplay was nice ^.^ I have no idea why some people don't like turn based games >.>
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You could try Dragon Age: Origins (I'm not sure if you'd like Dragon Age 2. I don't like the plot FYI) then you could also try Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 (This is Start Wars so if you don't like SW don't get KOTOR) but my favourite RPG franchise would be Mass Effect. I recommend you try Mass Effect 1,2 and 3. The franchise is awesome. If it weren't then all the games wouldn't have scored 9+ out of 10, 90+ out of 100 or 4+ out of 5. Dragon Age: Origins-Steam (Recommended) Dragon Age 2-Origin (Not recommended) Knights of the Old Republic 1-Steam (Recommended) Knights of the Old Republic 2-Steam (Recommended) Mass Effect (1)-Steam (Recommended) Mass Effect 2-Steam (Recommended) Mass Effect 3-Origin (Recommended) However with Mass Effect 3 you'd have to ask other people who have played it whether or not to get Extended Cut. In my opinion the ending followed its lore better with Extended Cut.
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I used to play Skyrim. I made 3 different characters and finished each and every quest in the game (at least I think so xD). After finishing it I got tired of it while doing my 4th character. Then I moved onto Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Finished Origins thrice, DA2 twice, and all the Mass Effects 4 times. Now I'm just buying ME3 DLCs and trying those. I've also officially run out of RPG games I can get easily xD Anybody got some more I should play? Apart from The Witcher. black_meg you could buy him a Dragon Age game or Mass Effect 3. However Dragon Age is single-player and the only way to play Mass Effect 3 with him would be to buy another copy for yourself so you can play online with him. But sadly there aren't any RPG games similar to Skyrim that you can play WITH him. Or at least not any that you can buy anymore if they do/did exist. Oh and for reference if you didn't know Mass Effect is space age.
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I could recommend you play Mass Effect or Guild Wars 2.
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I've noticed that compared to a couple of years ago only 1-3 RPG games are being released as opposed to FPS games that are released in the dozen. Why do so few companies make RPG games? I don't understand because unless you don't value your character and just want to run around destroying things (Like I'm sure most FPS fans do) then why not make them anymore? If a company hits a sweet spot if they make an RPG game they are likely to get large amounts of money if they make it a franchise. If you look at Bethesda with The Elder Scrolls and BioWare with Mass Effect and Dragon Age then the fact that RPG games can earn large amounts of money quickly is evident. The reason for there being so few RPG games, in my opinion, is because most game companies want to mass produce games to earn money quickly. I mean if you look at EA or Activision you've got games coming out yearly. I think they don't want to spend lots of time into making a RPG game because a RPG game takes a massive amount of time to make. There are all these different and unique characters, there's the world/galaxy/city/continent, the lore and such. But I'm sure that most of you agree with me that developing a character, personalizing a character, making different choices and such is a nice way to spend time compared to running around with a shotgun killing everything that moves. Two of my favourite RPG series of all time is The Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect. We need more RPG games from different companies and they mustn't be rushed, cliched, unoriginal or be given a small place to be in. If you look at The Witcher, TES and ME then you can see that a good RPG should last some time, have a good story, be original and have a good combat system. I love RPG games and think it's sad that they aren't what they used to be as well as gone onto stand-by mode. Post here, if you want, on some good RPG games, RPG making companies, what you'd like to see with RPG games, what you think of RPG games, what you think of this post and such.
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It is sad indeed that the RPG genre isn't what it used to be. I think they've been replaced by games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. So far I know only two companies that still make RPG games. BioWare and Bethesda. Bethesda makes good RPGs and so does BioWare but as we have seen from how often BioWare releases DLCs for ME3 and how often they are pushing out games it's obvious EA rushed them therefore they couldn't put all the things they may have wanted into it. RPG games are my favourite kind of games. I love developing you character, making your own choices and exploring the world created by the developers.