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Why are mobile card battle games so addictive?

I've been playing Rage of Bahamut every chance I get for the last 2 months, this is ridiculous. I've also been playing other games during RoB's recharge time (stamina recharge)... why are they so addictive!?

If you have a smart phone or tablet, and aren't playing them yet, you should try them.

My Rage of Bahamut Referral Code is:gps87044
My Rites of Delta Referral Code is:69yyzm

Anyway, as per other games, I was playing Gotham City Impostors a lot last week, but I got a bit frustrated with it, mostly due to lag and frame-rate issues, so I haven't played it in a few days. Not to mention I've been working much more lately, which is good, because it means I may finally be able to get my own apartment.

I started on Batman Arkham City the other day, but I've only gotten 2 or 3 actual Primary Missions done, the rest of what I've been doing is Side Quests/Missions, and gathering the Riddler Trophies.

I haven't actually been playing Dragon Age II since I got my PS3 back from my friend, which kinda sucks. I was hoping to get the last trophy soon and be done with the game for a few years... but I've been working so much and haven't been in the mood to play it that I haven't gotten anything done.

This is the awkwardly abrupt end of this blog... you can look away now.

I'm serious... you're free, go outside or something...

Why are you still reading this?

...Well... this is weird... are you stalking me or something?


STILL playing Dragon Age II

Once again I had to start over in Dragon Age II, I'm attempting to obtain the Supplier Trophy, which is the last trophy I need to unlock to get the Platinum Trophy. Sadly, across 5 playthroughs I've failed to obtain the trophy due to issues, usually revolving around Isabela, the only time it wasn't about Isabela, would be during plays where I was in a relationship with her. Thus, I'm going to be in a relationship with her this time, as a Male Blood Mage, and hopefully I won't just randomly miss an ingredient like the last time I was in a relationship with her.

Link to my bioware profile (on my current character):


Games beaten this year

For some reason the number of games I've been beating in the last 2 years has been a downward slope, I imagine it's just because of how chaotic things have been in life, with not having my own place, trying to keep my job, and just having so many other things to do.

Since January 1st I've only beaten:

X-Men Destiny (PS3)

(Aimi Yoshida)

Catherine (PS3)

(Katherine True Ending)

Dynasty Warriors 7 (PS3)

(Completed all 4 Empire Paths)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS3)

(Won the war for the Stormcloaks)

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (NDS)

(Naoya Path)

I just beat Devil Survivor today, and my friend Jason and I are getting close to beating Dungeon Siege III on local multiplayer, after just starting it yesterday, though I'm not sure I'll be able to play it tonight since I have to be at work at noon, and Jason is scheduled until 11pm (I have to go to bed around 1 or 2am to get up early enough to get ready for work and ride the bus there.) It would be nice if I had my own place though, that way I could hook all of my systems up and just go rampant on games when I'm not working. There are plenty of PS2 games that I still need to play in my storage unit, but for now I'm stuck with the little selection I have here.

Paint A Dark Picture

Oh lawdy lawd, I haven't made a blog since August... A few updates, my work schedule has been altered majorly twice since my last blog. I went back to working nights, which was nice because it meant I didn't have to work with the GM anymore, as she's a major b*tch, but now she's scheduling me on mid shifts again, so I get stuck listening to her b*tch about the little things when I'm too busy to remember everything, such as pulling the drops from my till before she pulls it without telling me since I was too busy dealing with everyone else's responsibilities, along with my own, and handling insufferable/irritated customers despite that being the GM's responsibility.

Some of the games I've picked up since my last blog:

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (PS3)

Dynasty Warriors 7 (PS3)

Dark Souls (PS3)

Bioshock 2 (PS3)

The Saboteur (PS3)

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation (NDS)

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (NDS)

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (NDS)

Pokemon: Soul Silver Version (NDS)

Dungeon Defenders (Steam)

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion (Steam)

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2)


Defiance (DVD)

The Last Unicorn(DVD)

Resident Evil(DVD)

Resident Evil Afterlife(DVD)

From Paris With Love(DVD)

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night(DVD)

Jeeper's Creepers(DVD)

Jeeper's Creepers 2(DVD)

Anyway, since my last blog, I've lost my home, moved in with a friend and his Mom, was staying in their garage, then had to move out of their too, so now I'm sleeping on the floor in my friend Jason's apartment when I'm not staying at Mom's as I primarily ride the bus too and from work, so when I can't catch it back to the apartment I stay there. Most of my stuff is in storage, and now I'm waiting on my tax returns to get a new phone, and get a cheaper phone plan through T Mobile. I'm looking for a different job because I'm tired of being treated like crap at work, and I need something with a steady schedule. Of course if I somehow win the jackpot in the lottery I'll just say goodbye to working, get a house, a SUPER COMPUTER, buy some things, and get treated for a few of the things I'm suffering from (Acid Reflux, Depression), then I can just relax and be happy.


Since I tend to update my Backloggery more often than I blog, here's a link if you're interested in what I'm currently Playing, any new games I've gotten, or what I've beaten.


You're going down down dowwwwn... YOU'RE GONNA BURN IN HELL!

So I figured it's been a bit once again since I've blogged, so here we go.

Games I've been playing:

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - It's been a few days since I've played it, but I'm catching up to where I was when my prior copy was stolen.

Pokemon White Version - Took down the first gym with ease, started grinding levels, I'm in the city where the Gym Leader uses Normal Types, so I've started leveling my Roggenrola, and Timburr to stomp them.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice - Continuing the never-ending struggle to achieve 10,000,000,000 damage. I've been leveling the DLC characters mostly, like Vyers, Gig, and Revya, I noticed that Adell hits very very hard for how low his ATP is, though I was using his strongest skill. Temporarily abandoning the SUPER DEATH PRINNY GOD that I've been working on, as I need a few more team members of relative strength to survive the higher levels of the item world, which is where I level grind, and capture innocents for the intent of making super gear.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - This game is EVIL! I've been trying to get the trophy for using an X-MEN themed team, and have been working on a good balance, I love Wolverine, like Cable, and am still trying to pick up a definitive 3rd, I'm not very good at the game anymore, so I've been practicing. I'm terrible with Iceman and Cyclops, have yet to try Storm, and HATE Marrow. Her controls are clunky, her attacks seem weak, and I don't like her Bonemerang or whatever the hell they call it.

InFamous - I haven't been doing much on this lately, just because I haven't been in the mood to run around frying people with electricity, trying to gain more experience so I can max out my evil abilities.

Team Fortress 2 - I'm trying to find a class I can be decent with, I'm getting better with the Sniper, but my mouse is semi-broken so I don't think I'll continue until I can get a new mouse.

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 - I haven't had the chance to play it in a bit, Chris accidentally broke his PS2, so mine is out in the living-room, and he's been playing Final Fantasy VIII, or watching TV from wake up to bed, thus I've been occupying myself with other games and my 8 hours a week at work.

Recent shows:

Batman the Animated Series Volume 1 - I grew up watching this show and absolutely love it, I finished watching this 2 weeks ago I think, but that's still somewhat recent for my updates.

Buso Renkin - I finally got around to actually watching the first two episodes, haven't been hesitating for any particular reason, just been doing other stuff, watching other shows, and playing games.

I wound up moving into a place with some friends, my rent is the same as it was at the other place, but my bedroom is about twice the size. I finally get to sleep on my Queen Size bed, been looking for a new job because I haven't been getting hours, the person who does the scheduling doesn't like me, and she's a bit of a two-faced c**t, so she's nice to you to your face, and talks plenty of sh** when you're not around. I'm back on unemployment due to my lack of sufficient income, hopefully I'll be able to find an enjoyable/drama-free full-time job soon. As usual life has its ups and downs, in my case the downs are usually consecutive. Though if I'm lucky, everything will get better soon.

Quick updates

Got a job back in early June, working at Taco Bell again, different store, different owners. It's run even worse than the store I worked at before, but I've made some new friends there. Started off making great hours, after my first week, but lately my hours have been really low, made around 9.5 hours last week, and scheduled 25 hours next week. I've been really sick for the last few days, I've had a very persistent dry cough, no blood so I'm pretty sure it isn't cancer, getting over the other symptoms of my cold, but the cough is the strongest it's been. Quitting smoking, been on the patch. Only had 1 smoke in the last week, because some jackass came into the store after the lobby was closed and started pissing everyone off, the patch wasn't a big enough dose to keep me level after that. Haven't had the money to buy any new games, first paycheck barely covered rent, having to save money from my 2nd paycheck because I'm not sure if my next check will cover rent, and I'll probably have to save most of my 4th paycheck unless my hours get raised again.

Someone told the GM of the store I have a bad attitude, and none of the managers I work with at night know who did it, so despite being a Closer, I'm being forced to go in from 11:30am - 4:30pm on Friday, and then clock back on from 6pm - 11pm the same night, and on Saturday 11:30am - 4:30pm then back on from 5pm - 10pm so that the GM can see my "attitude problem" for herself... and she's going to be sticking me in Drive-thru, so it's entirely possible that I may be losing my job soon.

Thank Amon my refund came in

As the title states, my federal refund finally came in yesterday... though it should have been in by mid to late March... the IRS for some reason decided to deny my electronic refund, and not tell me about it, so I waited for weeks and kept checking up on it waiting for progress, I called them some time in April and was told that one piece of information was wrong, so I went into an IRS office, with the paper form that had the EXACT same information on it, and had it looked over, the worker didn't see any problems with it, so on April 15th, I paper filed. And finally got my refund on May 6th... well, out of the $930 I got, $520 immediately went to my friend Ben, so I wouldn't be paying any more monthly phone bills up to the end of my contract. And with the remaining $410 I needed to buy Birthday gifts for 2 people, I got a half gallon of Vodka, and bought some replacement games for myself from my list of missing games, and tried to replace my friend's games that were stolen, one of which Amazon messaged me about an hour or so after submitting my order, informing me that the item was in fact "Out of stock" with the buyer... that was marvelous.

Anyway, I ordered a gift for Daniel, and a gift for Curtis, then I got Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow for my friend Steve, Pokemon Colosseum was the game that was out of stock. I ordered Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Final Fantasy IV, both for the DS to replace my stolen copies. Then I decided to order Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories for the PS2, both brand new, along with Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice brand new on the PS3, and last but not least, a brand new, factory sealed copy of DUN DUN DUN!!!! Makai Kingdom on the PS2... prior to Pokemon Colosseum not being ordered, I spent about $219 on items from Amazon... yeah FML I'm addicted to new things, it's part of my ADD/OCD, though at least my phone is paid off through next March. I'm not going to post the items I got for Curtis or Daniel, as they both use Gamestop.

Anyway, the job hunt is going as poorly as ever, and like Curtis I had my heart broken recently, but I'm used to it by now, I've always been placed in the friend seat anyway, but I'm alright with just being her friend, I don't have any ill feelings for her, just me, for allowing myself to become vulnerable again.

On to happier topics, I got my present from Curtis yesterday as well, Soul Nomad and the World Eaters, which I used to have a copy of, but it was one of the games that was stolen, I decided to start up a new file and use my Action Replay codes, and on the 3rd try through (I got the same ending the first 2 times because I killed the first World Eater the first time I fought it both times, resulting in the same ending, unintentionally) I decided to go along the path of EVIL!!! MWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OVERLORD OVERLORD OVERLOOOORD!!! It's the most entertaining thing I've played in a while. NIS really know how to make evil fun... OK, it's already fun, they just make it more fun.

Building blocks of life with Vampires and a Pokeball or two

Just a quick update, since I already informed everyone in the gaming group I'm in on Facebook, I got my state returns on Monday, so yesterday I went out, got myself a month pass for the bus, which ran me $48, but I spent $51 on public transit in all yesterday, needed to get a day pass to get to the station and buy my month pass. I bought a nice new pair of sunglasses for $17, replaced my stolen Nintendo DS Lite, which ran me $85 as I got it used. Then I rode the bus to the mall, looked for a C.D. for my sister, since I wasn't able to get her a bday present on her bday, and finally had money, it wasn't there though, went to Gamestop, looked around for a while, and picked up Pokemon White, and Castlevania: Lord of Shadows. Got some Sobe Energy Drinks, rode the bus home, which for about 10 minutes was the most peaceful part of my day, I was completely calm and relaxed, the driver being the only other person on the bus... then other people started getting on further down the route and my calm was broken. After I got home, I purchased my sister's gift online, and decided to buy Minecraft... altogether, I spent about... $263 yesterday was a good day, with the exception of being around so many people. I applied for a few jobs at the mall while I was there too.

My new shades

Invoke the rite of Annulment?

I think not Knight-Commander Meredith!

So I got Dragon Age II on release date (here in the U.S. it was on the 9th I believe)

picked up my SIGNATURE Edition, the DLC isn't really anything special, but

I like getting extras anyway, and you get a digital soundtrack to download.

I wouldn't usually play this way, but I rolled a Mage for my first playthrough,

normally I would start off with a Rogue, but from the demo the Rogue seemed

insanely weak... and the Mage and Warrior destroyed everything.

I have to say, that this game feels worlds better than Dragon Age: Origins,

not that I didn't like Origins, I liked it enough to go through and get every Achievement

while I was borrowing it from my friend on my 360. (This was pre-Awakening though,

which added 8 or so more Achievements/Trophies) I love the new combat system,

it's much smoother than before, you can actually move around freely

and still fight capably. While I do miss the huge AoE spells, and being able to drop

mobs with DoTs and Curse of Mortality (one of my favorite spells) the overall

changes make it less painful to play.

There were of course, some bugs. As there always are with games, no

matter how long they test they can't find everything, which is ok, my game only

froze once in the 37 hours (estimate) I played my first file, excluding the times

when my ADD got the better of me and I left the game running while watching videos

or focusing on something else. The graphics are better, the character designs are pretty

nice, I'm not very fond of the re-shaping of the elves to be honest, they look really spindly,

like twigs, and their faces are a bit awkward, their eyes are pretty big too... they

make me think of the typical depiction of an Alien with the thin features and the huge


The story was very good, and the interactivity between you and the companions,

and the companions amongst themselves was impressive. I missed my chance at forming a

relationship on my first run, and missed Isabela altogether, which was disappointing.

I did have a favorite though, by far. Despite how much of a dick he is toward Mages, I

favored Fenris over everyone else, any chance I had to take him in my party, he was there.

He was also a nice replacement for a Tank because the enemies don't live long enough

to do much damage if you bolster his Strength and teach him Scythe, he cuts right

through them and they burst into clouds of red mist.

I felt for him too, his backstory was sad and he definitely had a reason to hate

Mages, it was just that he couldn't grasp the concept that not all Mages are

wicked, or weak. The game essentially gives you 2-3 Mages (depending on which sibling

you end up keeping) so long as you don't run one of them off of course, 1-2 Two-Handed

weapons specialists (once again depending on the sibling you keep). A Rogue with a crossbow,

so essentially a multi-purposed Hunter (minus the pets) a Dual Weapons Rogue (in Isabela, once

again, if you pick her up, if not you can't get her later) and for me, Sebastian, the Royal

Archer, because I have the Signature Edition (though the DLC is on the PSN and Xbox Live

Marketplace already) who is by far the most effective party member with a Bow... seeing

how he's the only one who specializes in Archery.

The conflicts are great, though difficult to control at times, sometimes I would piss someone

off not even trying to do so, which makes me think I may go through with a guide next time.

The relationships work differently too this time for your companions, and they get a bonus

on either side of the spectrum, whether they see you as a Friend, or a Rival, as long as you're

within 20% of the full bar (roughly) they get a bonus. I definitely recommend picking this

up if you liked the first 2 games.

It's been a while...

Since I could, hold my head up high, and it's been a while, since I first saw youuuuu.

J/K I figure I haven't done a blog in a while, so I needed to put out an update. I tried to get through Quantum Theory, because I figured it would have been as easy as Gears of War's normal mode was, and damn was I wrong D< I got stuck, and more frustrated in that than I did with Gears at all. I was playing WoW for a bit again, and got a DK from 55-85 in a few weeks, and just got my Warlock to 85 a few days ago, but I'm out of time again, and can't afford to renew, not that I need to with my unemployment coming to an end soon anyway. Still haven't heard back from any employers, the 2 interviews I've had since I lost my job have been fruitless, so things are looking pretty grim. I started playing Suikoden again, this time on the PS3 though because I don't want to risk my disc breaking as it's very valuable to me, no cheats (can't use them on the PS3 anyway) so it's gonna be a bit of a grind for levels and bits (the currency) though I did it pure on my last run too, which if anyone remembers was just before I got my broken copy of Suikoden II :( I've been playing a bit of Call of Duty 4, but when I'm tired I can't really manage a good game on that, so I pop in Black Ops, which is ridiculously easy when I'm tired, except of course when I get frame-rate drops (because after 4 patches they still can't root out the issue) and start firing on someone, then skip to the side, and die... that's always fun (it's not lag, I'm running 4 bars)

Tried God of War out for a bit, didn't get very far, I'm in the first city, and can't figure out how to open the Oracle's gate, I saw the cutscene where she said she needed to talk to me, and told me where she was, I fought a bunch of crap, got some red souls (or whatever they are in GoW) and ran back the other way to the gate, can't find the switch or lever or whatever I need to find to open the damned thing. I watched all of Yu-Yu-Hakusho again within the span of 2 weeks, still my favorite anime of all time. Nothing interesting has really been going on, but I have a funny pic I'm going to put up here of my nephew passed out on my lap just for giggles.

Zander passed out

Not really the best picture of me, but I hadn't gotten to shower yet and had only gotten 3 hours of sleep before my sister showed up to do laundry.

Also, since Curtis Bundy is doing this interesting questioning thing, I think I'll go ahead and go through with it too, I'm curious as to what people would ask me. Ask me anything, and I'll answer it to the best of my abilities, and as honestly as I can or feel to do so at the moment =O I'll put the answers up in my next blog, whenever that may come.