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Iiiiiit's been a while

Shrug, taking care of a Garry's Mod server is a full-time job.

Here are all the games I've been playing since I last came on (from top to bottom, started playing first to last)...


Super Mario Galaxy

Virtual Console


* Super Mario Bros.

*Super Mario Bros. 3



* Super Mario World

* Donkey Kong Country

* Super Metroid

* Secret of Mana

* The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


* Star Fox 64

* The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

* Mario Kart 64


Left 4 Dead

Crysis Warhead

Sins of a SolarEmpire

Dead Space

The Sims 3


Aside from that, it's been a pretty normal, boring time. How many months has it been, anyway? :shock:

EDIT: Looks like I've been on this same level for 8 months now. Boooo.

Level... Down!

I can only imagine this is what GameSpot has decided:

"Dear DarCowAlways,

Happy Birthday from Gamespot! We understand you've had too nice of a birthday, and decided to dock you approximately one level. We notice you have been on the same level since October of '08. As a special gift from us to you, we will not be sharing with you the details of why we docked you points, or the exact post which led to this.

Once again, best wishes a great third GameSpot anniversary to you!

- GameSpot's imaginary letter"

You like? Yeah, for a second there, I thought I levelled up. I dug around and found my moderation history, and it said it was for a Review - "Disruptive Posting". Of course, no details anywhere, but oh noes, I could be banned if I repeat the violation.

Did I miss something?

The Birthday Blawg

2098 7085 3658 1759

^ Add me!

Today I finally got that Wii I've been wishing for. I'll get plenty of use out of it, especially with the classic console emulation!

I haven't had my party yet, but now I have Brawl and some controllers to play it with! We're going to have quite the tournament.

Here's what I've gotten so far:

Wii + Two Wiimotes + Two Nunchucks + Super Smash Bros. Brawl + Wii Sports + Wii Play

The Office Season 4 (woooot!)

Bought with B-Day money

  • Classic Controller
  • Internet Channel
  • VC - Super Mario Bros. 3
  • VC - Super Mario World
  • VC - Donkey Kong Country
  • VC - Secret of Mana
  • VC - Metroid
  • Super Mario Galaxy

Anyway, be sure to add me, and give me some Wii Numbers in PMs! :twisted:

UPDATE: I now have all the characters in Brawl, and my friend code there is: 2063-4442-0633

My Birthday... Wants!

My Birthday/Gamespot anniversary is almost here! To celebrate the occasion, here is some crap I want. Yes, it's been a slow news week.

1.) 1TB SATA Internal Hard Drive

It's sad how low on storage space I always am.

2.) Belkin n52te

I'm on the fence about this one. I think it's a useful replacement for WASD, but only if the buttons feel right, which I'm not sure they do.

3.) Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2

Useful. I have two different ones already. Great controllers, but the wires get in the way.

4.) The Office Season 4

What can I say, I love the series.

5.) Blu-Ray SATA disc drive

The high-def monitor I use needs something good to watch on it.

6.) Munnies?

Money is good. It's evil, but good. Wait... paradox.

So... who can I count on for what? :P

Boredom + My Desktop

So... bored. It only took me four hours to beat Crysis Warhead, and one day to beat Call of Duty 4 again from start to finish. Some of my games still aren't installed (Windows reinstalled - went from 32 bit to 64 bit Vista). Some of them won't fit in my specially designed desktop anymore, because of the new games. Haven't I shown you my desktop before? Here it is, click to see larger.

I've edited the screenshot to include the icons of the two games I've yet to install; Bioshock and Mass Effect. The extra space in the bottom-right corner is for when I get Left 4 Dead.

What are you doing to fight the boredom bunnies?

How I'm Liking my New Toys!

So here it is: the first real blog in a while.

This Christmas was pretty different from others for me; namely, I got a lot of books and a few really good electronics.

The one thing I've been really enjoying since Christmas day has been the iPod Nano 3G I was given. I've been a fan of iTunes, seeing as I had no particular reason to use it, but now that I have an iTunes-exclusive iPod on my hands, it's time to set up an iTunes playlist.

The first thing I did was put all my normal songs into the same playlist as in Windows Media Player, and then I converted all of my YouTube videos' original .avi's into an iPod-friendly format. Set up playlists for those, too. I've mentioned my YouTube channel to a number of friends at my school, and I think it'll be a big plus to have them all with me whenever my iPod is at hand.

The next thing was getting content for it-- Podcasts and Games. A relative gave me a gift card, which I used to buy a gift card for iTunes. I used it all in about fifteen seconds... but now I have some great games to enjoy on the way home from school.

The best thing about having this iPod is having a small, dedicated music/video player, whereas before I relied on my old music phone, which played MP3's, but needed a converter cable, and overall wasn't ideal. The only other option I had was my PSP Slim, which is 1.) Ginourmous, and 2.) Something that would be stolen in five seconds. With the kind of people I see on my way home, I don't want anything valuable conspicuous to them.

The other, very much so enjoyed gift I received was just put together a matter of minutes before writing this blog. My big plan was to reformat my windows partition with 64-bit Vista, rather than 32, and rid myself of all the bugs and pains that come from old installations. The backups of all my most valuable, need-to-keep files were made weeks ago, and have been updated numerous times since, but lacking the installation files for 64-bit Vista, I've waited and waited, and the case has been sitting in a corner in its box.

Today I found the OEM DVD from Microsoft online for cheap, and my Dad was more than happy to purchase it (and be legal), on condition that I put to use the new, buttocks-kicking case sitting next to me right now. It took a couple hours, but I got it all together, and I must say, it's impressive. All the fans are configurable from the outside, with varying speeds and blue LEDs that can be toggled. My hard drives are in a wind-tunnel-like enclosure that opens into the main compartment with the motherboard. No more overheating issues there. Plus, the case has a transparent right wall, which is something I've wanted for a long time.

Oh, and it all functioned flawlessly the first try, which is impossible.:o

Merry Christmas to all!

Here's what I came out with Christmas '08;

  • 16GB U3 Flash Drive
  • 1TB External Hard Drive
  • iPod Nano 3G
  • Antec 1200 PC Case
  • 4GB DDR2 1066MHz
Those are the highlights; what are yours?

Black Friday is Here!

Man, was I lucky to go today. I'm currently off at a relative's house, one who lives a day's ride away, but we had no trouble finding some good stores today.

First off, we got two Sandisk 16GB U3 flash drives! They were sold out at Best Buy, but we found tem at Office Depot.

Secondly, my family got its own Blu-Ray player/DVD Upscaler. No more DVDs for our HDTV!

Third, I found some nice DVDs on sale for dollars apiece at Best Buy, and got some for myself, and lastly, I got my 1TB of storage space!! Woot!

With this in mind, I know all the computer parts I've been pleading for will be covered come this Christmas. I don't know... I think I'm starting to become spoiled ;)

What cool things did you find/get for Black Friday?

Christmas Wishlist!

I haven't blogged in a while. I've been pretty preoccupied with YouTube.

Christmas is coming! Here's a good idea of what I've been wanting for Christmas.

1. Storage Space

It's a sad thing that my 500GB doesn't cut it. With all the FRAPS screenshots and videos, half my hard drive is full simply of that. The rest are 10-20GB game installations and assorted other crap. I want to get 64-bit Vista (or Windows 7), do a fresh install, and keep only what I need, all with a terabyte hard drive and tons of RAM (see # 2).

2. RAM

This I know I'll be getting :D I've been stuck with 2GB of slow RAM since my motherboard replacement stuck me with DDR2, and my DDR[1] RAM was useless. I'll be replacing my current 2GB with these 2 x 2GB modules.

3. Buttocks-kicking Case

Right now, my case is utterly... well... basic. It has no additional fans, no shiny blue LEDs, and there isn't very much room. I'm having a problem with overheating, and with all these (shiny blue) fans, it won't be a problem for long.

4. Zetabyte Flash Drive

OK, so a Zetabyte isn't exactly realistic. 16GB Is good, though. Ever since middle schoolers stole my 8GB (I wasn't there), I've been making do with my old 4GB and 2GB, but with 16GB flash drives more and more common, I want to get one myself and get over the loss.

5. iPod Nano 3G

Who doesn't have about seven music-playing devices? I have my PSP, cell phone, computer... but none of which are dedicted to music. My sis has this model/color of iPod, and she's thinking of getting the new one and giving this to me for Christmas.

6. iPhone/iPod Touch

I would rather have an iPhone than an iPod Touch, because it would replace my phone instead of having to carry both it and my phone, but the data fees and plans are expensive.


1. Left 4 Dead

Ahh, Zombie Apocalypse. How I love you so. How I wish you weren't fifty dollars.

2. Crysis Warhead

Crysis was the bomb. It's quite possibly my favorite FPS. Perhaps even more importantly, with my new graphics card, I can actually play it decently. How about that?

3. Fallout 3

It's on the PC! It's an FPS! It seems to me like Bioshock, but above ground.

4. Far Cry 2

Here's an example of a super-solid, realistic shooter. I don't like the fact that your weapons can jam and whatnot, but it all adds to the replay value.

I'll probably be adding to this list today, but this is pretty much it :P

What're you asking for?

Lazy Saturdays = Tons More Videos!

Today I made a new Crysis video with old footage, and new pictures, and as I write this I'm uploading part 1 of the 5 part *Final Fantasy XII Ending* video I captured and edited in the last... two hours. Thing is, it's nearly an hour long, so it's been a grueling process.

The Crysis video is all about, well, just see the title for yourself.

Crysis - Glitches and Easter Eggs

I used footage I took nearly half a year ago in this one, broadcasting a handful of entertaining bugs I encountered. From there, I go to pictures of easter-eggs and things you may have not noticed in a normal playthrough. Dar is thorough. This includes newspaper articles.

Hmmm... the first video isn't even done and I'm already terribly bored. It's exactly 12:59 as of this line of text, and I can't turn on the TV to entertain myself at the risk of waking the whole house. Upload faster, darnit!










UPDATE: It's one hour later, and they're all uploaded and some viewable.

Final Fantasy XII Ending