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My opinion on the new Gamespot, and how I think it could be improved.

(Note: the following blog is based solely on my opinion and ideas. If you can't respect that and be critical in a civil manner, turn back now.)

So the new design has been out just a day shy of a week, and I have to say that my view of it is the same as the first day I was in the beta: I hate it.

I have various reasons why I see little if any improvement in this new design. I apologize to the designers of this if I have offended you. I appreciate your efforts, but I can't help but feel that this site is inferior to the previous one. The main reason for my dislike of this site is it feels like they've focused more on the new looks and navigation than the community. The community is the only reason I use this site exclusively and why I don't have accounts on any other video game news website. if it weren't for them, I would have left here the first day this new design was released.

So here are a couple of things I think the new site could improve and make this place much better for community interactions.

1. Make the feed system more like Fuse. Now I realize that Fuse wasn't used by that many people on the previous site, but I honestly believe that it was a good way to keep up with your friends activities and make new friends. With Fuse, you could see who posted a new blog or review or just see what they've been up to. I think if they introduced a commenting system, an archive so you can see updates from previous days and a public-post page similar to Fuse's What's Hot, it would be a major improvement.

2. Bring back emoticons. This isn't really a huge thing I miss, but I do think it would be nice to have it back just to make comments a little less bland. Emoticons were good to use if we didn't feel like making a sentence sound like we were mad/upset/angry.

3. Community-made editorials on the homepage. This was actually the feature that inspired me to make this account in the first place. I found this blog written by zyxe and thought it would be fun to leave a comment on there and see what kind of play styles other users used. And to be honest and absolutely no offense intended towards many of Gamespot's awesome editors and writers, I preferred most of the editorials written by community members then those by the staff.

That's all I have for this blog. Leave a comment down below and please share any ideas or opinions you have. Feel free to call me out on any of my bullsh*t if you want, but as I said above please be civil about it.

Until next time.