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Come on, Microsoft. Spill it already.

So if any of you have been on Gamespot for the past couple of days, you'll know that the thing everyone is talking about is Microsoft's recently-announced Xbox One. So far we've been told some nasty things that gamers aren't too happy about. We've been told that Microsoft's new Kinect 2.0 will be a required part of the console and play a much larger role than it's current-gen predecessor. We've been told that used games will require a fee of some kind. We've been told that it will function more like a all-in-one mediabox than a gaming system. And we've been told that video games may require a daily check in for authenticity.

But what we haven't been told is the details. Microsoft has failed to tell us what kind of role the new Kinect will play in games. If it will be featured in every game or not. They've failed to tell us the conditions of the used games fee. They've failed to tell us if the hardware will break down as much as the Xbox 360. And most of all, the've failed to tell us if all these rumours are true or not.

So my question to Microsoft is why? Why are you doing this to yourself, Microsoft? Why are you making yourselves look like greedy, anti-consumer bastards? Have you not seen what people have been saying and assuming about your latest project? Why are you just standing by while these rumours keep surfacing? Why are you just sweeping these questions under the rug and saying "maybe, maybe not,?" Microsoft, please just come clean already. Tell us the details. Quit leaving us in the dark to wonder and assume the worst, Microsoft. You're killing yourselves here. By letting these rumours linger, you've just shot yourselves in the leg and now your watching it bleed.