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Random things plus Blog is fixed

Well for about almost 3 months I could not change anything in my blog on here for some add reason every time I would go and delete a link or add a new link to a image an Error messege would come up on the top of the browser saying the HTML is not well-formed something along those lines and nothing would happen. So out of the blue I went to change something in my blog to see if it was fixed and low and behold the problem has be resolved and can now change my blog again. As for other things that have been going on not to much working as usual and been mostly playing Devil May Cry 4 Awesome game if I do say so myself good instillation to the DMC series and thought the new character Nero is pretty cool and like the Devil Arm he possess. As for the Anime category not to much there have been getting the Death Note series as they been gradually coming out in stores to buy. I have the first 3 Vols along with the collectible figures I have Light, L, and Ryuk right now still in the boxes and the next coming out which is Vol. 4 is going to have Misa on the DVD cover and the character is Jealous which looks cool. The other I have started and plan on finishing is the Devil May Cry series..of course I had to pick up Vol. 1 of that :) and from what I seen in there it is going to be an awesome series and can't wait for Vol. 2 to hit shelves. Well I guess that is going to about do it for now thought I would share the situation I was having here, but very glad it has been resolved and fixed. Later Gamespotters.

Updated blog of the New Year

Hey everyone about time I made my first blog of the new year even though it is a little late. Nothing much has been going on here been working and all that good stuff and playing some video games and watching Anime as much as I can when I got some time. Anyways might as well start with the recent buys in the Anime Domain: I bought Vols 1-4 w/ art-box of AIR TV and just will say is what a series it was very good and yet sad in some moments and Vols 1-3 of Rumbling Hearts which was also very good if you do not mind some Romance Animes here and there it will worth checking out. As for the ones that are going to be listed now is from a contest I won from an Anime website I order most of my DVDs and figurines from. The contest was by Geneon Entertainmentand the prize was I recieved the first Vols of Elemental Gelade, Bottle Fairy, and Kamichu! along with some collectible pencil boards of art from the series Sakura Wars. I was surprised when I heard that I won this contest, but I was not the only one that won I was one of the 3 other people that got the same prizes as well. The other purchase I made was the 2 Limited Edition Trigun tin box sets from FYE and all together came to $144 and plus the second tin box was on sale so that was a good thing. Have not made to many buys in the video game section just been playing the ones I have right now which are mostly The Darkness, Heavenly Sword, and Guitar Hero III, but really I'm waiting for Devil May Cry 4 that is scheduled for release in February and from what I have seen so far it looks Awesome! Oh will also mention on the Animes that I will be checking out on Monday since my friend from work was kind to burn me the complete series of Gun Grave, Peacemaker, and A Place Promised in our Early Days so will be receiving those discswhen I head back in to work on Monday. Well I think that is going to about do it for this blog I will keep writing inmy blog here as much as I can later Game-spotters.

An update of some Anime titles I have recently bought

Hey fellow members been sometime since the last update here on the good o' blog sorry about the delay been busy with work among other things that needed to be taken care of. Well my Anime crave has surfaced again since finding some interesting titles here and there just going to list the Animes I ordered here and a little plot description if any of the Anime fans out there would like to check some of titles if have not seen them already that is.

Plot Summary

In a long-forgotten walled town, humans coexist with the Haibane, angelic-like beings of unknown origin. Rakka becomes the newest Haibane, after she awakens from a strange dream and finds herself hatching from a massive cocoon. With no memories of her previous life, Rakka struggles to adjust to her new surroundings, however burning questions remain in the back of her mind. What is Haibane and what is their purpose? What lies beyond the huge, forbidden town walls? Thus Rakka begins her wistful journey of self-discovery and wonderment.

I found out about this series from a friend that is on Youtube.com went to the stream thatshe owns and a AMV was playing of this series and I must say the footage caught my interested and I went and checked out the first episode of it and from what I seen Ireally enjoyed the whole scenario of the story, characters, and the setting of the Anime so decided to buy the collection and should arrive in the mail sometime next week I hope.

Plot Summary

Tokiha Mai and her sickly younger brother, Takumi, have received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Fuuka Academy. On the way, the ferry they are travelling on becomes the site of a destructive battle between two girls wielding apparently supernatural powers. This is only the beginning of their troubles, as Mai learns that she herself possesses these powers - the powers of a HiME.

The other purchese I made was the Anime intitled My Hime with I think most fans out there have heard or haveseen this seriesI heard about this series from a friend I work with andI received this collection Tuesday I believe it was I bought the series separate since I did not see a box set out of it so wentand bought Vols 1-7 plus got a free T-shirt thatcamewith Vol 1 and the special edition box that camewith Vol 7 to hold the whole series ^_^ which I thought was great to get.

Plot Summary

Picking up precisely where "The Prophecy" ends, the new Karas, Otaha, seeks vengeance against the yakuza that murdered his brother and almost killed him. Meanwhile the old Karas, Eko, unleashes his wrath and contempt for the pitiful humans infesting the city. Yurine, Nue and Otaha join forces for the final epic battle to save the city and protect the will of the people...as Prophecy becomes Revelation!.

Next title I got was the long awaited continuance of Karas which intitled Karas: The Revelation and has to say was not a disappointment if you liked the first movie of this Anime prettysureyou are going to like this one has some awesome fighting scenes in it with non stop action and now in thisoneit is time for Karas to go face to face the other Karas that despises the human race and whowas shown in the first movie and that is Eko.

Plot Summary

Dirty jobs are a part of life for the Black Lagoon, but things seem to be getting worse by the minute. Their latest problem is a maid from Columbia. She's a killing machine out to rescue Garcia from the clutches of the Black Lagoon and will kill anyone who gets in her way. As if that wasn't enough, international terrorists make their move and set the scene for a showdown with the Hong Kong Triad, the C.I.A. and the Black Lagoon smack dab in the middle! Can Rock count on his new family to pull him out of a pinch or will he be left to rot?

Other one I got was the final DVD the Black Lagoon completing the serieswhich is an Awesome Anime if you like you modern day pirates and lots of action and an intense story plot this is one you could check out. Now just waiting for the second season of the series called the Second Barrage which the first DVD is coming out at the end of this month and looks like things will be heating up for the Black Lagoon crew.

Plot Summary

The annual school culture festival has begun, and with it comes the debut of Haruhi's surreal film! Who did she threaten this time to have her movie shown? More importantly, what other event has she schemed up and what impact will it have on the rest of the SOS Brigade? At least I've got Mikuru and the cosplay cafe to look forward to, but perhaps someone should explain to Yuki that fortune-telling isn't about eerie accuracy!

The computer club counter-attacks! After Haruhi extorted the club's president for their best computer they challenge the SOS Brigade to a not-so-friendly strategy game. How are we going to win when our chief's strategy doesn't exist? We should just raise the white flag and give up. Can we win without the help of Yuki's bogus magic or will defeat drive Haruhi into a world-ending rampage?

Its a slow day for us in the club room - that is, until Haruhi arrives. She's somehow managed to swindle a heater from one of our movie's sponsors. I hope Mikuru's okay while I'm forced to make the exhausting trek in the rain to retrieve it. What bizarre activity will Haruhi force upon our club members while I'm gone?

My last Anime purchase I made and this completing the series and that is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya the final Special Limited Edition of DVD Vol 4 which I think will be here also next week and can not wait to see the ending on what is going to happen. Oh plus on hearing from sources that there is going to be a second season of the series which it cool.

Well that is going to do it for this update on the blog hope you liked it and will try and keep my blog updated more often. Later Game-spotters.

Purchasing of a PS3, Awaiting Heavenly Sword, and Slow buying of Anime

Hey there Game-spotters well I thought it was about time I made a new blog post since I see the last one was back in the beginning of July :| Well first I will start with the purchase of my 60gb PS3 got it back in the middle of July was down at Best Buy and since seeing the little price drop on the PS3 has hit and was priced at $499.99 so I thought that it was time to get the system plus I picked up 2 games with the system got MotorStorm and The Darkness I will say MotorStorm is fun I wanted to get this game since the first time I played it in Game-stop when the PS3 was priced at $599.99 and after playing the demo they had on there I knew it was on the "To Get" list. As for The Darkness I thought it was a really cool game I like the story that was told about Jackie and how the demon known as "The Darkness" takes over him and have itunleash on his enemies in revenge against his evil uncle and the death of his girlfriend. All an all the game is awesome, but I only played through the game once and just went back through the chapters that were good and messed around and watched some awesome cut-scenes that were featured in there and had to see again :P In controlling The Darkness thought it was well done and having the ability to summon up the Dark-lings to help you in battle brought enjoyment to the game-play especially when you have at least 5 or more Dark-lings wandering around taking down your enemies had me stoping just to let them do the work my favorites would have to be the Gunner and the Kamikaze and coming in third would be the electricity wielding Dark-ling thought he was cool same goes for their personality when there is more then one Dark-ling on screen it was entertaining to heard them talk back and forth to each other and the things they say..lol.

Here is my 60GB PS3 wanted one since the launch, but wanted to wait for a price drop and yep going to keep the system clean as best as I can just like when the PS2 was there (still keeping my PS2 though thinking about putting it up in my room and putting up my SNES.)

This is the TV that I have my PS3 hooked up to right now 60" Philips Rear-Projection HDTV Ibought an HDMI cable forthe PS3not to long ago at Best Buy for $38.00 +taxs sothought that was not abad priceat all so now canexpirence the best sound and picture that it can put outright nowthe resolution is set at 1080i and knowing the newer TVs go to 1080p, but just glad my TVcan go to 1080i, but will be viewing Heavenly Sword in 720p since that is the highest they went in the resolution of the game and from playing the demo which is displayed in that one it is amazing :)

NOW on to the big one..yes the one I'am egurlywaiting for this very instant and that is Heavenly Sword coming exclusively for the PS3 I started really checking up on this game back in July, but knew about it back when it was show at E3, but I already have this game pre-ordered and will be picking it up the 13th of September since it takes an extra day for Gamestop to get it in, but cool with me just know it is going to be a loooong day at work that very day. Anyways I downloaded the demo the 29th of July and to this day I still play this demo constantly even thought short it is a lot of fun :) and believe it or not Ihave uncovered some new moves almost every-time I go back in to playing it. The main character in Heavenly Sword named Narikois really awesome I think NinjaTheroy did a great job on creating this red-haired herowinbeing lethal with the Heavenly Sword that was bestowed onthe clanshe is apart of to keep save from evil getting their greedy hands on as being stunningly beautiful at the same time ;)From the experience I had with the demo there was really nothing I did not like about it the different sounds in the background the nicely animated characters in the game look amazing!

The same goes for the sharp graphics...ah the look of this game had me in ah for sometime I actually stopped on the cliff where the demo starts you off at after having a conversation with Nariko's younger sister Kai which who is also going to be a playable character in the final game about she is going to get her father back no matter what and to save her clan from the cliches of King Bohan who is the ultimate bad dude in the game and is played by Andy Serkis (staring roles as Kong from King Kong and Galome from LOTR movie franchise) and from what I have seen from the videos located here on GS and thanks to youtube also for some of the video he did an amazing job with this character the motion capturing along with the voice acting as well the same goes for the other characters that are going to be featured in this game have done the same great job on bring them to life. Can not wait for this game to hit store shelves early this September and going this Heavenly adventure with the lovely Nariko and will she be able to stop the sinister King Bohan and his powerful armyfrom taking over the land and bring peace back and since the Heavenly Sword is only met for a Heavenly Warrior and not to be used by any mortal hands it slowly drains the life from your body what is going to happen to Nariko and the situation she has found herself in and what will happen?We shall see when the final game is released :)

Lastly in this blog about Anime I having not gotten any new Anime for some time now do not know why either I see that the series BECK: The Mongolian Chop Squad is now out and I do want to pick up that series the first 2 DVDs are already out the first one being in a nice collectors' AMP case as you seen in my last blog entry and the second DVD comes with a special edition guitar pick so that is still on my "Anime To Get List" you could say, but I will probably not start that series until I finish the 2 that I started awhile back and those are The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series and the Black Lagoon series I have to get one more DVD in both to have them complete and they both are coming out this September Haruhi Suzumiya DVD 3 is notcoming out until September 25th and Black Lagoon DVD 3 not until Sept. 18th so do plan on finishing these series before moving on to BECK.

Another Anime that I was introduced to from a friend at work told me about and that one is My Hime picture on the bottom of this text which I plan on watching here soon it looks pretty cool and the other one which I have already finished that he also told me about which was entitled Asatte no Houkou (A Direction of the Day After Tomorrow) which is the picture on the top of this text which are2 of the main characters in the Anime. If you are fan of the series Fruits Basket which kind of has the same back-story feel then I do recommend checking this series out 13 episodes total.

This is my current Anime Collection had to get a shelf for the collection since I could not fit anymore in the foot stool that I have.

Well I think that is going to do it for this blog hope everyone enjoyed later Game-spotters.

When in bed trying to sleeping, but does Anime keep you awake?

Well today was my first day back to work after my vacation of 9 days and man what a Monday :roll: anyways back to the subject of this blog I was up last night knowing I had to get up Monday morning for work well that Sunday evening around 9pm I was watching theAnime titled"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" which I recently brought the Limited Edition of Vol. 2 at Best BuythatI forgot that it was being released this monthand I have to say the series keeps getting better can't wait for the Limited Edition ofVol. 3 :) well after watching the DVD it was around 10:30pm and that reason being was I watched the extras of the DVD and I thought Episode 003 of The Adventures of the ASOS Brigade was awesome / funny when they interviewed Crispin Freeman the voice of Kyon in the series. Heading to bed I tried to fall asleep and for some reason I could not get theending theme song of the Anime out of my head I tried to think of something else and telling myself that I needed to get to sleep, because I have to get up at 5am tomorrow morning and no matter what I thought of I would find myself singing the theme in my head again :? I was closing my eye tightly and finallyI did fall asleep, but before you know it and this goes to the people that are working or still in school for that matter that you feel like you just fell asleep and you hear that dreadful sound of the alarm going off :| for some reason you never get used to that sound and tell you one thing I was tired Anime why do you haunt me so! -_-..wait.. no reason to blame it on Anime sure it has happened to some people that are really in to Anime (Otakus in a simpler terms) have probably gone through this situation I think? Moving along here is the ending theme song that haunted me last night :P Hare Hare Yukai and the bad thing is that as I'm writing this blogrightnow in the DVD player is the same Anime again -_-' but I think I will bealright and that I have sung that theme enough times last night. I guess that is going to do it for this blog hope everyone liked it. Later Game-spotters.

Oh and here is a picture of the Limited Edition of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol. 2 and I will add that it was well worth it just as whenI purchased the first Edition of Vol. 1

Accent Mummies, Archaeologist, and Modern Day Pirates

Hey everyone well i guess i will start on the whole trip to the mall last weekend and the purchases i have made while i was there mostly the purchase were made at FYE titles including the Indiana Jones complete box set in the set you all three feature lenght films Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade and all presented in 5.1Sourround Sound and boy what a different experience watching them again on the 60" HD out here compared to the old VHS tapes my parents got of the films when they were selling them in MacDonalds of all places were they would have been..lol :Pa long time ago and besides the Temple of Doom tape got caught in the VCR on day and i had to take it out gently and repair the tape, because the VCR also tore the film strip right in half so one part of the movie is messed pretty bad, but no worries now now having them on DVD. So I had to pick them up with these movies beingmade by Steven Spielberg and produced by George Lucas. My favorite out of the three films would have to be The Last Crusade when Doctor Jones goes on the hunt for the Holy Grail plus Sean Connery being Indiana's father thought his acting was really good in this one. Not saying that all three films are really good my second choice with be The Lost Ark and TheTemple of Doomcoming in third.

Plot Desprepsions of each of the three films located in the collection:

Raiders of the Lost Ark (Released in 1981): Renowned archaeologist and expert in the occult, Dr. Indiana Jones, is hired by the U.S. Government to find the Ark of the Covenant, which is believed to still hold the ten commandments. Unfortunately, agents of Hitler are also after the Ark. Indy, and his ex-flame Marion, escape from various close scrapes in a quest that takes them from Nepal to Cairo.

Temple of Doom (Released in 1981):After arriving in India, Indiana Jones is asked by a desperate village to find a mystical stone. He agrees and stumbles upon a secret cult plotting a terrible plan in the catacombs of an ancient palace.

The Last Crusade (Released in 1989): When Dr. Henry Jones Sr. suddenly goes missing while pursuing the Holy Grail, eminent archaeologist Indiana Jones must follow in his Father's footsteps and stop the Nazis.

Along with the three films in the set you also get a Bonus DVD which in the disc includes:

Feature-length documentary: "Indiana Jones: Making the Trilogy"
"The Stunts of Indiana Jones"
"The Sound of Indiana Jones"
"The Music of Indiana Jones"
"The Light and Magic of Indiana Jones"

oh and one more thing beforeI forget there is one unforgetable scene that probably everyone remembers from seeing the Indiana Jones movies and that is this scene from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark when Jones confronts one of the men sent to getthe medallion that shows the way to the Well of Souls thus showing where theArk islocation at...so that being said when Jones does not have time and he settles this match with eas and the way he can heres the clip Indiana Jones Sword Fight

Moving right along down the list on the to next purchase I made and that was The Mummy Complete Collector's Set this was a decent purchase i thought it was not as big as the Indiana Jones set, but it was cool the Set came with all three films of The Mummy those being The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and The Scorpion King and have to say all three i like equally they were pretty good movies

Plot Desprictions of the three movies location inthe set:

The Mummy: Deep in the Egyptian desert, a handful of people searching for a long-lost treasure have just unearthed a 3,000 year old legacy of terror. Combining the thrills of a rousing adventure with the suspense of Universal's legendary 1932 horror "The Mummy."

The Mummy Returns: An ancient legacy of terror is unleashed when the accursed mummy, Imhotep, is resurrected - along with a force even more powerful: The Scorpion King. Now, as the fate of all mankind hangs in the balance, Rick O'Connell and his wife Evie embark on a daring, desperate race to save their son and the world from unspeakable evil.

The Scorpion King: A desert warrior rises up against the evil army that is destroying his homeland. He captures the enemy's key sorcerer, takes her deep into the desert and prepares for a final showdown.

All an all this is a nice collection to pick up if you liked the movies and would like to get them all in a nice boxseton DVDandfor adecent price.

And the last item I purchased from my list and now going to be getting to the good one...yep you guess it Anime! ^_^ my latest purchase that would be going in to my Anime collection is this series called "Black Lagoon" and if you are a fan of Modern Day Pirates or you just like awesome action scenes and heart pounding moments i do recommend checking this series out. The first Vol. 1 has been released in a single disc also in a Limited Edition version which includes Vol. 1 of the series with the first 4 episodes on it and plus+ it comes with a tin case DVD holder with the title written on the front and in the inside it holds all three disc of the series and plus a Bonus DVD which is already in the tin case when purchased.

Plot Descreption: Okajima Rokuro is a Japanese businessman...in a town full of Japanese businessmen. His normal day consists of social drinking with clients and being kicked around by his bosses. He finally gets a break though, as he's sent by his company to the tropical seas of Eastern China to deliver a disc...only his boat gets hijacked by a band of mercenaries that were hired to steal it. "Rock" (as he is newly dubbed by his captors) catches the interest of the only female merc "Revy" as she thinks he's worth a ransom, taking him hostage. However, the disc turns out to be more trouble than its worth, and complicates things both for Rock, and the mercenaries known as Black Lagoon.

After seeing these episodes I'm adding a new favorite character to my list and that is Revey aka "Two Hands" and I'm guessing where she got that name fromwhat i seen of the serieswas when it comes to gun battles and she takes out those two handguns she is not messing around and that you better get out of the way, because she is deadly and the scary thing is when is taking down the enemy she has a evil grin on her face :? but it looks pretty cool and thought it does fit the character :) I plan on finishing this series just as soon as Vol 2 comes out which is not until July 12th...yeah just takes awhile for the DVDs to come out when it comes to Anime -_-, but i can not complain, because i know that it is coming out and i will be buying it once it does still it is all a matter of waiting..*sigh*..waiting..lol.

Well i think that is going to about do it for this blog i hope you liked it. Later Game-spotters.

oh and for future purcheses since we are on the topic about Anime I will mention on what Anime series is coming out next month and thatI plan on getting the first is this series called BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad i watched the subtitled version of this series and it is really good if you like some catchy music and an Anime about band and their ups and downs on becoming famous and making themselves knowI do recommend checking this one out. The Limited Edition Vol 1 AMP box and which isthe one I'm buying inside the box you get Vol 1 plus+ BECK stickers with different writings of the title of the series. Itis hitting stores July 10th. As for last I plan on getting the third Limtied Edition tin case set of Hellsing Ultimate OVA 3, but there is no date for that one yet since the 2nd one just came out not to long ago, but just wanted to mention thatI will be getting that one as well when it hits the shelves :)

Here is what the BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad Vol 1 DVD w / Artbox is going to look like I like the AMP likeness of the box they designed. and as for the stickers that will be coming with the Artbox here is what they look like.

Thought they looked pretty cool and a nice touch for a something extra in the Artbox.

Blog Update

Hey fellow Game-spotters this blog is not going to be big something simple and to the point just wanted to update and say that I will be making another blog entry similar to the one I did in May which is the one below this, but with more events that has happened of course plus+ DVD purchasesI have made (Anime and non-Anime related). I will be or as least plan on making this entry this weekend since I have 9 days off from work ^_^ just thought I would do this update to let everyone know. Later Game-spotters

New Anime, DVD Shelf, plus+ Manga

Hey Gamespotters i noticed that i have not updated my journal in some time and i apologize for that been busy with work ect. Anyways my Anime collection still continues to grow and now it has gotten a little to large for the foot stool that i have them in and with now everytime i would like to get a DVD either it would be a single DVD or a box set i would have to take the top section out and place them on the floor and then grab the DVD/collection and the other DVDs that would be by it would come collapsing down and then i would have to put it all back, so i knew it would time to get something new to whole my Anime collection and this leads me to Wal Mart and i was looking around and i was looking at the DVD shelves that they had there and i was not having any luck seeing that most of the shelves there were to big, but when i thought it was a waste and was not going to find something i came across one that was really nice and had a decent price tag as well which was like $24+ taxs so i could not pass that up and this is what i got just mine it a little smaller in size and has a black coating.

So after i put it together and i took my Anime collection out of the stool and placed them on the shelves and i have to say it does look a lot better and now i can get a DVD/collection without everything falling over so now i have this nice DVD shelve with 4 and half rows filled right now of Anime and Manga. Moving right along ans for what i did today i went to the mall with a friend and got some new Manga and ones that came across there and decided to pick up and check out where Chobits Vol. 1, xxxHolic Vol. 1, and lastly Neon Genesis Evangelion Angelic Days Vol. 1 and right now i just started reading the xxxHolic one and it is as good as i thought it would be and with me liking the Anime when i watched it i knew i needed to check out the Manga as well. Oh and i forgot to mention i got a new series in the mail yesterday for Bestbuy.com and that was the Cowboy Bebop Remix 6 DVDs which they all together came to about $159+ so they would not really cheap. I was going to buy the box set of the series, but FYE was the only site i found that had it for a well i guess you could say for a good price, but the box set was on back order and i did not know when they plan on getting it in shock and i really been wanting to see this series...yeah i know i have not seen all of this series eventhough it was a well known Anime title, but now that i have it now i can watch it all which this will be happening tomorrow and going to being offically be calling that day "Bebop Day" ^_^ did not know when else to call it and that just came in to my mind, so i guess i will be sticking with that..lol here is the what the series looks like of the Cowboy Bebop Remix ones that i bought i'm pretty sure with the Anime fans here on GS know which ones i'm talking about, but going to give a pic just in case if someone would like to see what they look like.


Opening Theme

Ending Theme

And Now For A Taste Of Things To Come To My Anime Collection...

Alrighty well i guess it is time for some new Anime DVDs/collections i plan on getting later down the road and there are only 2 titles at the moment and those 2 titles are Chrono Crusade and the other pretty sure everyone has seen it or have heard of it one time or another and that is FLCL. Ok the first Chrono Crusade i seen the first episode of this series on Youtube.com and it looked pretty good so i did some searching around and i came across the complete thinpak collection at Wal Mart.com for around $70 so i thought that was not a bad price for the thinpak collection so will be picking that one up in the near future here is what the thinpak looks like and the one i shall be getting.

And i might as well post the Opening and Ending themes to this series, because i have to say they are pretty good in my opinion.

1st Opening Theme

1st Ending Theme

Moving right along with the second title of the Anime i plan on getting and that is and know everyone has seen or have heard of and that is FLCL (Furi Kuri) and now here is the story about this one. I already have this series in my collection at the moment, but i got it awhile ago when i was begining my collection i bought it off Ebay.com and it was this one with all 6 episodes of the series on 1 DVD and back then that is whats all i could find then and just went and got it, but this one i'm looking at and now the one i would like to get and replace the 1 DVD with the 6 episodes on it. This one comes in a nice box that the top comes off and inside you get a fold out DVD case with all 3 DVDs inside 2 episodes per disc and plus an extra disc with i think it has 4 music videos (not sure on the number of vids on the disc) perfomed by the band called The Pillows and you also get some stickers of the title of the Anime written in different fronts and now the last thing you get with this collection which i forgot to say the title of this bix set sorry about that its called Fooly Cooly: The Ultimate Edition DVD Collection. So here is the pic and this will also be making its way in my collection as well as for the one i have of this series on 1 DVD i will probably be selling it and if not that just just going to keep it. here is what the collection looks like


Ending Theme

Well i guess that is going to do it for this update i hope you liked it. See you later Gamespotters.


The Anime Crave grows strong and plus+ a new game

Hey fellow Gamespot users just thought it was time for another blog so here it goes. I recently bought some more Anime...yeah i know when being an Otaku once you have a job and are earning some money the Anime Crave takes over you can get all the Anime you can want that is at a limit of course, but holding back is hard and probably almost every Anime Fan has gone through that kind of situation :P Well anyways the Anime that i bought are Genshiken The Economy Collection 3-disc set got it at Best Buy for $39.96 thats was with tax added so that was not a bad price for a collection almost $40 even. The other collection that i bought was a little more expensive got it also from Best Buy it came to $107.78 somewhere around there its the Chobits Thinpak Complete Preimum 7-disc Collection. Anyways i first watched Chobits when it was uploded on Youtube.com and after completing the first episode i knew that i much buy this series..lol ^_^ thought it had a pretty good storyline along with characters where well made for the series and some of the parts were funny and are hard to forget..lol well after finishing the series i was pleased and actually went back and watched some of the episodes over again and still i laughed. Well moving on to the other collection which the collection arrived in the mail 2 days ago The Genshiken Economy Collection and in my opinion every Anime Fan should pick this box set up or at least check it out, because it is all about Otakus and what the many different kinds are like the characters are unforgetable and it has very interesting story behide this Anime and this is where the PS2 game comes in that i bought today off the net, which is called Gulity Gear Isuka one of the characters in the Anime is playing this in of the tournments that he enters in school and i thought it looked like a pretty cool game so i had to order it and the price was decent can't complain it came to $23.00 so i should be getting that in mail soon along with the Chobits Primum Collection. Well that is pretty much it for the Anime, but i will give a little more detail on the Animes i bought so if you are interested in checking them out. Oh before i move with that i have a question for the Anime Fans out there my friend from work wants me to check out this Anime called Fruits Basket i have heard of the Anime before don't get me wrong on that just have never gotten around to checking it out so was just wondering how the over all story is and is it worth on buying the collection? Alrighty now on with the details on the Animes i have bought. Enjoy! ^_^

Plot Description:

It is Sasahara's first day of college and a fateful choice awaits him - which college clubs will he chose to join? But Sasahara is no ordinary young man; a dark secret lurks within his soul. For one thing, he knows what "Cosplay" is, and he'd like to know more. He knows how to unlock all the secret characters in "Guilty Gear X", and he'd like to know more. He knows what the plot twist is in episode twenty-five of "Kujibiki Unbalance" because he's read the manga, and he'd like to know more. He's heard of Doujinshi, and he needs to know more. Enter Genshiken, the barely legitimized Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, home to all subspecies of Otaku!

Here is the opening intro to the Anime Genshiken Opening

Here is the outro of Genshiken Credits.

As for this intro it is the Anime that the Club watches at there meetings called Kujibiki Unblananced which some of the full episodes are in the collection located in the extras of the DVDs Opening.

Moving on here is Chobits

Plot Desception:

A country boy from Hokkaido, Hideki arrives in the big city (Tokyo) to go to college. Instantly, he is shocked and amazed by the variety and prevalence of Persocoms: personal computers designed to look and act like animals or even people! Too poor to afford one of his own, Hideki is overjoyed to discover a discarded Persocom in a trash heap. However, this gift of fate turns into a mystery as his Persocom, Chi, appears to be able to operate without her OS... How real is real?

Opening Credits to Chobits Opening.

Ending Credits to Chobits (There are 3 outros to this series) this is the 1st one Credits.

And there you have it my friends ^_^ hope you enjoyed and are thinking about checking the Animes that i have listed thats if you have not seen these series already that is.

And lastly here is the PS2 game i have bought i believe this came out in 2004 here in the States.

 In-game deception:

Guilty Gear Isuka is a revolutionary step forward in the popular 2D fighting series. Set in the 22nd century, the game delves deeper into the Guilty Gear universe, where a sustainable energy dubbed "Magic," expected to eradicate polluting and conflict-inducing technologies, is instead used to create terrible biological weapons called "Gears."
Guilty Gear Isuka is a revolutionary step forward in the popular 2D fighting series. Set in the 22nd century, the game delves deeper into the Guilty Gear universe, where a sustainable energy dubbed "Magic," expected to eradicate polluting and conflict-inducing technologies, is instead used to create terrible biological weapons called "Gears."

Opening sequence to the game Opening.

Well i have to say this is the longest and most detailed blog post i have done since i have been a member of GS..lol hope you liked it. Later Gamespotters


God of War II this Tuesday

Hey fellow members of Gamespot hows everyone doing? I hope well as for me i'm doing fine nothing much happening here just been working, watching Anime, and playing video games nothing really big. Anyways time to get on track and write about what this blog is going to be about as you can see in the title of this blog God of War II oh yes ladies and gentlemen with the upcoming squeal to the most intense action game to hit the PS2 God of War. God of War II has Kratos coming back for more from what has been seen so far is seems its going to have more intense action and now that Kratos is this new God of War after defeating Ares in order for the Gods to release him from his nightmares and in his new journey he has fell upon now traveling to the ends of the earth it should be awesome! 8)

When God of War 2 hits stores this Tuesday plan on going to Wal Mart after work to pick it up and we shall see what new enemies and obstacles await Kratos on his new journey and can he survive to the end.

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