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@SolidTy: I'm not letting hype sway anything, hype is merely a comparison. I bought The Last of Us because everyone says it is the greatest game ever. I got Uncharted because many great things have been said about the series. I personally had some issues with both for my own reasons. The only thing I can say is Playstation fans really do like to blow the praise out of their ass, that is merely my view.

Again my review of The Last of Us covered most of the game from the gameplay mechanics to the story. The hype was merely a starting point. You can't play a game like The Last of Us and not hear any of the hype. People call it a master piece. It sure isn't that. It was a good story. I was pointing out that everyone said it was fantastic and yet it had many issues. Issues which I pointed out in their own right.

Why should I overlook those issues simply because everyone else can? I am critical of every game I play whether it is hyped or not. I went out and bought Skyrim day one because of how much I loved Oblivion and was totally disappointed. Not because of the hype because this was before the hype even started it was because I didn't like it for my own reasons. You can have a look at that review as well if you like.

It might be true that playing catch up may have ruined my experience of the games. It is highly possible. But I will never buy both consoles, and as far as I'm concerned a good game stands the test of time. I played Half Life for the first time this year and loved it. I play Uncharted after it has only came out in 2007 and I don't like it. Maybe they should make better games instead? It would only be the same with Gears or something on Xbox's side. I don't even want to replay Gears any more and I loved that the first time I played it. A bad game is a bad game.

@soethi6: Yeah that is what I mean. What I think I will do is have a break and play something else. I've wanted to play Beyond Two Souls for a while so will probably get that next and then later I'll have a crack at the second game and see what I think. Otherwise the negative views I have for the first one might ruin my experience in the second and that would be a shame. I know what to expect more as well so it won't be as hard a pill to swallow as well. I'll just think of it as a Gears spin off and go from there, haha.

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I think I'll give the series a rest then in this case. I went in blind as I do most games since I don't see the point in knowing too much about a game before I go in and it wasn't my cup of tea. I just felt at first glance it was going to be different to what it is. Oh well, plenty of other Playstation Exclusives to get through still thanks again.

@ristactionjakso I love Rogue Legacy. I've gotten through most of NG+ so far but I'm a bit burned out on it at the moment so having a break. Thanks for the input, God of War is on my list but I can only play one at a time. I only got a PS3 last month and I've played The Last of Us and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune so far.

One thing I can say is I have realised Playstation fans really do spout a load of drivel about their games. The Last of Us has been shown as a masterpiece and yet while the story was great most of the game in general was really underwhelming to me, some gameplay elements really ripped me out of the immersion. Having played two Naughty Dog games now one thing I can say is they really need to work on their combat mechanics.

Landing headshots from seven hundred feet away with a handgun is ridiculous, missing one from point blank range is also stupid. There just needs to be something in the middle. Frustrating in both cases, not precise enough to be skilful and not imprecise enough to give you a sense of realism.

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@marcheegsr: Yeah I played Black Flag. I found the general chests to be of the standard tedious Ubisoft style but the treasure you found where you actually needed to search for it using the x marks the spot sketches were really fun.

Like this is supposed to be Nathan Drake the treasure hunter but for the entire game so far (which I'm at about half way I think) all I've done is run away from enemies on this island by gunning my way through them. I thought it was going to be different to what it is. I sure wasn't expecting it to be so tedious considering how much hype the series has received.

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@miguelv2002: I'd say no. There is currently no form of official 4K video. Sure youtube has a few, but there are no disk formats with 4K so no movies, not a single channel that I know of on my provider in 4K. PS4 is not in 4K for anything at the moment even though 4K video is supposed to be supported for the future.

Right now I see no real reason to even own a 4K TV, even if the price is becoming more reasonable. I'd say save some money and buy the HD TV, the price of 4K will drop and drop every year so you will likely spend less in the long run if you decide to buy a 4K TV in future when there is actually something to watch on it.

The key for me with TV is not to buy the biggest TV possible, it is to buy the smallest TV feasible. Sure most people could probably cram a 100 inch HD TV in their living room but HD at 100 inches from six feet away will look terrible. HD on a 40 inch from six feet away on the other hand looks fantastic.

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I am currently playing through some PS3 exclusives and I have just started Uncharted - Drake's Fortune and well I'm not really enjoying it.

I thought it was going to be about treasure hunting but so far all I've done is kill hundreds and hundreds of men while lurching from one cut scene to another. More like a mass murder simulator than anything.

Do you think it would be worth me going on to the second and third game in this case? Do they do things differently and improve on the first or is it a matter of I don't like the first so the second and third probably won't be my thing either?

It is just I don't want to waste money on them when I could be playing something else. Any input would be appreciated.

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@YoshiYogurt: No. Backwards compatibility is a minor advantage at best. I have plenty of Xbox Original games like Halo 1 and 2 and Fable but I haven't played them in about five years.

Backwards compatibility is best used NOW when there aren't that many games out on the new system, once Destiny comes out for me or a game other peoplewant to play no one is going to miss PS3 games.

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Yeah I do personally. I think the story is great and the combat has a good weight to it but some of the other aspects of the game really annoyed me.

Too many bugs that ripped me out of the immersion, like Joel's flashlight shining straight through his body when using the leg up animation or his magic backpack with enough weapons in it to storm an embassy.

The stupid wave attacks that happen throughout the game. You bust your ass sneaking through endless amounts of clickers and runners only to have the game force you into combat while one of your companions opens a door.

The same companions who seem to want to sprint around you at full speed often running straight into a runner while you are trying to sneak through an area. All you can hear is their damn footsteps thudding all around you when trying to listen to enemies.

The fact the only really charismatic character in the game died in the prologue.

Platforming and navigation that a toddler could have worked out and WAY too many cut scenes.

I wasn't pulled into the game all that much if I'm honest. I find it very hard people can overlook these clear problems with a game and call it a masterpiece.

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I was bored of the same old FPS crap TILL I played Destiny. Now I remember why I used to like them so much.

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Have fun!

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A while back some guy (who's name I cannot remember) said he was at a Microsoft meeting or something and he said that Microsoft mentioned some plans that blew his mind, yet he couldn't talk about them.

I'm pretty sure it was somewhere in the limbo between the reveals and the console launches.

I'm sure one of his comments was something like "Wow that is awesome you should tell people about this.". Anyone remember that article?

I was just wondering whether we ever got any follow up on that and what it was he was actually talking about.