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@yukushi: I disagree. This one incident caused by a bunch of terrorists doesn't prove anything. Online games are great. There are downsides but there are also downsides to be isolated in your game and only able to play it when someone is sat next to you. Not everyone including me has the capacity or friends to invite over. That ended when I left school. People now have jobs and families they can't come around to my house for a few hours and play games. Being able to jump into each other's game over the internet is one of the advantages of the modern world.

Saying it is a bad thing just because it sometimes goes wrong is like saying that there is no point giving people heart valve replacements or prosthetic hips because they need replacing every ten years. Just totally and utterly beside the point of having it in the first place.

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@MondasM: No sorry I figured it out. I was going to post but it wouldn't let me (in my own damn thread no less!), anyway. It is a graphical effect called Chromatic Aberration. It is an artefact caused by lenses in photography and in photography is something artists REMOVE because it is not desirable to have a split double blurry image in your photographs. Yet in this game they decided to add it on purpose instead and make the game ugly as all hell.

Luckily it seems for the first time ever they have actually added an option to the console versions where you can remove this monstrosity of an effect. I have now tried it and it looks infinitely better than it did.

Thanks for you input anyway appreciate the help.

@GTR12: Erm I'm sorry but having peripheral vision and having blurry double red/blue image are two different things. If your peripheral vision looks anything like in this game you should go seek medical attention.

Games are not supposed to have peripheral vision. I don't know if it escaped your notice but the "peripheral" vision is right next to the user interface which you don't look at out of the sides of your eyes. You look at them properly by flicking your eyes back and force periodically glancing at them. It doesn't add any effect other than looking ugly as hell.

The developers must have known this was a mistake in fact because since posting this I've worked out what it is and found out that there is a setting in the game to turn it off on the PS4 version no less, which wasn't there several days ago, so they must have added it in the latest update.

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@Articuno76: Here's another one this time I took a share screen shot and then took some pictures of the problems using my camera to contrast what I'm seeing to what the screenshots show:

This is a screen shot of an open area. There are four problem areas, the torch sconce on the right, the torch sconce to the left on the wall, the floor slab next to the health bar and the mountains in the top left.

Now contrast these areas with these images:

This is the sort of crap I'm seeing out of the corner of my eye all the time.
Notice there is a blue line around the edges of this one as well.
This one is a very good example of how distracting this is!
Now that is just straight up ugly!

ANY idea of what is going on and how I can fix this? It is really annoying.

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@bcage777: Yeah I've just done that. It does show but it isn't half as bad as on my TV. Have a look.

Look at the branches on the tree. Blurry and horrible. Can also see a slight red line around the edges.
The torch sconce on the right hand edge. Looks blurry.
The same torch sconce centred on the screen is nice and smooth.
This one isn't so bad here but in the game I could see a clear red line on the crack running down the edge of the door frame.

Again look at the tree branches and the guy in the cage they just aren't as clear as they should be also the pole sticking out of the cage has a clear red line running along its edge on my TV screen which you can kind of see here.

They look a lot worse on my TV. Maybe it is just that it is 42 inches and I am sitting reasonably close to it? Emphasising the blurr effects around the edges?

I would give you some from Destiny but I've deleted the game and it would take me about an hour to re-download all of the character data.

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@speedfreak48t5p: Burnout and Need for Speed are both EA who I boycotted a long time ago. I won't touch another EA game for a long time. I was half tempted to go Need for Speed Rivals but I won't give EA money till they sort their sh*t out. I am even cut up by the Dragon Age: Inquisition because I really like RPGs but I won't pay money to EA, so even that I'll buy second hand next year when the price has dropped. Test Drive I would but I'm trying to move next gen now. I have some games on my list for back catalogue on Xbox 360 and PS3 but Test Drive isn't one of them.

@Jacanuk: I don't dislike arcade racers but they can be a little annoying to me sometimes. I've played a LOT of simulators in the form of Forza over the last several years so it can be a bit of a shock. Though, Forza Horizon and Need for Speed have always been fine for me. Grid 1 and 2 are one of the few arcade racers that I literally could not stand because the handling was simply too stupid to put into words. From what I've seen The Crew seems closer to Need for Speed than Grid though so I'll probably give it a go.

@jasonredemption: Hey yeah I'm not a graphics whore at all, I grew up in the PS1 days and still play some good old PS1 games now. Even have my original PS1 plugged into my 42inch LED TV and play it quite often. So no graphics aren't an issue for me. In fact I kind of understand, The Crew is EASILY the biggest racing game to date and possibly the biggest none MMO game ever created. I think it is laughable to expect that sort of scale and graphics like a CGI movie at the same time. Just look at Skyrim it was huge and overall the graphics were a lot lower than the 360/PS3 standard at the time BECAUSE of its size.

Well "pour tonnes of hours to get anywhere" it kind of depends on where I'm going and why. I'm not someone who likes to fast travel in racing games because why the hell wouldn't you want to drive in a racing game? That is the entire point. I get that it takes a good hour to get from one coast to the other. Which means I guess a bit of planning will have to be used and not just me driving from coast to coast aimlessly wasting time.

Handling in games has always been an issue for me. I played a lot of simulation games and when you go from "as precise as technology can provide" to "as functional as arcade racing devs can get away with" it is kind of jarring. That being said games like Need for Speed and Forza Horizon were fine for me. Games like Grid where your car is fishtailing all over the track and it feels like you are turning on tracks like a scalextric car it angers me a LOT. I really hated Grid 1 and 2, like they just infuriated me with how unrealistic the turning was in that game. I did get used to it but after a simulator like Forza 3 and 4 both of which I poured about 100 hours into it was a shock to change.

The odd physics hiccup or some dodgy AI I can probably ignore for the most part. We'll see I'm probably going to go for it and see for myself. Overall the general consensus does seem to be kind of half arsed points like the graphics and some dodgy AI. I think people are overlooking the fun in these games. I'll decide for myself. Besides I really do want a racing game to tide me over till Project Cars comes out.

Thanks for your input.

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I say yes. There were many issues I had with the game.

Ellie's swearing was really annoying for example.

Joel's flashlight shining straight through his body during the leg up animations of which there were way way too many.

The game forcing you into stupid wave attacks just after you have sneaked past a huge mob of runners rendering your efforts totally irrelevant.

The fact the only charismatic character died in the Prologue, Joel with the emotional depth of a puddle, Ellie as stubborn as a mule, Joel's brother being a borderline asshole and Tess being a straight up bitch.

The fact the entire game you have Joel's damn backpack with you with enough weapons to shoot up an embassy and supplies to support a small army. I thought in the last mission they would change up the style a bit where you would have to sneak through the hospital and find Ellie....nope you conveniently find that someone has placed your backpack on a counter just outside the room you were being held in with all of the many many weapons still there.

Just another mindless shooter for the most part. If it wasn't for the atmosphere and the decent story it would have been a massive disappointment to me.

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I have noticed this in Destiny and Lords of the Fallen now. It is really god damn annoying. It makes my eyes hurt but I can't work out whether it is my TV or whether it is supposed to be like that.

It isn't a massive split but if you look closely at the edges of the screen there is a clear double image around the user interface and around certain objects in the game, at the top and edges of the screen.

I mean there is no double image when I'm watching TV or when I'm at the user interface for my PS4 or in games for any of my other consoles.

I thought it was like a new graphics effect or something at first but I can't see anything about it online.

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I've just found a very reasonable price (approx' half price) for The Crew.

I wanted to try it since Project Cars is delayed but is it really worth it? The reviews overall are polarising but overall more negative.

What do you think?

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I used to because it was a means to an end of getting a bit more cash. Now I am older and I actually have some money the small amount of money trade ins give is normally not worth losing some great older games.

When I fancy another play through Halo 1 to 4 I can do it with my white backwards compatible Xbox 360 that I still own.

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@RossRichard: I only kill innocents when they are walking on the pavement where I just happened to be driving.