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@High-Res: Yes the console market needs time to acclimatise to them but once they have I bet they work just as well as Steam ever has, but it just needs the right pricing to make it happen.

Also you don't own your games? I don't tend to lend my physical copies to people, but other than that I've never had a game on Steam that was simply removed, or changed or taken from me, where my ownership of it felt abused. Not once. Plus it only takes Microsoft or Sony to change the no trading policy. Just because Steam hasn't doesn't mean Microsoft or Sony won't.

Sure at the end of the life cycle of Steam there might be issues with ownership but how do you know they won't waive the digital rights at that point? Or it would be up to the developers to decide if you get to keep your game. Say all of the games you have bought you now own? It could happen, I'm sure if everyone rallied together it would happen. You can't base you choices now on something that is years away at this stage and has never happened before.

@spike6958: The Xbox One was never going to be all digital. When it was released we had the sense that Microsoft wanted to go in that direction but if they released a console that was all digital now they wouldn't have even sold as many as they have.

Well if you think about it, you said you don't replay that many games, so what does it matter if the consoles are backwards compatible or not? I mean backwards compatibility is nice when there is nothing to play on the new consoles but when the games start coming out playing old games isn't going to be at the top of people's list.

Honestly if console gamers were given the same benefits as the PC people have terms of price and sales even with the differences from PC. I bet the number of people who went all digital just for the convenience it brings of being able to buy a game and start downloading it immediately and then not needing to swap disks and things between games, will be significant.

Hell the PC crowd all said the same thing about physical copies and look at them now. Most game stores don't even stock PC games any more. Or at least the ones near me have stopped doing so.

@wiouds: Unless Valve want to be seen as the villain of gaming for the rest of time, they aren't going to do that. Digital rights are nothing more than software and fluff, it can be taken away as easily as it is enforced. It might be the developers job to let us have the rights to our games when Steam goes away, but no one can predict that future. Sure not worth basing your decisions on it now when it is so far away.

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@High-Res: Yeah I mean Steam hasn't worked at all has it?

@spike6958: My issue with that is it is actually cheaper in the long run to buy games. Renting digital games like Netflix means if I want to replay a game in the future I need to make sure I'm still subscribed, which means the amount I've spent ticks up and up every month, which means over a long time the cost of the monthly membership actually costs more. If I want to play one of my Steam games now, all I have to do is download it and it doesn't cost me anything for as long as Steam is a thing.

Look at it like this. I buy 3 games a year only in sales for £5 each, that means after 5 years I've spent £75. Five years for lets say £6 a month is 6 * 12 * 5 = £360. You'd have to play a LOT of games to make it worth it. And with the cost of games if it is only £6 a month I would be very surprised.

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If we ignore the problems some people could have with download speeds and game sizes, what PRICE would be right for you to go all digital?

I know for me if the games were even £/$5 under the cost of a physical copy I'd never buy a disk again. Even with my piddly 5MB broadband I could download a game faster than a physical copy could be posted from Amazon or whatever.

Obviously I COULD go out and buy one in person but that takes effort, haha.

The other issue with digital is the games never seem to drop in price very quickly on console. There are games on Xbox Live and PSN right now that are several years old and still sitting around the £20 - 30 mark. That is ridiculous.

Cheap(ER) price for digital and a reasonable depreciation and I'd be all over it. How about anyone else?

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I know when you download or install Doom now, the mouse doesn't work. But is that because the mouse function simply isn't compatible with newer systems or is it because the game never used mouse to start with?

It is just I'm kind of OCD about playing games in their purest form. As they were designed by the developer. It is why I'm not mental about mods and I think Skyrim is boring as a result. A game that is only good by changing everything with mods isn't a good game. In that case it is the mods that are good. The developer might as well just give us a map with nothing in it and let the modders do everything for them.

Anyway rant over. DOOM!

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@BattleSpectre: Exactly. That is all I was saying. All I said was the Kinect microphone isn't studio quality. Which is the truth. At no point did I say it was BAD quality. The point is if they wanted to they could easily release a cheap microphone, that works just as well as the Kinect one. On price alone. I don't care about marketing and that crap.

Let me put it another way if the Kinect WAS designed and had an unbelievable microphone on it. That was top quality and really pushing the boat out in sound pickup, it would cost a lot. The fact is it isn't a top of the range microphone so it isn't that expensive.

Majority NOW. But of the gaming population in total the majority of them wouldn't buy a Kinect given the choice. Just look at how crap the sales on the first Kinect were compared to how many people owned the console.

Why do you think the sales on Xbox One are lower overall than the PS4 right now? Because people don't want to pay $100 more for a Kinect they don't actually want. Most people talk about the Xbox One being more expensive. The Xbox One is the same price overall than the PS4, but you pay $100 more for the Kinect. A Kinect people don't want which means for most people the Xbox One is $100 overpriced.

Obviously the people who already bought it will use the Kinect. They probably bought the Xbox One BECAUSE of the Kinect. And who wouldn't use something they have paid money for? But those who didn't like Kinect bought a PS4 instead. The PS4 is ahead in sales. The price and Kinect are one of the biggest culprits for that.

But now the Kinect has been unbundled most people will ignore the Kinect again.

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@BattleSpectre: I never said there was a problem with the Kinect microphone but it isn't going to make a radio DJ jealous any time soon either is it?

Well, now Kinect has been removed chances are most people won't even touch the Kinect again, otherwise why would they have removed it in the first place? I for one won't be but I would happily buy a mic like I've mentioned to navigate the menus with. If I bought a Kinect I'd never buy any games for it probably because I don't like casual games and I don't use Skype. The only real thing I would use it for was navigating the system.

The feasibility of the microphone in terms of marketing wasn't why I posted this. I posted to hear what people thought about it as an idea. I never thought it would become a thing I just wanted to discuss it. Like if it was an option would you buy it sort of thing.

People who like Kinect will still buy it but that is a minority of the Xbox population, which is why it has had so much hate to start with. Hell some major 360 fans have actually gone over to PS4 this generation BECAUSE of the Kinect (and other stuff obviously).

Releasing a cheap microphone is somewhere in the middle ground.

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@BattleSpectre: Yeah I don't buy stuff second hand anymore. I've been burned by broken tat way too many times. Especially for electronics which are questionable in reliability when you buy them new.

A brand new Kinect will be reasonably expensive for what it is. A microphone won't have to be massively expensive. The Kinect's microphone is hardly studio quality is it?

I mean if you buy a pair of quality headphones, like a pair of Turtle Beach's or some other set with a microphone on, the mic is pretty crystal in quality, while obviously designed to be right next to your mouth. But out of the £50 - 100 you spend you probably only spend a quarter of that on the actual Microphone.

I'll happily buy something that I can clip onto my TV for navigating if it was £10 - 20. Clips onto your TV and offers all of the stuff the Xbox One had that was actually like a new next gen feature and which will likely be hidden at the side of your screen.

Hell I'm not even that fussed if it was Microsoft who do it, I just think having the voice commands without the Kinect making it overly expensive is a great idea.

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@BattleSpectre: A Kinect is worth near $100 (hence why the Xbox One was $100 more expensive to start with and why it has dropped $100 since in the unbundled pack), if they sell it for much less than that I'll be shocked. A mic can be less than that since it doesn't need the camera on it.

Not to mention I don't want a Kinect. They are ugly, kind of pointless and over priced for what they do. Just having a microphone though means you can still use voice controls but it is cheaper and you don't need the ugly box near your TV.

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I kind of felt the voice controls on Xbox One were a great idea. It was the main reason I was kind of anticipating getting a Kinect and giving it a whirl.

It might not be massively accurate for many people right now but that can come in time, with data collection from the consoles. I would happily buy a £10 - 20 ($15 - 25) microphone that I could set up on my TV and use that to navigate with. It might even be better quality than the Kinect microphone.

Anyone want this to happen or am I on my own here?

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I will likely not get anything this month for exam reasons and me not wanting to fail said exams but once they are over, I'll definitely be looking into Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein.

I have just got a PS3 for the first time as well so I'm going to have a look through some of the exclusives on there. Playing through The Last of Us right now. So Killzones, God of Wars, Uncharted, Ni No Kuni, Gran Turismo, Demon Souls.

I got some Final Fantasies on Vita and a bunch of older PC games which shouldn't take too long. I recon that should get me through till about September including any games I pick up in the Steam sales which is basically inevitable.

Then later this year I'll be getting either a PS4 or Xbox One depending on what games they announce at E3 and if anything ground breaking gets announced.

Probably my last summer in formal education so I'm going to savour it while it lasts!