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It won't be if they don't stop announcing everything before the show is even on.

They do it every god damn year! They say they are going to announce loads of new games/IPs and by the time E3 comes along everything worth being excited for has been leaked anyway.

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@dylandr:The amount of none bullshit is so small it is unmeasurable.

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@dylandr: Yeah chewing with mouth open is one of mine as well.

I also hate it when people use the word "of" when typing instead of "have". Like I understand that may be how you say it because of your accent but FUCK ME no one can be dumb enough to get the word you are saying wrong.

I mean at least writing write, right, Wright, there, they're, their is kind of understandable in some ways because they are basically the same words spelled differently and spoken the same with different in meanings (English is actually a hard language to learn for that reason) but for native English speakers? Their There is no excuse.

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I find it impossible to choose so I used some random gut instinct logic. I mean their manifestos are all lies, so anyone who pours over them to vote with is mentally damaged if you ask me.

The only three PMs I remember are Tony Blair who was a straight asshole, Gordon Brown who was a bumbling idiot and David Cameron who is a posh prick. Of the big two to give them their dues Conservatives arrived in government last time around the same time the economy had gone totally tits up. And to be fair we are still here. We are still doing pretty well overall considering. We are doing better than some places in Europe anyway.

Whatever they were doing it seems to be allowing us to tick along pretty well, so I voted Conservative. Ed Milliband sure doesn't fill me with much confidence when I look at him anyway.

Then of the other parties, UKIP are borderline racists (some are not even borderline looking at their twitter comments), Greens talk a good fight when talking about the environment but they suck at everything else (environment is important but not the only thing of importance) and then the rest who's name I can't even remember.

Conservatives were my preferred choice from a long list of kind of crappy choices.

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@thehig1: He can win every round if he wants, he is an arrogant douchebag who was booed in his home town and country because of how much of a cunt he is.

He can go his entire career without a loss, he is and always will be nothing but a loser. His only purpose is his bank account.

I mean he compared himself to Ali. Who compares themselves to the greatest boxers of all time? Let alone makes the comparison themselves unless they are a massive narcissist?

No one is good enough to have his level of arrogance. If at the end of his career he is so good people actually agree that he is in fact one of the greatest boxers of all time then that is awesome but by making that comparison for himself he has basically settled his own fate.

He will be one of the greatest boxers ever but everyone will still hate him for the arrogant scumbag he is. More so if those woman beating comments are true.

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@sailor232: He proved he has a good defence. But as a showman he f*cking sucks.

Not to mention in points Mayweather wasn't actually that far ahead. There were about ten points in it overall and the only reason for that was because he was more consistent.

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@angeldeb82: I actually forgot she was pregnant. I love it how most of the world is like "Yay, royal baby" and the Brits are like "Hey you ready for the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight?"

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Got it on pay per view this morning (4am for us).

I was rooting for Pacqiaou because he is at least a nice guy. Mayweather is repulsive. I was sat watching a promo two days ago. I don't follow the sport and I didn't really know much about him at all at that point. Within ten seconds I hated his arrogant ass.

I wouldn't mind but Mayweather is also one of the dullest boxers I've ever seen. I was actually bored for most of it watching him. He's all defence and counter. Was kind of disappointed after all that build up.

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@Seabas989: He knows how to play the game but my god he is boring to watch. I wouldn't mind so much if he wasn't so repulsive and arrogant with it.

I mean all that build up just to watch him hiding against the ropes for most of it.

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@jcrame10: Time stops being a concept after Witcher 3 is released.