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The website is just showing text in Chrome. On Internet explorer it seems to be working okay but Chrome is just showing plain text and some buttons.

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@xantufrog: Dragon Age: Origins. When people talk about it you'd think it was the second coming. Yet when I play it all I do is get frustrated with the D&D combat system and useless clunky tactics interface. For an RPG that has a lot of combat in it, I got either frustrated and didn't want to play or I dropped the difficulty and got bored and didn't want to play. The world and characters are awesome. I just can't stand the combat.

Much the same with Dragon's Dogma to be honest. The combat I get is massive and hectic and awesome but everything else is so terribly done. I was wanting to call it quits before I'd even got to the second village place. The interface and maps and mission finding is just horrible. An RPG for me should be you running around interacting with NPCs and collecting side missions. interesting side missions. I don't know if there are many side missions in Dragon's Dogma but for a starting area of a supposedly awesome RPG there wasn't much in terms of missions. You know the simple tutorial style fetch quests that let you get used to the controls and way things work? Nothing, just some dreary teleporting dude that stands there spouting some crap to you.

Hitman Absolution. I am way too anal about stealth for it to be fun. I literally have a zero tolerance for failure in stealth games, which is bad because you are always going to fail at some point. Always. Which means when I do I just feel like I'm doing something wrong and it annoys me. Also Hitman Absolution does too much of the mission scoring. I hate it when I get graded for my efforts. Makes me feel like I'm sitting an exam. Where they want me to play in a very specific fashion. It is why I like RPGs. I like to take on whatever role I fancy and run with it. Changing it up as I go if I so wish. Stealth games make me conform way too much.

I would like to see the end of the classic DOOM games as well. Can clear the first chapter but as soon as I step into Hell, I start to feel like I'm IN HELL. Starts to become more about running through and knowing where stuff is than anything else, which again goes against my play style and I lose motivation for it.

I didn't complete Skyrim. I thought the game was great, in traditional Elder Scrolls style but the world and the NPCs were so dreary and monotone! I just lost all motivation. None of the guilds were entertaining. I am also a hoarder as well which when coupled with the shop keepers lack of cash means I have to sit there and use the wait button six times to sell everything I have, which I don't know if you ever noticed is where a LOT of Skyrim's bugs are found. Try to sell some armour to the blacksmith in Whiterun and she will bug out every single time you wait and not show up. This is unlike in Obvlivion where the shop keepers had unlimited cash but they would only buy items of a certain value meaning you could still sell most of your stuff when you went in. Some of the soul of Oblivion was lost in Skyrim. None of the NPCs ever had any enthusiasm or charisma. Was like speaking to a simpleton in every sentence. The best mission was that Daedric Prince where you do the drinking contest with the dude in the inn. And wouldn't you know it the damn game bugged out and instead of seeing the Daedric Prince with his awesome red face, he was stood in complete darkness and I only knew he was Daedric because of what he was saying. I confirmed it after the fact by going on the internet. WAY too many things ripped me out of Skyrim. Didn't really get on with it at all.

Other than that I've never really had a game I outright refused to complete or just stopped playing. I tend to be quite picky with the games I buy in the first place which means I tend to buy what I like. Plus games are short and piss easy these days meaning you have to try pretty hard not to finish a game.

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@themightosaurus: There are some features which are jarring. Such as having keys take up a slot in your inventory. Such things wouldn't stick these days and rightly so when a keyring and a belt would do just fine. Only having six to eight slots in your inventory and having to run back and forth to and from the storage containers is annoying as well. Kind of relevant though. Imagine if you could have every items you owned right there in your inventory? You could clear the entire mansion of crimson heads and solve every puzzle in a matter of an hour.

There are plenty of things that don't translate well and that is clear because those features have all but disappeared from gaming these days. What it does well though, is being really difficult. Having awesome puzzles and item finding that actually require you to think about the game and explore, those are the things that have disappeared from gaming in a bad way if you ask me. I have my work cut out for me at the moment and I am only on easy. When I finish no doubt I will be tired and will have worked hard to get there and it will feel glorious when I do. THAT IS THE POINT.

Modern games are too easy. There is no sense of accomplishment when you finish you just feel like you finished a series of instructions. Nothing more. I've not felt genuinely pleased about finishing a game since I played Dark Souls I. Games are either cheap and have broken difficulty sliders. For example Skyrim, where the enemies on legendary are such damage sponges you need to know where all of the best enchantments are before you even start the game. Or there is no difficulty.

I think the best game I've played that got the difficulty just right was Wolfenstein: The New Order. Playing on Uber was much like playing on easy, except if you didn't take care and shoot straight you could be overwhelmed easily. The enemies still had the same health it is just your character had less health meaning you had to look for cover and use the lean mechanism to survive. Something that was totally removed from games like COD MW where if you didn't run through certain parts the lack of cover meant you would die in less than a second and the entire thing descended into cheapness when you put the difficulty on Veteran.

It is time developers started focussing on the little things if you ask me. Broken difficulty and immersion breaking crap should not be tolerated any more.

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@mikehockbourns: Well mine was louder than I was expecting it to be. Definitely comes from the disk drive though because it starts when the console starts and goes off after a short time. I'm hoping it isn't a problem such as the disk drive being out of balance or something because my console's life is limited if it is.

No where near as loud as my Xbox 360 though. Fired the old girl up yesterday and I can't believe I sat through that din for so many years.

Also it doesn't appear to be the base out of line problem people had where one of the rubber feet was causing a vibration on the console because it doesn't go away when you press on the corners. So mine is definitely internal.

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@kingdad85: Honestly this is an impossible choice unless you are a fanboy.

I had the same issue and I simply got sick of trying to pick and choose over meaningless stuff and flipped a coin. You won't regret the decision. No matter which you choose. So let a bit of chaos decide for you.

Using exclusives is pointless because both consoles have some good ones and no matter which you choose you will lose the exclusives on the other console. So that is lose lose always.

Then the other stuff for me was just pointless:

1080p/60fps is a stupid argument. Both consoles are more powerful than 360 and PS3 and that is all that matters.

The controllers this gen are pretty much on par if you ask me. PS4 controller is very good even though the touch pad is a gimmick and the light bar is a patheticly stupid idea that shouldn't have even made it onto a prototype, also has a crappy battery life. Xbox One has kind of sticky bumpers for my linking but it also has rumble triggers which are awesome, have to buy battery packs seperately or forever risk burning your house down with rechargeable batteries.

Looks, who cares it will be under the TV stand most likely.

PSN is terrible. Xbox Live is great but PS+ has better free games if that is something you are into.

Overall these are niggling points because you will be buying it to play games and 90% of all games are on both consoles. So do yourself a favour and flip a coin.

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@yukushi: Yeah except that Destiny requires you to do Strikes and Raids in a group meaning the only thing you'd have to do in offline mode was story missions and patrol. Frankly they were boring enough with other people in the area let along just running around on your own.

The Crew could function in single player true but having your friends list linked into all of the skills and missions to compare scores makes a difference. That sort of thing can't be done offline.

Online games offer much that an offline game offers and a lot more on top. They might not be for everyone but there are some good advantages to online games. I am more of a single player offline gamer myself but the plus side to online games can't be overlooked.

Sometimes it is done well such as Assassin's Creed Black Flag where you have online aspects woven into the single player where if you go offline the game just reverts to a single player game but that only works if the game has plenty of offline activities to do. Many games rely quite extensively on online features though and can't really be taken offline.

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@yukushi: I disagree. This one incident caused by a bunch of terrorists doesn't prove anything. Online games are great. There are downsides but there are also downsides to be isolated in your game and only able to play it when someone is sat next to you. Not everyone including me has the capacity or friends to invite over. That ended when I left school. People now have jobs and families they can't come around to my house for a few hours and play games. Being able to jump into each other's game over the internet is one of the advantages of the modern world.

Saying it is a bad thing just because it sometimes goes wrong is like saying that there is no point giving people heart valve replacements or prosthetic hips because they need replacing every ten years. Just totally and utterly beside the point of having it in the first place.

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@MondasM: No sorry I figured it out. I was going to post but it wouldn't let me (in my own damn thread no less!), anyway. It is a graphical effect called Chromatic Aberration. It is an artefact caused by lenses in photography and in photography is something artists REMOVE because it is not desirable to have a split double blurry image in your photographs. Yet in this game they decided to add it on purpose instead and make the game ugly as all hell.

Luckily it seems for the first time ever they have actually added an option to the console versions where you can remove this monstrosity of an effect. I have now tried it and it looks infinitely better than it did.

Thanks for you input anyway appreciate the help.

@GTR12: Erm I'm sorry but having peripheral vision and having blurry double red/blue image are two different things. If your peripheral vision looks anything like in this game you should go seek medical attention.

Games are not supposed to have peripheral vision. I don't know if it escaped your notice but the "peripheral" vision is right next to the user interface which you don't look at out of the sides of your eyes. You look at them properly by flicking your eyes back and force periodically glancing at them. It doesn't add any effect other than looking ugly as hell.

The developers must have known this was a mistake in fact because since posting this I've worked out what it is and found out that there is a setting in the game to turn it off on the PS4 version no less, which wasn't there several days ago, so they must have added it in the latest update.

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@Articuno76: Here's another one this time I took a share screen shot and then took some pictures of the problems using my camera to contrast what I'm seeing to what the screenshots show:

This is a screen shot of an open area. There are four problem areas, the torch sconce on the right, the torch sconce to the left on the wall, the floor slab next to the health bar and the mountains in the top left.

Now contrast these areas with these images:

This is the sort of crap I'm seeing out of the corner of my eye all the time.
Notice there is a blue line around the edges of this one as well.
This one is a very good example of how distracting this is!
Now that is just straight up ugly!

ANY idea of what is going on and how I can fix this? It is really annoying.