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Game hour marathon Batman Arkham City

Hey hello and welcome to my new gaming marathon this time with the game that I owned and never played till today, so this must be great and perfect on gaming today. I have to mood to play this game on my PS3 with the Batman Arkham City, so that's why that gaming marathon with it. Hope you like the game of Batman guys because one of my friend hates Batman and whole DC comics and his name is Mehmet. I like Batman and whole DC games, this marathon get three hours long.

»14:00« At the begin on the game, I had played with Cat woman on the plot of the game. But she is murdered or not I don't even know about the game. The game has started on the news break on that place and the game is started right away. I'm at the prisoner of the evil guy (don't know his name) now I must escape from there. I must fight against the prisoners now. I quess mister pinguin knocked me out with the kick and the battle continues and so with that I'm escaped from the prison now okay let the journey and action started. So here we have it Batman has returned, kick some ass Batman. So now I'm under way to find cat woman. I found her and she is at trouble right now. She and I save ours together on her trouple. She saved her owned and I halped her from the problem, joker want to shoot her out and Batman saved her again. Batman makes trouble to save her, is that the love. I'm at the church now and I must save the hostices. Searching for the bell tower, how can I get there. Search the find out to get bell tower is founded, it was easy to find it. There is something with the Joker costume with TV and there is the Joker talking right now and I must escape now, so escaped now mission is completed on the church. I'm at the toy store, what must I do we will see there right away. Talking with the giand man, he needs my help I guess. I'm at the hot place, must do there something don't know yet what to do. Now at the undergrount city ehere I'm right now. I must save the lady, but how? I quess she is a cat woman and I have a new weapon. I must fight against the mister Hamer the first boss on the game. What the Joker and Harley queen is just together still like history and old times, I was knocked out from Harley and the Joker, now I'm playing with Cat woman again yay. New weapon again with Cat woman. I must fight against the enemy, maybe the second boss fight I quess. Doctor that lady that I saved with Batman is not Cat woman (I mean that lady that Batman saved) so continue with my boss fight.

»15:00« What is that, did I hear good that Joker needs my help. What did I see good Batman works for Joker or not, let's find out and I'm playing with Batman again. I'm at the building right now, must find the cure I think. Let's play hide and seek with the enemies. Hide and seek is over and I killed them all. I'm out of that building, but I don't find it what I need for someting. I'm at the next building ans meybe is there mister Pinguin too. We must disconnect the jammer of mister Pinguin so destroy the jammers. All the jammers are broken, jammer destroyed good job Batman. Ring ring mission, what does that good for let's research about it on the phone calls I must track Zsasz. I'm arived at the Trophy room, let's see what to do here. I saved the officer Elvis Jones and he is save now.

»16:00« I met mister Pinguin again, talking with him also there on the building. It's rumble time and kick some ass! I must fight against the Titan from Arkham island. I have beat that big boy, but for now I'm stuck please help me outa here can anyone save me? Now I'm out of problem now I must load with shock and then to the switch. Let's explore now wha I can find there on that place, but I'm one step further right now. Hey mister Pinguin long time no see, we meet again mister Pinguin. Fight against me if you dare. Pinguin you're chicken and coward. I'm on board and must save peoples on iced there. This mission is hard one, believe me guys. I'm stuck again, maybe I'm gonna stuck till the end of marathon or naybe not, please help me outa there. Found it again and I'm one step further right now. When you wanna fight me mister Pinquin and where is mister Freeze. Mister hammer I must beat him again, but this time as mister slicer. I saved mister Freeze, I need cure. Shall we make deal I must past the Pinguin and you have you costume back.I´ve got a new item something of ice.

»17:00« I've beat the Pinguin at the first time and now Titan again beated and the marathon is over. I have enough and I told ya that I made this one three hours and today was the first day that I've played the game, I had bought a long time and today played the game. I had sometime fun and sometime stressed up by some hard locations. Okay this was it today and please enjoy, don't forget to like and comment. Get your game on!!!

Game Hour Marathon - Sonic & Sega All Star Racing

Hey hello and welcome to my gaming hour marathon friends on facebook how are you doing today good, here is MegamanDragonoid again for my weblog article with the report about the Gaming hour marathon with the PS3 game "Sonic and Sega all stars racing". This time played not so much like other day that I made it before in dutch version. I decided with my friend Mehmet Lucarita Ozkan (Lucarita1 also knowned as Lucarita26) that we make this also on the future with english version for all the gamers who can read it. You can see what I and my friend are doing at this Gaming marathon activity and so I played two hours from 20:00 to 22:00. I played online with others, but I'm thinking to play others like they where as CPU (computer controled players). Okay here we go about the Gaming marathon of my PS3 game named "Sonic and Sega all stars racing". Please enjoy the read, then please like and comment.

»20:00« Okay let's start my first online race for my first Gaming hour marathon at the location named Rocky coaster and lets see how do I there and what rank finished on the race. Man the first race was not so easy and good for me, because I falled one time and I ended the race with 5th place. Okay let's get heat to the second online race. The second race is about to begin at the location named Whale lagoon, hope it will be okay for me there. It was the same race track, but the name is different how that can be don't ask me about it. I have finished at the 4th place right away and falled down again. I hate that happens on my gaming activity. I lefted that online game and get into the another online game at Monkey target and let's see what I can do there. I ended the race and not reaced the finish line damn, but it was not good race and I was ended at 7th place. Now heat to my 4th online race, let's see what I do and where I must race. Now that must be great I'm racing at the Thunder deck right now. I've finished at the fisish line this time and I like the track so I was ended at the rank of 6th place, so going heat to the 5th race right now and let's see where can the location be for the biggest online race. Okay the next race is at Jump parade, let's see what will heppens there right now. I was not good at that track and I finished with 7th place of rank and twice to ring out, okay let's see where the 6th race must be on locations. My next race is at the location named Rampart roed, let's see what happens there right now. I finished this track at the last place damn, I tried to get the short cut at the first time but I failed by ring out, at the second time I had it but not even worked to make the better. My 8th race is at the location named Ocean ruin, let's see that I make it better here. What why, man I had almost inside the top three nut no because I had finished the race on 4th place. Anyway liked the race track either it's so beautiful race and track. So go ahead the the next race.

»21:00« Lets see what my next online race can be. Okay the next is the online race what I did styart with at the location named Rocky coaster, but hope that I get first or inside the top three.I was ended at the 7th place this time, what was there the music of Samba the brazilian song of Ronaldo game on PSone either to hear there? Okay let's heat to the next race and let's where I must race. The next online race track is at Sandy drifts, let's see what's next there. Last place and did not finished (DNF) and I was a lot time ring out If count correctly it was 6 times ring out. Let's see what my next online race there will be. It's on the same track and hope this time better racxe for me. Okay there was an error and I must online race at another host and the location is Whale lagoon right now, character changet to zombie brother 'n sister let's see what will be result for me with those characters. I had finished the race at 7th place, man when I must come at the first place or on top three. Okay let's get to the next race. Still at Whale lagoon hope this time good result from me at the online race. Perfect finally at the 3rd place and with that I'm inside the top three, okay now tartet for the first place right now. Okay let's see what location must I race at, maybe the same location again at Whale lagoon. Just what I thought at the location named Whale lagoon, what can bring you on this time? No the track has changed into Icicle valley, let's see what can I do there. I ended at the ranking of 7th place this race and I play with Sonic the Hedgehog again. I must do real;y my best to get on top of the racers, let's see where I can race now. Okay the next race is at the Lost palace, let's see what I can do on that location. I've finished at the 7th place, but I was on some place ring out but don't know how was that possible and at the second time of the ring out was my fault because I was not fast enough there. Let's read the PSN mail from someone and I want to continue my online race again. At the location named Jump parade again, let's see what can bring you on the race guys. I did my best to become on the top three or on the top, but not finished at my goal what I want to make it. I finished at the rank of 7th place better luck on the next race. The next race is at the location that I never raced online, but this is maybe the best track that I can become on top the location named Treetop. I must learn there where I must really turn to the corners. There is some place there is hard to espect to take a corner. There is not corner you must drive straight up and I mistaked there twice that's why I finished at the 7th place. Okay better luck on the next online race. The next race is at Thunder deck and I playing with Amy whole the three races, sorry to tell you that I forgot that to tell you guys. Hope that I get the first place this time. I'm doing really good but I can't take the first place, the others are better then me. One time on the online race will become first place I swear it. I'm finished at the 5th place. The next online race takes us to the location named Rocky coaster and what can I do there this time? Not lucky because I ended that race on the 5th place I was three times ring out and get not better then the 5th place. So heat up to the next online race at the location Sandy drift, okay nlets go and win the race. Not good I did not even finished and the status is DNF, but I'm at the 5th place and I think this was my last race or one more time (have I time for that) my next race is or will not come. Okay that was final online race and test my driving skill on the test drive mode at Whale lagoon location, nah and I did not just joking about test my driving skills. I'm the best driver on ther game.

»22:00« Okay that was my Gaming marathon event of today, hope you have enjoyed my report on the Gaming marathon with the game on my PS3 named "Sonic and Sega all stars racing" please read the weblog article report about it, then like and comment on this weblog article okay. Just remember this we are still play the games and get the game on!!!

Next plans!!!

First I am going to complete mine games. In the mean while. I am going to make mine Dragon Deck with Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards perfect or complete that it can be good enough to defeat Synchro's or other cards that is hard to defeat. There is always a way. So if somebody have a idea to make mine dragon deck more perfect. I am gladd to hear. I am still going to make video's. But I change mine mind about the video's. I am going to make the Sonic Generations complete. Then I am going to make Uncharted then Batman Arkham Asylum and maybe some more. But I need to think about it first.

Game Episodes

I am making video's from games and making episodes of it. I am making it of Uncharted - Drake's Fortune and Batman Arkham Asylum. for Uncharted. I made now 5 episodes (there is still coming more) and for Batman. I have then like 3 episodes (and also coming more of it.) I am making episodes of the whole game. So you can see everything in the game. Until I hit the end of the game. Then I will make no more episodes of the game and will contine on to the next one. here are the playlist of the games I am doing now

Uncharted - Drake's Fortune (Every Friday a new Episode): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL72E6095E240F764C&feature=plcp

Batman Arkham Asylum (Every Monday a New Episode): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL10353115A0997359&feature=plcp

So if you want to see it. Well enjoy then and have a good time.

Quit work???

I have sayt to me work. Buzz off as for today I QUIT. This is the last stro. I will never come back. I hope they now understand how i feel. They never take me seroiusly. I will take a long break from work maybe after i moved i will go back. But i will see about that

Look at ahead of Sonic generations.

Hey hello dear gamers how are you doing today good? With me is great and good today dear gamers. I want to share with you with this weblog article named "Look at ahead of Sonic generations" dear gamers. This game series is realy great to play and the gameplay is perfect, because you can play with c Sonic the hedgehog from the games on Sega megadrive and the modern Sonic the Hedgehog from Sonic games of Playstation, Nintendo and XBOX game consoles dear gamers. Okay here I go about the game play of Sonic generations dear gamers.

Developer: Sonic team
Release: 2011
Genre: Platform/Action/Adventure
Platforms: PS3/360/Windows/Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Sega

The gameplay of Sonic ganerations is more then a game. You have two Sonic's on the game and they are c Sonic and modern Sonic dear gamers. I have watched some video about it, so with the c Sonic can you play the levels how do you played. The game is realy great and they have putted every gameplays to make you and other gamers of Sonic the Hadgehog games on the 2D this time is 2,5D (2D on 3D dear gamers. The music of the c games of Sonic the Hedgehog with c Sonic is all there dear gamers. I forgot the sound effect of jumps and other stuff at c Sonic is realy intact either dear gamers. So that's great with the c Sonic dear gamers cool isn't? If you can play with modern Sonic and you have some speed runs like the game of Sonic unleased and some levels of Sonic the Hadeghog on PS3 dear gamers. Okay here is the first gameplay video on this article dear gamers.

»Release date of this game named Sonic Generations (PS3, XBox 360, Nintedo 3DS)«

  • Japan: September 2011.
  • USA: 1 November 2011.
  • Europe: 4 November 2011.

100% Lucarita Productions

This is made by Lucarita26. One of me best pals

Video Struck Youtube

I got stuck with making video's. I need help what kind of video's do I need to make for next time. I have no idea what I need to make. So please take a look at me youtube channel and tell me what a good idea is for making a good or game video. I don't have any good idea's so please help me guys. Here is my last youtube video I made It's me last Youtube Video that I have posted online. It was a epic idea had about a DBZ story I got in me head. So enjoy

Epic DBZ Battle

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