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One of the best things about TV is that it's never too late for a comeback. Even if you get run over by a car, shoot yourself in the head or simply decide to hang up your boots, they will always be waiting for you in the costumes cupboard. And so, as a certain self-titled Dallas-based primetime soap has made its way back to our screens, after 3 long years I've made it back to TV.com.

I've become editor of the new "Dallas" guide which I hope to maintain with the help of everyone else. I'm really enjoying the reboot, not only because it features some "Desperate Housewives" alums that rejuvenate this rusty old show, but also because unlike the pathetic attempts by "Melrose Place" and "90210", the new "Dallas" isn't afraid to embrace and cash in on its rustiness - and besides, nothing fights rust better than oil.


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I've retired as editor of Desperate Housewives due to my ever-increasingly busy schedule.

It's been fun. I'm still watching the show, of course. ;)


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Haven't posted in decades, but I have become editor of the Desperate Housewives guide. Awesome! :D