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A new video game purchase and a new poem.

Hey Gamespot! What's up?

Staying true to my word and my roots here on Gamespot.
I'm back with another game related blog post for you all!
I bought myself a new game!
Can you guess what it is?

No? Okay I'll tell you, I bought Sleeping Dogs!

Oh boy is it kick ass! I'm probably about half way done the main story now and have completed a fair amount of the side stuff. My first impression of the game reminded a lot of Jet Li's Rise to Honor on the PS2.
This is a a sandbox game that can hold its own along side Saints Row and GTA.

The city really feels alive and the people that populate it have a certain.. flow. A flow that can only be described with "incredibly immersive". I often find my self just walking the streets and admiring the scenery whilst listening to the many people go about their business. That is of course until one of them calls me out, then it's go time!


I have never once found myself bored in the game, There is always something to do, and hey, if there isn't well then beat the crap out someone, because that's always fun in Sleeping Dogs. The hand to hand combat is addictive and satisfying. I haven't had this much fun fist fighting in a game like this ever before. A close second would probably be The Godfather, on the original Xbox.

So far, I give Sleeping Dogs two thumbs up!
If I review the game after completing it, you will be the first to know!

In other, non gaming related news I wrote and posted a poem on my other blog.
Here it is! Do me a huge favor and check it out, and if you liked it, show you friends. :)