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Microsoft says no to new Xbox + Potential Elder Scrolls MMO?

To start things off I want to mention that Battlefield 3's long awaited patch is expected soon for any of you that play the game. According to Battlefield 3's Facebook page DICE is laying the ground work for the upcoming patch. Exciting news right? Lets hope so but unfortunately I'm just not very optimistic when EA is involved.
Anyway, the online servers will be offline on March 20th.

Moving on to Microsoft, according to an article on "" Microsoft is saying no to any rumours of an Xbox 720 this year. Microsoft Spokesperson David Dennis said "For us, 2012 is all about Xbox 360." and he let everyone know that there will be no talk of new hardware at this years E3.

I Read a little article about another rumor I thought I would tell you about, apparently a Tech website by the name of "Tom's Guide" knows about Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda and their plans to make an MMO version of The Elder Scrolls. The source claims that the game will be set a thousand years before the time line of Skyrim and will host three playable factions. Is this really relaible information? Who knows, although it is interesting that Zenimax has been looking for an art director and concept artists with MMO experience. Personally, I think this would be great news. I have always wanted an Elder Scrolls MMO and look forward to any news regarding how legit this information is. However, It's likely that this is just another rumor so take it with some scepticism.

On a side not, I starting playing Army of Two: The 40th Day and so far it hasn't failed to entertain me. It is starting to get a bit repetitive and it isn't quite as fun as the first game was. It just feels like it's lacking something but flaws aside, I'm finding out that it's really a fun game.

Skyrim gets new update to draw you back in

The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim is receiving a new update which will add a few more unique Kill-cams, sound interesting?
You bet it does! I'm a big fan of the slow motion kill cams that are already in Skyrim, it makes that kill just so much more satisfying.


According to my update feed on Skyrim these Kill-cams are coming soon but I'm not entirely sure if they will arrive on all platforms at the same time or even if they will reach all platforms, however I thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing with you. If your a fan of Skyrim check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

Replaying some old favourites + New Xbox without disc drive

Hello everybody!

I've recently been lost in the gaming world and by lost I mean, I have no clue what to play.
So I decided it's about time I revisit some old favourites of mine.

I'm starting by playing through Farcry 2, this is a game I had never actually finished but after starting fresh I am quite excited to do so. Along side Farcry 2 I'm going to be playing through Borderlands, I also now have all of the down-loadable content, something which I never experienced before so I look forward to playing them.

Once I'm finished these two games I will continue playing Skyrim but I would also like to pick up another old game and play through it, I'm thinking of picking up the Original Portal either on my PC or buying the Orange Box and playing it that way.

Anyway thats enough about the games I am playing, perhaps you all could suggest an older title worth checking out?
If not lets just move right ahead and talk about these rumours floating around about Microsoft's next Xbox not supporting a disc drive. Now, I haven't read much into this mainly because I never have been an Xbox gamer and quite frankly probably never will be but I did find it interesting enough to see what you think about it so cut me some slack.

Below is a quote from on their latest article regarding the new Xbox

"According toMCV, partners of Microsoft's have been told the new system will make use of "some sort of interchangeable solid-state card storage" in lieu of the disc-based media that console owners have become accustomed to for many years now. This flies in the face of previous speculation and reports that Microsoft would abandon DVD in favor of Blu-ray and its superior storage capacity."

From what I've heard online people are saying that the new console will be a digital only gaming console, meaning you could only buy games from Xbox Live. However, this article would have you believe games will also be sold on "some sort of interchangeable solid-state card storage" Wow, what a mouth full, how bout we just call it an SD card for now.

So I would like to ask, what are your thoughts on these rumours? Are you on board with the idea or would you prefer that the console support a disc drive?

EDIT: If you want to check out the new video for Bioshock Infinte, detailing the Heavy Hitters Handyman enemy head over to my YouTube channel - ThexzChaos

Looking for some friends to add on Playstation Network

Hello Gamespot, as you can clearly tell by the title I'm looking for some friends to add on Playstation Network.
As it stands now, my friends list is quite short and really only consists of people I have met in person. I would like to change that and add a few friends from gamespot so if you play any multiplayer games don't hesitate to add me, my PSN is "xzChaos" and even if you don't play multiplayer games you could add me and I will accept any friends requests. (As long as you tell me who you are)

If your to lazy to add me yourself, leave a comment with your PSN name and I will add you the next time I sign onto the network.

Perhaps my most anticipated game

Let me correct myself with that title and tell you this IS my most anticipated game of this year.

What game is that you ask? Well it starts with a 'Border' and ends with 'lands' add the number two and you've got the answer.

Lets talk about the original Borderlands for a minute, I'll start off by saying that I found nothing about this game that I disliked.
That's right folks, a perfect 10/10 game in my eyes. Besides Borderlands I can't think of a perfect game by ranking standards. The visuals, the sound and the gameplay were all completely and utterly entertaining. I enjoyed playing as each of the characters and the co-op is where the game really thrived. In fact, I only ever played the singleplayer for about ten minutes and realised I was missing something so I jumped online and never looked back. It's arguably one of the best game's I've ever played right along side SOCOM2 yet I was disappointed to find out how short it was.

So to say the least I'm very excited for the next installment of Borderlands and it pains me that I must wait until September.

However, you can bet your left leg that when I get my hands on this game I wont be playing anything else very often.
I would sell my entire collection to play it right now but the game world just doesn't work that way, and thats a shame.

I have only watched a handfull of video's on the game and honestly have no desire to watch any more because it's a game that I don't want to go into knowing very much about because if its anything like the first (which it is) then I already know I'm going to love it.

Some of you may disagree with my choice of anticipated game but believe me when I say I don't care.
Also, don't take that as offence, I would put a smiley face next to that statement to make me seem more friendly but I just don't like putting smiley faces in my blogs. Forgive me.

So with that said and with you now knowing what game I will be looking forward to for the rest of the year, what will you be looking forward to?

Who else is excited for Bioshock Infinite?

In the beginning I was never really excited for Bioshock Infinite, I had played the second in the series and enjoyed it but something about 'Infinite' threw me off. It could have possibly been the lack of water? I'm not sure but I was definitely not considering it to be a purchase in the future. However, I just finished watching a trailer for the game and now I must pick my jaw up off the ground.

In this trailer the developers were talking about Heavy Hitters and the hall of patriots and the visuals alone were stunning, the least I can say is that I am very excited for this game. Rarely do I buy games on release day (mainly because I have so many others that could hold me over) but Bioshock Infinite will be a day one purchase for sure. I mean really, look at the picture if that's not badass I don't know what is.

If you want to go watch the trailer Im talking about check it out on my YouTube channel - ThexzChaos
(Subscribe if you have a YouTube account, I would really appreciate it.)

What are your thoughts on Bioshock Infinite, surely there are a few of you as excited as I am?

Skyrim wins game of the year - Game Developers Choice Awards

Thats right folks, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has won game of the year at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Thats not really shocking news if you consider how impressive and popular the game is though.
Here is the complete list of awards and the winners to go along with them.

Game of the Year: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda)
Best Audio: Portal 2 (Valve)
Best Debut: Supergiant Games (Bastion)
Best Narrative: Portal 2
Best Visual Arts: Uncharted 3 (Naughty Dog)
Best Downloadable Game: Bastion
Best Game Design: Portal 2
Best Technology: Battlefield 3 (EA DICE)
Best Handheld/Mobile Game: Sword & Sworcery (Superbrothers)
Innovation Award: Johann Sebastian Joust
Ambassador Award: Ken Doroshow/Paul M. Smith (the legal council who won the U.S. Supreme Court Case Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Assn.)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Warren Spector
Pioneer Award: Dave Theurer

Portal 2 took home the award for Best Audio. Now, I haven't played it yet but if you ask me Battlefield 3 has outstanding audio.

What do you think, should Bethesda really have won that award?

Quantic Dream does it again - GDC Tech Demo

Some of you may know of "Quantic Dream" but if you don't, Quantic Dream was responsible for Indigo Prophecy back on the PS2 and most recently Heavy Rain on the PS3.

Shortly after finishing Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream went to work on building a new engine from scrap and at this years Game Developer Conference had a short tech demo to show off.

Much like the tech demo "The Casting Call" that was popular before Heavy Rain this tech demo shows off what the company has been working on and is not something taken from an upcoming game.

Quantic Dream CEO David Cage is a strong supporter of bringing emotion into video games and with doing such a great job on Heavy Rain, one can only assume it gets better. The company has hired many American actors and crew members along with working on an in-house motion capture studio and sound proof stage.

To check out the Tech Demo titled "Kara" (Running in real time on a Playstation 3) head on over to my YouTube channel - ThexzChaos

I'm pleased knowing what their new engine is capable of because showing off a tech demo not only means that Quantic Dream is working on a new title but that this is just a taste of what we will see in the future. Maybe we will see another Heavy Rain esque game, I would be more then happy if that was the case.

What are your thoughts on the teck demo?

Assassin's Creed III to have four player co-op?

Hey guys (and girls) I have a little bit of Assassins Creed III news you may or may not know about, and that is four player co-op. According to a listing was made on the official webpage for Assassins Creed III mentioning a four player co-op and was later removed. Ubisoft hasn't made any note on the subject and has yet to mention any details or even if it was simply just a typo or a mistake. Although, it's most likely not a mistake as previous titles featured a competitive multiplayer mode and Ubisoft is probably looking to improve and grow on that feature.

Anyway, that's all for now and if you would like to check out the official debut trailer if you haven't already, head on over to my YouTube channel - ThexzChaos.

What do you think of Assassin's Creed introducing a co-op multiplayer?

Also, if your interested you can find this years GDC Debut Trailer for Medal of Honor: Warfighter on my YouTube channel aswell.

Do you have a favourite developer?

That's not exactly an easy question to answer, at least not for me.

See when it comes to picking my favourite developer it boils down to maybe a list of about 10-15 developers in which I would revel in the mead hall to their games. Now obviously your thinking, ok so Bethesda must be on your list right? Now I could jump on the band waggon and say that they are great and nothing they have ever does has disappointed me but then I would be lying because Fallout: New Vegas was an abomination and I felt like flushing my sixty dollars down a toilet would have given me more satisfaction.

I think it would be entirely impossible for me to list off my favourite developers but I'm sure if any of you have the slightest interest in my opinion simply leaving you without some inclination of what my favourites are would upset you. To put this in it's simplest form im going to try and mention the top five developers in my imaginary list but keep in mind that this would be a list subject to major change at any given time because I wouldn't say that I like any one developer over the other because I'm sure every developer I list has completely disappointed me at least once.

To start the list off, why not mention Bethesda. I loved Fallout 3 and held Oblivion in high regard like I made it myself and am currently blown away by Skyrim while at the same time feeling a bit underwhelmed but I can't quite place my finger on why exactly that is. So in number one we have Bethesda.

Now to continue, the next developer that comes to mind is Naughty Dog for their outstanding work on the Uncharted series. See up until Uncharted I can't remember a game they have made that I enjoy and I don't even completely know their track record. However I do know that they made Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter, both of which I do not like and am quite happy living without. Still, they pleased me so much with Uncharted that they deserve a mention and earn their spot as Number two on the list.

Moving forward I would like to bring up Zipper Interactive. Most recently you may know them for their work on Socom 4 and MAG, two games I dislike and can not understand the hype that surrounded them. Step back even further and they showed their work on Socom 3 and Socom: Combined Assault, these two games also receive a thumbs down in my book because they put the nail in the coffin that was the legacy of Socom 2. Now some may not agree with me on that statement but many and most will agree that Zipper Interactive hit their prime with Socom 2 only improving off the greatness that was the first in the series. Ask almost any long time fan and they will tell you that after Socom 2 they lost their touch.

So you must be asking yourself. how could Zipper be one of your favourites when only two out of their vast lineup of games impressed you? Well.. SOCOM 2. Enough said. With all of the above Zipper earns its place as number three on my list of favourite developers.

Immediately after, DICE comes to mind. Most notably for their work on the Battlefield series. The core of why I picked them for a spot on this list is for a game I like to call my favourite PS3 game, Mirror's Edge. Now don't get me wrong I am also absolutely in love with the Battlefield series and if I had to pick which I appreciate the company for more I probably couldn't choose but with that being said Mirror's Edge quickly went down as being my favorite game for this console generation and too this day I loath the fact that the sequel was squashed. Mirror's Edge, along with past Battlefield games earns DICE a spot on this last as number four.

Now to top it all off with the fifth and final place in this list of favourite developers I can't help but choose Rockstar Games. Everyone knows them for Grand Theft Auto. When thinking of Rockstar, along with Grand Theft Auto the first game that comes to mind is Bully. Bully was a game I enjoyed so much I bought it twice, once on the PS2 and once on the Wii. Aside from Bully, they made such great games as Manhunt, Max Payne and Midnight Club. Not to mention their recreation of the movie "The Warriors".
As you can clearly see I have no choice but to give Rockstar Games the fifth place in my list.

To sum things up here is an actual list.

05. Rockstar Games
04. DICE
03. Zipper Interactive
02. Naughty Dog
01. Bethesda

Now the next obvious place to take this blog is to the deepest and darkest realm of game development.

Infinity Ward my eyes are locked on you, sure you rocked us all with Call of Duty 4 but it seems even you can't figure out why it was so great and so you continue to run your series into the ground. Infinity Ward immediately comes to mind when thinking of my least favourite developer.

I use "least favourite" loosely because even though I don't like them or the course in which they are leading their games I did enjoy past games enough to warrant "least favourite". To put it simply, I don't like them but I don't hate them.

Also, I would like to note that Slant Six holds a special place in my mind as a company I would like to see burnt to the ground.

So what about you GameSpot, do you have a favourite or least favourite developer?