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Should you follow your dreams?

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Everybody hears "Follow your dreams" but what if your dreams seem unattainable? What if your the only person who believes in your dream? What if you dream is the only thing pushing you forward?

Do you pursue it or do you live your life the way others want you too. If you listened to others instead of your heart you might be playing it safe and end up with a nice place and a good job but if you follow your dreams you might one day reach your goal, do you risk everything?

What if you've already put yourself at a disadvantage, you've sat around and watched a year of your life go by like it was nothing but a few minutes.

What's your dream?

Kinect Support Coming to Skyrim

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I may be a bit behind the news on this one but I just finished watching a trailer from Bethesda regarding Kinect.

That's right, Skyrim with Kinect support and quite a few cool new features in the game. You can use voice to sort through your items and control your follower. Something which will surely give the Xbox version an edge of others.


However, If you dont already own an Xbox I wouldnt jump on the band wagon just yet. It's typical of Microsoft to buy their way into special content and if this happens to be the case Sony will follow behind with Move support some time down the road.

I don't own an Xbox nor do I wish to but I do want Kinect, if not solely for this game.
Hopefully we will see Move support on the PS3 some time in the near future.

Nearing the end of Bioschock

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After playing this game for quite some time I've inched my way closer and closer to the finale.
That's right folks! I have just finished slaughtering the four people that crazy stage show sociopath ordered me to and now I'm on my way to bring doom to Ryan.


Want to hear the bad news?
I'm actually starting to feel a bit tired of Bioshock and have since taken quite a long break from it. As of now, I am still taking the break.

I know right, how could I not finish the game when I've come this far. Well, you will be happy to know that I still would like to finish it. Maybe that wont happen any time soon but when it does I will let you all know.

In the meantime, rest easy knowing that Bioshock has become one of my favorite games this generation and could easily make it into a Top Ten list. I will never forget Rapture, oh sweet Rapture.

Can we say Bioshock? + New feature on Gamespot?

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Oh yes, Bioshock. I had never played the original Bioshock but I did own the second game at one time. I found it very fun and interesting although eventually just stopped playing it.

Under great consideration, I've decided to finally play the original Bioshock!

I'm now about two hours into the game and already can say I'm loving the experience. It really is a great game, I doubted the reviews and praise it got because I played the demo back in the day and was a bit bored with it but I must say that now I feel a bit dumb for playing Bioshock 2 and not the original first.

The atmosphere is truly engaging and around every corner I am pleased with what I find, the game never fails to entertain me and even today the game has held up well in the visual department. I can't say I like it better then Bioshock 2 just yet but I imagine that will change the farther I get through the game. Thank's to everyone who suggested it, I know quite a few of you did.

In unrelated news, I think I may have stumbled across a new feature on Gamespot. Correct me if i'm wrong but I don't remember ever being able to edit so much about the image I'm putting in my blog. Now when I place an image in the blog I get all sorts of options like being able to edit the aspect and "swap image" which I assume means if you roll your mouse over the picture it changes. If this is correct then that sweet! Somebody let me know if this is new or if I've just never noticed it before.

Lost Planet 3

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So you must already know, but if you don't Lost Planet 3 made the front page here on Gamespot.

This isn't particularly huge news but Capcom is bringing up their roots and making Lost Planet 3 into a prequel to the first game in the series. Now, I've never played the first but I've seen it before and it looks alright as far 3rd person shooters go.

I have however played the second game in the series and I thought it was quite good despite the less then stellar reviews that surrounded it. However even though I liked it it's obvious that Capcom needs to make a turn around before things get any worse for them in the series. In the video below developers mention that they respect and want to revisit the harsh conditions of the first game.


What this means for us is that Lost Planet 3 will be set in back in time when the alien planet is still completely frozen. This news is somewhat disappointing to me since I did enjoy the lush jungles in Lost Planet 2. However, it's nice to know that there will be a third game for those who enjoy the series.

For those who are wondering about multiplayer in Lost Planet 3, it's mentioned that there will be a multiplayer counterpart to the single player experience which they are focusing more on this time around. Expect to see Lost Planet 3 to be out on Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3 early 2013.

What do you think of the Lost Planet series, and if your a fan are you excited to be revisiting the harsh frozen tundra in Lost Planet 3?

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter gamespot!

As you know today is Easter, that means if your little you get to look for hidden chocolates but if your me you get to stuff your face full of turkey and delicious stuffing!

it's the meal I always look forward to, but this year I actually didn't realise it was going to be Easter today until a few days ago. You would think I've been sleeping under a rock.

Anyway expect a new blog soon filled full of goodies and untill then have a great Easter!

Lets be honest, can anyone give me a reason to hate Minecraft?

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That's right, I challenge you to give me a solid reason to hate Minecraft. I want to start off in it's defence with one question, have you played the multiplayer? Because I now have an up until now if someone asked me for my rating of the game on the spot, I would have probably given it a 7/10. Upon recently converting two non believers to join in on the fun we created a server and have been playing on it for a while, now if someone were to ask the same question I would have to boost the rating. Possibly a 9/10.

If you take into consideration the vast improvement and additions made to the game overtime and the constant support it has received it arguably couldn't be beat. Not to mention that with a fairly up to date computer the game can run minimal issues unlike most other popular PC titles out there right now and that only means more demand for new stuff.

So, if after reading that you still feel some hate towards the game that'sfair, let me know why.Also, if you haven't yet played the game or are a regular player leave a comment and tell me what you think of the game.

In-som-knee-ahh! (Insomnia)

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Before we really get into this blog I want to warn you now that I will most likely be jumping all over the place in this one.

I guess I'll start with a question, and that question is.
Have any of you read about "Orbis"?
If not, let me fill you in. Orbis is the codename for what will apparently be the Playstation 4.

I'm guessing this codename came from a guy who knows a guy who has connections with the president (because is that not how most of these ridiculous claims make there way onto the Internet) but I couldn't confirm any of that if I wanted to because lets be honest, I don't really care about any supposed Playstation 4 when I've already got a perfectly healthy Playstation 3. Anyway, what I would like to say about the "Orbis" is that I read an article on and it basically said that much like the rumours of the next gen Xbox, the next gen Playstation will also be digital only. In the sense that there wont be a disc drive or any hard copies of games.

I never did finish the article nor am I really interested in doing so but if you feel the need to read it, here it is.

By this point in the blog your probably wondering why the title is what it is. Well let me tell you, I called it that simply because I am writing this at nearly 10:00 am and haven't slept. Which would then mean that I have been awake all night. Damn Insomnia!

On a side note, I've really been enjoying Fight Night Champion.

I have been playing nothing but Legacy Mode and so far my career is something like 5-6 wins and 4-5 losses. I'm not exactly sure. I also just bought the Bare Knuckle Mode and can honestly say It is quite fun but really, why was it not included in the game? It's a sad day when I'm paying 3.99 to unlock a menu option in a game.

For those of you wondering about my Just Cause 2 situation, I really like the game but unfortunately can never really find the time to play it because it seems like If im not in the exact right mood to play the game then I end up having absolutely no fun.

Anyway, because this blog seems to have no real direction or sense of order I want to take the time to ask you all about placing pictures in my blogs, do you prefer it? Or would you rather the blog be just text and no image?
If you haven't got an opinion that's fine too, I'll just pretend you like the pictures.

Also, who agrees with me when I say Gamespot just feels.. well, off these days. I'm not sure how to describe it but an old friend of mine who most of if not all of you probably already know (Venom_Raptor) recently made a blog where he said "Gamespot just isn't as good as it used to be" and I could not have said it better myself.

Check out his blog here if you haven't already.

What I think I find most displeasing about the way Gamespot is today is all of this FUSE business. It feels like I have to jump through a hundred hoops just to find my friends blogs. It used to be so easy, I would click on friends and be shown a list of friends and from there could go to any of their profiles.
When I try that now, nothing at all similar happens. Instead I'm sent to the FUSE page which feels like a completely different website, a website that is nothing but broken.

It sure does seem like Gamespot is going backwards, or rolling down a hill or falling in a hole.
There is a saying I'm sure you've all heard, "All great things must come to an end".

Maybe we're seeing the beginning of the end for Gamespot but that could also be a bit of a stretch since it is such a huge website.
Maybe we are just seeing a rocky patch in Gamespots life span. Either way, we must all still find something to like about it because we all keep coming back. If it's not for the website itself then perhaps for the community? I'm sure if the community wasn't half as good as it is I wouldn't even be here right now.

Now I just feel like I'm starting to trail off into something better left for an entirely different blog so I'm going to stop myself here and ask you all, what have you been up to in the last week?

A few games I'm downloading

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I would like to start of by saying that, I did plan to give you a blog about some recent gaming news but over the last few days it seems like the game world has been slowing down so instead I'm going to tell you all about the few new games I'm downloading.

Lets start off with Just Cause 2. It's not exactly brand new but it's close enough. I played the demo for just Cause 2 a while back and enjoyed it quite a bit. I loved the freedom of the game and I felt like anywhere I wanted to go, I could.
I'm looking forward to trying out the full game.

After Just Cuase 2 I'm downloading Resident Evil 4, a game I loved but never actually got around to finishing. I played it on the Playstation 2 and eventually got distracted by other great games, I ended up completely forgetting about it. Now that it's on the Playstation store I'm going to finally finish it.

Following Resident Evil 4 is Castle Crashers and Fight Night Champion. Both of which I have played before and enjoyed. I played Castle Crashers a few times on a friend's Xbox and gave the PS3 demo a try recently.

Fight Night Champion on the other hand is a game I rented for a while and loved, it did feel lacking in a few departments but overall it was a solid game and turned out being more then I expected it would.

So I guess that wraps things up, sort of a short blog this time around.
Let me know if any of you have downloaded any games recently.

Assassins Creed III with some new screenshots

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My first reaction to hearing of Assassins Creed 3 was a reaction of disgust. I could not believe that Ubisoft was releasing yet again another Assassins Creed title. I felt ripped off buying brotherhood and in no way was I excited about Assassins Creed 3 so I shrugged it off to everyone that asked me about it, I said that it was going to be the same game and that it was going to be a letdown.

Now, while I still could be right about that I will have to admit that it's shaping up nicely and with this handful of new screen shots I can't help but be a little excited to see how the game turns out.

The detail in the environments and characters look improved on from "Brotherhood" (I can't compare this to Assassins Creed: Revelations simply because I haven't played it enough)

I wonder how much fun it will be to use the bow and arrow the Assassin has hanging off his back.

The trees and water in this screen shot look very detailed and almost realistic however, visuals aside I feel compelled to ask the question. How freely can you roam the forest. Does it stop you from going reaching shore in certain places?

Look at this fight scene! It's a bloody mess in a beautiful location. There is no denying that this looks very nice and if the game holds to the quality shown here then we can only expect to be amazed in the future.

I would also like to clarify something, these screen shots may or may not have been digitally altered to look better.
Just keep that in mind because quite a few companies like to do that with their pre-launch hype.

You can probably already tell that I'm a bit excited for this game. I'm not entirely sure if I will be buying it though I will definitely be keeping an eye on this game until release. Once it hits store shelves I will no if it's worth getting or not.

Comment and let me know what you think of the Assassins Creed 3 and these screen shots.