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DangerousRobber Blog

Hello Gamespot!

So I see that it's been quite a while since I posted a blog and for this I am deeply sorry.
I would be much more active if I had regular access to a computer, but unfortunately that's not how things are right now.

I thought I would stop by today and give you a little blog about what games I've been playing recently and what's been going on in my life lately.

So I guess we will start with an update on my life.
I'm still currently working at the Pizza Place I mentied a while back and I am still in hot pursuit of my acting career.
Not having a computer has really put a halt on my progress with a lot of things and I'm sure Gamespot is one of them.


My Family and I went to a spot near a campsite with water falls and rocks to jump off of into the water. It was a great day for it yesterday and I really do enjoy swimming so I had a great time.

Also, for those of you who may be wondering about my Podcast and when that will begin. I did plan to have it started already but because of my technical problems I wont be able to give a launch date for the podcast so until I do you are just going to have to wait paitently and expect great things.

Now onto the more game related news.

I haven't really bought any new games, aside from Ghost Recon Future Soldier althought I have been playing a few of my older games. One of them being Battlefield 1943. I just got back into this game and I am really enjoying it.
I still have not yet beaten the last area on Bioshock but I plan to really soon so I can move onto Bioshock 2 and finisht that one, all in anticipation of Bioshock Infinite which I will be getting on release day.

I borrowed Alice Madness Returns from a friend but I haven't played it yet, and although it looks like fun im not quite sure I ever will play it.

Oh, and last but not least, Saints Row 3!
That's right folks, I terrorize the people of Steelport at least once a week.

Anyway, that's all for now. Keep on chuggin, Gamespot.
(Also, I must say im sorry for any spelling mistakes or mishaps in this blog or the last, not being able to be regularily active has hindered my enthusiasm of spellcheck.

A short leave of absence since my computer has broken.

Hello fellow Gamespotters. I hate to inform you but my computer has recently bit the dust and so my blogging has come to a halt. I'm currently writing this blog from my friends computer.

I will be frantically trying to get back online, however until then I will leave you with the possible excitement that my podcast will be joining me in my return.

Also, for those of you that are interested in how I've been spending my time lately, I thought I should share.

One of my favorite television shows is back for it's 8th season this month. "WEEDS" That's right folks!
I'm very exciting that it's back and so far have enjoyed both of the new episodes. It feels just like it should.

Secondly, I recently bought Ghost Recon Future Soldier and have played a bit of the single player and multiplayer. I remindes me alot of SOCOM 2 back on the PS2 but still, its just not quite the same. I'm happy with the purchase, but for 66 dollars. I'm not as happy as I should be. I also picked up and started playing Fight Night champion again and am having alot of fun with my new fighter's career.

Anyway, that's all for now and I'll see you next time.

For everyone who is leaving Gamespot...

Instead of packing up and getting on the next train out of here, why don't you take a few minutes and read what I have to say.

First of all, I understand completely where you all are coming from. I have left Gamespot before because of the way things work here. There are many flaws on this website which bother me deeply but I continue to hang around.

I've been here for so many years that now it's as if the community I joined for is now few and far between.
Many of my friends here on Gamespot have become inactive or left and it truly is a sad thing.

The Gamespot community is slowly falling apart and nobody is doing anything to stop it from happening.

I have a an idea! Let us all band together, let our hate for this website unite us as a gamer collective once again.

For anyone who is interested in sticking around Gamespot for a while but see no reason too, leave a comment and maybe we can brainstorm together and come up with something. I would hate to see this website in five or ten years given the path its travelling.

A Blog off the top!

Hello Gamespot friends! How's life treating you?

So right now I feel the urge to write to you all but beware, I have no specific point to make.

First off I would like to ask you something, who would be interested in seeing a 'vlog' from me regularly?

Lately I have felt like a blog just isn't making the cut anymore. I constantly ramble when writing blogs but in the end most of what I write gets discarded. I do feel like it's all relevant and so with a 'vlog' I could say what would normally be a huge blog in a matter of minutes. Instead of writing a novel which most of you wont read anyway.

Who here listens to Kid Cudi? I don't, or I didn't I guess. As some of you know I watched the movie Project X recently and on the soundtrack is a song from Kid Cudi. Normaly I would consider it trash since I'm not a fan of him but this time I really liked the song. This song that I am takling about is called "Pursuit of Happiness". Check it out and let me know what you think.

From now on, when I make a blog which isn't really about one thing in particular I think I'll separate topics withboldor not bold. What do you think?


I got a few new games, all of which I am enjoying.
Saints Row: The Third is the first game which is very good. It was sort of an unexpected gem because I played the second in the series and wasn't very impressed. I think its safe to say that Saints Row will now be a series I watch out for alongside Grand Theft Auto.

I also got a game called "Rock of Ages".
You get to control a boulder on a variety of different tracks. You have to try and break the enemies doors before he breaks your's. While your waiting for your boulder you get to place obstacles on the course for the enemy.
I am really enjoying this game, its a ton of fun and manages to make me laugh once in a while. Something video games don't do very often. (At least not when they are actually trying)

Well thats it, I'm about to go watch "Man on a Ledge".

Fancy a few movie recommendations?

I have been watching quite a few movies recently and feel the need to tell you about a few of them. Some of these you may have already watched or heard about, none the less I hope you enjoy!



Chronicle is about three friends, two of which are cousins who come across something strange underground one night. It sends them all flying from a shock wave and later they find out that they have strong telekinesis powers. At first, impressions were not very good but about fifteen minutes in the movie showed some promise and actually turned out to be a really good movie. In the end it was both an action and thriller as long as a comedy and a drama. In the past year, Chronicle is one of the best movies I have seen and I definitely recommend you check it out.

21 Jump Street-


This one is probably one most of you have heard about. At first I watched it and was very disappointed because it was a movie I was excited for. Now, going back and watching it a second time I was entertained right until the end. It was a funny take on two terrible, hilarious cops. From what I know it's based on or is a remake of a television show by the same name but I have never seen it.

Alice in Wonderland (2010) -


This one is a bit older than the others but until recently I haven't even considered watching it. After I did, I was glad I finally decided to watch it. I was missing a really good movie with one of my favorite actresses by the name of Helana Bonham Carter so I strongly suggest watching this, even if you're not really a fan.

Project X-


This one is downright hilarious if you don't mind the drunk and obnoxious highschool kids.
It's a movie made entirely of handheld camera and cell phone footage but it was done very well and succeeded in showing that movies can adapt this film method without a strong supporting story and still make it.

That's all for now.
Have you watched any good movies lately?

'Society 6' and a mash of buttons.

Hello fellow Gamespotters!

Let me start off by saying that the crowd that reads my blogs has changed so vastly over the years and throughout both accounts. I say this because I feel a bit disconnected from everyone who is a frequent reader of my blogs so today I want anyone who reads to comment and tell me a bit about yourself and you could also ask me something and I will see if I can answer it.

Now, onto "Society 6" which by now you must be wondering about. Well, is a website I recently stumbled across where users can submit their artwork and sell it as a variety of different things like Laptop skins, art prints and clothing. I thought it was very cool and has such a large range of content that it pleases just about everyone. Although, some things can be quite expensive. Check it out if your interested!

Want to hear about that mash of buttons I was talking about?



You see, thats highly classified information and while I would like to share with you, I can't. What I can tell you is that myself and others have been talking about starting our gamers podcast sometime in the near future. I thought I should let you all know about it and when things get rolling I'll keep you updated.

That's all on.. Partially non-game related information.

In game related news I bought Fat Princess on the PlaystationStore and I am enjoying it very much so. Its addicting and fun and cheerfully gruesome.


Along with that I got the SEGA cl4ssic 'Gunstar Heroes' and have yet to actually play it but I remember it being fun.
For anyone who is wondering about my progress in Bioshock, I haven't played the game since I made it to "Ryan's.. Lair?" I forget what it's called. I really want to finish this outstanding game but something is keeping me away. I'm not sure when I will finish it but when I do you can expect there will be a blog and quite possibly a review.

I guess that brings us to the end of this blog, oh! also, it was my birthday yesterday! I am now 17.
How have you all been? Are you enjoying any new games? Let me know!

I cracked like a bridge with too many cars on it. *update*

I caved, what can I say?

As bad as Gamespot has become over the years and especially most recently there is always something that pulls me back.
so yes everybody, I'm back and will be regularly blogging once again. (I just won't be happy about it) My strike really didn't last that long since my last blog was on May 9th. I know right, a bit embarrassing but that's behind us. Lets focus on the future fun times and blogs!

Has anyone gotten a chance to play the "Walking Dead" game? I downloaded the demo and can say I was impressed.
Not visually, but by the way the game felt very character driven which is something many games today lack.

The art was a bit cell shaded and reminded me quite a bit of Afro Samurai, I don't usually mind this art style and in some cases have been in favor of it but in a game like the 'Walking Dead' it just didn't feel quite right. Let me know what you think about the game, if you played the demo do you think your going to buy all of the episodes?

Also, I watched a newer release movie recently which was recommended to me by my brother also a friend here on gamespot really enjoyed it. Everyone I mention it to has either enjoyed it or hasn't seen it so that was enough incentive to watch the film.

What film am I talking about?

"The Grey" with Liam Neeson.


Best. Movie. Ever!


Well, okay maybe not the best movie ever but damn was it good. Right from the start I knew I was going to be in for a treat. When everyone in the plane crashed and encountered their first wolf I got all giddy inside!

'The Grey' was an awesome thrilling ride and written and acted exceptionally well. Every scene was interesting and fun to watch, the pacing of the movie was also great and with a slightly unexpected twist at the end you can't be dissapointed.

I can't stress this enough, you should go and see this movie!

So what is new with everybody else?

Gamespot Y U NO LISTEN?


I'm making this blog to inform you that like many others I will be leaving Gamespot.
Not permanately but until Gamespot decideds to fix the many issues with their site, most notably the comment system.
Each of my previous blogs have a few comments but on my blog page it will still tell me that there are zero.
This may be a small issue to some of you but for me its something I can't ignore.

This will be my last blog until I notice any of these changes being fixed, I will still visit the site and check on everyone's blogs but you won't see me comment and I wont be in the forums anymore either.

Who remembers the Star Wars: Battlefront games?

I know I sure do.
Star Wars: Battlefront was such a great series and for me is one of the most memorable game experiences on the PS2.
I played the first and second in the series and then later replayed them on the original Xbox and loved them even more.

For those of you who are fans of the series you may know why Battlefront 3 was cancled and never seen the light of day but for those of you who don't, I read and interesting article on gamesradaryou can read here.


The article explained why "Free Radical" games never finished Star Wars: Battlefront 3.

Basically it boils down to LucasArts seeing new management and new employees which were concerned with cost and put an end to the production of Battlefront 3. It's a shame really because if held true to the series it would have been a great seller and a great game.

For anyone that wants to read mor eabout the history of "Free Radical" games and why they are no more there is a another article that details it more-so. Check that out, here.

Black Ops 2? No way, no way!

In case you didn't know, the Black Ops 2 trailer has surfaced on the web as of recently. It seems to have gotten quite a few people excited but my question is, why?


If history means anything at all then we can expect Black Ops 2 to play nearly the same as all of the previous Call of Duty games. Although this time around its a futuristic/Modern warfare game.

The trailer boasts walking robots and other cool advanced technology but will that really be enough to make Black Ops 2 shine? My guess is no.

How many of you have seen the trailer, and if you've watched it what is your reaction?

EDIT: If you haven't yet seen the trailer, you can check it out here.