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DangerousRobber Blog

The old gamespot was better

Well, it's been a short while since I've signed on, but now that I have, I can say with certainty that Gamespot has and always will continue to go downhill. What's with this new redesign? Was the old one really that bad? The answer - NO.

The whole blog page looks frankly, confusing. It was always nice to be able to easily switch through pages and find the latest blogs from all your friends. But not now.

I've been working on a blog / website and the url will be posted as soon as its up an running.

That is all.

Are we really gonna do the gas thing?


What's new Gamespot? Nothing? Ok.
I'll just talk about myself for a while then.

I placed an order on Amazon yesterday for my Azden WHD-Pro, if all goes well it should arrive here around the same time GTAV drops.
Exciting isn't it.

Who's been watching Dexter. What?! You haven't? Shame on you.
For those of you who haven't been able to see any of the new episodes, I can tell you that this season has been all it's cracked up to be. Not only that, but Breaking Bad has been blowing the top off my head every episode.

It's a sad thing to see two great shows come to an end, I'm not looking forward to saying my final goodbyes to either of them but at least I know each show will go out with a bang. We truly are experiencing some stellar programming these days.

Game related news? None.
Deal with it.

Summer is coming to a close, sad news right? Bleh. Winter, why mother nature why must you punish us.
Even all the snowman building and snowball fights in the world can't make winter an enjoyable season.

Guess who's unemployed? I am! Hoping that will change soon though, I've been applying to every job I can find, and even picking up the odd job here and there for people. I know, your parents tell you not to talk to strangers, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I've been working on a novel. Who's interested in knowing more?
Well sadly, I can't tell you anymore then that, the story is really only just now starting to take shape and still there are quite a few gaps in terms of characters and environment. It's an up hill battle but I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Hey! Subscribe I promise I will have videos soon. And, I promise you will fall in love with them.
You may even break up with your girlfriend, or boyfriend, if that's your thing. Much love to you all.

My dog is staring at me like I'm nuts. I can't figure out why.
And today, the damn wind is ruining the would be nice weather. I might still go for a longboard ride later in the day though, and I feel like hiking would be a good plan this weekend. Maybe even go for a swim in the lake. Who's with me? We could go skinny dipping!

What have I been playing lately? Nothing really, I jump onto Dirt for the odd race here and there, and once in a while I pop in Civilization to check on things. I've played the story of Last of Us so many damn times now, I'm not sure if I'll ever finish my Survivor + play through.

Well, I think that's all folks!
Remember, always look both ways when crossing the street, and always tie your shoes.
Oh! and pull up your dang pants.

Check this out!

Hey folks! I'm back! and i'm inclined to believe not many of you remember me so I'll reintroduce myself.
My name is Rob, or DangerousRobber if you so choose.

It's been a very long time since I've been active here on gamespot and there are a few different reasons for that, but I won't bore you with them.

I dropped in today and decided, hey, why not sign in. So I did, and then I thought, hey, why not post a blog. So I am.

I can't promise that I will be frequently active, at least not for a little while but I'll try my best.

Anyway, in the meantime you can head on over to my main blog at
You can also follow me on twitter if your into that kind of thing. @rob_desharnais
And also, and most importantly, I ask that you please subscribe to my youtube account

There aren't currently any videos on my youtube but filming will begin soon. You can look forward to hilarious videos of all sorts, including pranks on strangers and in the future even a bit of short film action.

The type of thing you can expect to see on my wordpress in the future are short stories and other types of fiction writing.

If your interested in what I've been up to in my year long absence from Gamespot, I'll be sure to fill you in, feel free to ask in the comments.

In game related news, we've got GTAV on the horizon so who's excited?
I know I am!

So, gamespot, how have you been?

You know I'm right.

Grand Theft Auto.



I can't speak for any of you, but I am totally flippin stoked for this game!
I have greatly enjoyed every addition to this beloved series and after watching the first trailer for this game I was hooked.
Now after seeing the second trailer all I can think of saying is..


You must not read this

Hey Gamespot!

How's it going?

I'm doing well. A few new things have occurred in my life and I'm here to tell you about it!

I guess I'll start of with what games I have been playing recently.

I'm still playing Uncharted 3 like I said in my previous blog, I don't play the Multiplayer as often anymore because my focus has shifted to the story but I do hop online for a match now and then. Along with Uncharted 3 I have been playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Dead Space.

Let me tell you that I have been wrong about Dead Space, so very wrong. When I originally played it I was far less then impressed. The atmosphere just didn't scare me and I didn't like the way the game seemed to be progressing.

However, this time around my views could not be more opposite. In fact, this game scares the crap out of me when it wants to!

Dont get me wrong I do often find my self expecting what's to come, but when I'm wrong and nothing is waiting for me around that next corner it bothers me. When the empty room I thought would contain an alien instead goes instantly dark I start to worry. Then I hear something crawling through the walls and I think of only one thing. I don't want to be here when whatever made that noise gets back.


I'm playing the game on the Hard difficulty and so far am only on Chapter 4 or maybe Chapter 5. I can't remember exactly.

What I can tell you is this. My most precious possession is the Plasma Cutter. I don't know what I would do without it.

There was a time when I had to make the very difficult decision of buying Med Packs or Ammo and I chose ammo just to make me feel more secure. Dead Space tends to **** with your mentality a bit.

On the note of what else is new in my life, well I received a call from the Vancouver Film School. This is the school I would like to go to for acting courses. I checked out the website and read a lot about it and it sounds like it would be excellent.

I have also written a couple more "Poems". I use the word Poem lightly; because to be completely honest I'm not entirely sure what I write could be called a poem. This can all be found on myTumblr. Do check it out!

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer? Gasp!

Just a few days ago I decided to pick up and play Uncharted 3, I started on the story and played for a little while but then quickly found myself playing the multiplayer. So far I have only played Team Deathmatch and one co-operative mission but I can say that this time around the multiplayer is really polished as opposed to Uncharted 2.


So lets hear it! Is anyone else out there playing this game?
Let me know if you are and maybe we can get together one night a play a few rounds.

A new video game purchase and a new poem.

Hey Gamespot! What's up?

Staying true to my word and my roots here on Gamespot.
I'm back with another game related blog post for you all!
I bought myself a new game!
Can you guess what it is?

No? Okay I'll tell you, I bought Sleeping Dogs!

Oh boy is it kick ass! I'm probably about half way done the main story now and have completed a fair amount of the side stuff. My first impression of the game reminded a lot of Jet Li's Rise to Honor on the PS2.
This is a a sandbox game that can hold its own along side Saints Row and GTA.

The city really feels alive and the people that populate it have a certain.. flow. A flow that can only be described with "incredibly immersive". I often find my self just walking the streets and admiring the scenery whilst listening to the many people go about their business. That is of course until one of them calls me out, then it's go time!


I have never once found myself bored in the game, There is always something to do, and hey, if there isn't well then beat the crap out someone, because that's always fun in Sleeping Dogs. The hand to hand combat is addictive and satisfying. I haven't had this much fun fist fighting in a game like this ever before. A close second would probably be The Godfather, on the original Xbox.

So far, I give Sleeping Dogs two thumbs up!
If I review the game after completing it, you will be the first to know!

In other, non gaming related news I wrote and posted a poem on my other blog.
Here it is! Do me a huge favor and check it out, and if you liked it, show you friends. :)


The arrival of my new blog! And what I've been playing recently

That's right! I said I would have a new blog soon and I do!
I really hope you all check it out anf stick around.

But if you're not big on visiting a different blog, don't fret I'll still post here once in a while but it will be strictly gaming related.

Here's the link to my new blog

Here's my Twitter too!

Okay, so on to what I've been playing recently.
Most of my time spent has been with Borderlands, I picked it up again recently and can't put it down. Especially considering I have my old game save to play off of. This time around I have all of the DLC to play. So far I am greatly enjoy the Mad Moxxi's underdome, the banking system is a very nice edition.

I've also began playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 quite frequently. Is as much fun as I remember it to be, and maybe even a little more.

Finally, I am still playing Mafia II, although I'm stuck more now then I have been in a long time. I just can't seem to beat the mission I'm on.

Has anybody bought Borderlands 2? Is it great?!

Tell me, what have you been up to?

Hello everybody!

Im back once more after a short break and this time around Im not going to tell you about my plans to be more active and post more often. I am instead going to tell you about why I am so inactive and what I plan to do about it.

Ive been a part of Gamespot for so long now that its something that I just cant be done with, pack up my stuff and leave. Ive met a lot of great people on here many of which I enjoyed playing games with.
Many of you have given me great suggestions for movies, television shows and games.
The reason I rarely visit anymore is simply because Gamespot has changed in so many ways, the website itself has drastically changed from when I originally started. Not to mention the community has seen the loss of a lot of people and I just cant seem to stay up to date with everyone anymore.

Naturally I feel bad about my lack of activity in this community so I will indeed continue to post blogs here on Gamespot, however they will be strictly about gaming.

For those of you that want to hear from me more often and maybe enjoyed what I had to say regarding things that arent mindless video game entertainment, I have just the thing.
I plan on starting up a new blog, outside of Gamespot where the choice of topic is completely mine to make. Youre all welcome to stop by and read what I have to say. Ill let you all know when that blog is up and running.

In other news, who has seen the new model of the PS3? What do you think of it?
I personally think it looks like a cool design but I already have a slim PS3 so its not like Im going to be rushing to the store to buy this, not now or ever.


To keep the topic on gaming, I am still playing Mafia 2 although Ive had a bump in the road. I must chase down a Chinese mob leader but for the life of me I just cant make it past the driving sequence of the mission. Alongside Mafia 2, I have been messing around in Borderlands a bit in anticipation of when I get Borderlands 2 which Im very much looking forward to.

For anyone interested in following me on Twitter, @Rob_Desh
For anyone interested in seeing more from me on YouTube, click this link and subscribe.

Well, thats all for now folks.
Tell me, what have you all been up to?

The world of Gamespot

Right, so I'm a bit rusty when it comes to this. I haven't been active on Gamespot for such a long time I nearly forgot all about it. Forgive me if I ramble a bit.

I wan't to stat with talking about Borderlands 2. I just watched the " Sir Hammerlock Tour " trailer and damn was I impressed. I can't wait until I get my hands on it and get to return to Pandora. :D

Oh, I recently purchased the Greatest hits version of Mafia II and haven't been able to put it down since I started.
The atmosphere is amazing and the gameplay is very fun.

Moving onto a more personal side of things. I got myself a new job working with concrete.
My job consists of building wood 'forms' to hold the concrete, then we pour it and let it dry.

It's hard work but it's rewarding.

What has the world Gamespot been up to in my absence