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No they don't. The series producer has said that like Wind Waker and Skyward Sword, they're doing something entirely different with regards to the graphics. I hope it's something acceptable, and honestly i just want something like the HD trailer at 2012's E3 - I sure don't hope it's something like Kirby's Epic Yarn or some bullshit. They should keep it dark like Twilight Princess and Majora's Mask, it will attract the audience that claims to be "mature"
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Go out - invest in a Wii and buy Xenoblade and The Last Story - the best RPG's the last couple of years. Forget all about these new stupid western rpg's that can have you defeat the game with a stick - where every upgrade is only an illusion, and it's no more than an action game with a few numbers - get back to the old fashioned 'get your head in the game'-rpg that requires some attention and maybe even grind!

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So i've bought Xenoblade and heard it was such a beautiful game and awesome game, so i decided to dust off the Wii and get it working! I took out my component cable and clicked everything into place as it should be. Then i got no picture.... I figured, i'd use the old composite cable, and see if i could change options in the Wii menu. I could - or the option was there, but i couldn't actually select it! I got abit more frustrated, and then i thought: "It's probably because i don't have the component cable inserted!" - but then i thought "How can i have two cables inserted?"... And now i'm here.. lost and cold :/

Somebody please help me, this worked a couple of months back, and now i can't get it to function the right way, why is the EDTV/HDTV not selectable? Why don't i at least get a picture with the component cable that's NOT 480p, what the heck is going on :(

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So yeah... appearently my component cable just isn't working anymore for the Wii.

I have this great three-ways component cable, with an input for both Xbox, Playstation and Wii.

It's usually used on my Xbox, and works perfectly, but when i try and hook it up to the Wii, it's suddenly all dead and the screen goes "No Signal"...

Now you're probably thinking "the idiot didn't do >insert whatever i didn't do< - thing is, i don't know what i didn't do, because this is the first time it ever does this, i have played my Wii with the component cable being just fine, and with no issue, not even the regular "black and white screen" issue, or ANYTHING. Now it's just completely dead! The second i switch it back to my Xbox all is fine. Heres a list of what i have done:

Checked everything was plugged in right - it was (yet you can still tell me how YOU plug it in, though it seems obvious to follow color direction)

I've switched the Wii to an 480i resolution - i know you probably think "you're suppose to go 480p!" but i can't, because the only way i can get a signal is by plugging the standard av cable into the Wii, and there it won't allow me to raise my resolution

My component cable has a little switch taht says "TV/HDTV" i've tried booting it up with the switch on either side - dosen't work

What the hell is going on here? Is that it? Did my component cable work for so long, but after completing Galaxy 2, it's run it's course? That can't be right since it's functioning on my Xbox! Please help, i've just bought Epic Mickey and Metroid Prime Other M and i refuse to play it with sucky resolution :D

Thank you!

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Mine would be Rise of Argonauts (so much anticipation, everyone hoped for it to be as good as Mass Effect, luckily i haven't tried Mass Effect so couldn't compare it)

And probably.. hmmm Well in many ways i really enjoyed the new Transformers game, and the multiplayer is really fun! It's was a pretty impulsive buy, and didn't expect much, but was happily surprised!