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You suck, but don't get mad i told you so!

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So GameSpot just put up an article (depending on which time you read this) -

Basically it's about how stories in games, aren't really that important, and won't be a dominating factor in the future.

I disagree, because consumers are afraid of change - especially core gamers (well those who love to call themselves that, i still don't after 19 years of gaming, i just like games that are fun, be it on my 2,500 dollar gaming computer, or my cellphone).

That's basically it. What is sold, is gonna be sold in heavier amounts. So story driven games are continue to roll out untill devs say "hey, this is madness, why are we using so much money on scripts and storywriting when we're creating racing game  or a puzzler", and i do believe that that attitude will be seen at some point.

See to me games have never been about the story, some love it and i do too if their good - the stories that is. But the thing is, a lot of games doesn't have good stories. They might have entertaining stories, but just like American Pie has never exactly been oscar worthy (politics they say!), i can still very much enjoy it! Heck the story might even make sense, trompet to ass IS fun, and outrageous, just like the movie wants you to think /sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm... or is it sarcasm?

Wouldn't they love an Academy Award?!

See movies like American Pie doesn't want to be taken seriously, and that's why we don't presume it's a masterpeice, we just like it for what it is. But again: we are presented with this, we're TOLD IT'S SILLY.. What if we were told something was not silly, but very serious, and to be considered adult and intelligent perhaps. 

Look at Tomb Raider, the reboot. Here's a game i really enjoyed. Game mechanics were nice, abit repetetive, but the graphics made up for what might have been abit stale, it was rewarding for me to explore, and in the end i got through the game never feeling dragged. It had a nice pace so to speak. The story? Well what a piece of shallow idiocy. I will refer you to biggest_looser who made a nice analysis of the game, with abit of focus on the story and it's presentation.

See we're told this game was adult and serious! But who are we to know. I don't blame you for being a bad critic, you might not have a need to be negative or pessimistic, you're just looking for a good time, and a good time you had overlooking basically every fault, which ultimately makes for a poor story as a whole...

See THIS ^^^ is allowed. When you play a game, you want your moneys worth, but stop being afraid of the truth, the only way stories are gonna be better, or not flushed down the toilet and gone with, is if you give them feedback, show them every mistake they made, and make them aware that the next time, it just can't be like that! Plotholes are everywhere these days, and people seem to just overlook it because it's easiest thing to do.

Recently i played through Bioshock Infinite, i enjoyed my playthrough, the gameplay was abit off for me, and some things weren't really explained that well, see i was newbie to the franchise, i had never had time or interrest in Bioshock. Now the first installment was a great game, or so they said, and i do believe them - "them" being everybody. People said  the story was godlike, and i thought "damn straight, i'll give the franchise a chance with Infinite coming up!". I bought the game, played it through, was excited after i finished it, and then... well then i was grounded, and i was sort of disappointed(?). I can't go into too much detail, 'cause i don't want to spoil anything, but basically EVERYTHING is possible in the Bioshock universe, people who has played through the game will know why. This - this is bullshit. This basically covers every plothole within the game. This is weak storywriting at it's best. It's like saying "it was all a dream". You're covering yourself from anything that might have been badly written, and i don't like that, not at all! It's a bigger discussion, but if you have played it through, think it over for a second.

Saying this does in fact stirr up quite a lot of emotion with gamers. A lot of people consider themselves George Orwell's and they think they know what's good because they enjoyed it. Are you gonna say a Whopper is THE SHIT because it's **** tasty? You know it's bad, all of it, it's sodium and calories mushed together for your enjoyment, and it does taste good, but it can't ever hide from it's quality, which is shitty - just like most games.

mmmm... Michelin worthy

There are games out there that have decent stories. Heck the 90's and early 00's had loads of great RPG's with stories that were bookworthy! But they were basically books! This is now coming back with Torment: Tides of Numenera, which is in my opinion awesome! Games like Mass Effect and Skyrim are considered RPG's, but in honesty they have little to no options, and people will play through them the statistically best way possible - see that's actually still the most important thing: that you're able to defeat enemies and bosses, not with words of talk, but with weapons and spells! Not to RPGish in my book, but whatever, i can accept it.

Still, i tried taking up the discussion in a forum, and of course i was met with hostility, people think Assassins Creed is great story writing. The themes are awesome, and elements of the story is exciting, but the story itself... it's the weakest writing i have seen in years! They actually tried to flesh it out with Revelations, and the 3rd, but it ultimately resulted in them butchering the previous games and their storyline. Now their trying to flesh out the 3rd one with ANOTHER installment.

This is very much the same with Gears of War, God of War, Halo, etc. etc. the story isn't great. Parts of it might be, but they really aren't anything special, and you think it is because you DON'T THINK IT IS. You don't care, you accept what you're presented with, and you don't ask any questions. You're satisfied as long as they tell you to be. But why do you think stories are even made today? You don't think an earth invasion could be told in one game? It takes 4 GEARS OF WARS, A PREQUEL EVEN, to tell you this? Same goes for God of War. We already knew the story in the first one, and how it would end, but they needed prequels and PSP versions and what not.

I don't mind all of that, but when developers claim that it's to "flesh out the story and lore" you should ask yourself "how **** stupid am i?" - cause you're really stupid. You think you like the story, but that's only because you don't have to work with it, it's predictable, easy, shallow and uninspired. You're working with an established imagination, and it's yours. It's not that you're a great writer, and that's you're a common observer. It's all clichés and you have learned to notice these clichés, and this is why the stories seem average or good: because you know it, and you feel awesome knowing it! You think you're intelligent, but what you are is just a consumer, and they are playing you. 

While all of that is going on, you're not even noticing the shitty gameplay. It's basically the same you have been playing for 10 years, but with a different atmosphere, and a different story (or voice actors, the stories are so basic and alike that name switching and a coat of new colour is all it needs to convince you it's original).

COME ON! Be better, you deserve it, we deserve it!