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GTA V: Dealing With The Hatred

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There's no denying that GTA is one hell of an angry game. There's a lot of rage in there, and it's getting potrayed in forms of violence and social commentary. Naturally the news and politicians are all over it. Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister in the UK, is all over it, saying that it can have bad effects, or as he puts it "a corrosive effect". Here's my short, and spontaneous comment to that.



 From left to right: Trevor Phillips, Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa aka Townely


To Nick Clegg and others.


I bet games like these can have effects. So can many other things. Let's focus on the aspect of violence, which seems to always be the focus: The majority of mass murderings over the past decades have been purely out of political reasons, wouldn't you say? But you don't want to end politics do you? I don't. No 'cause even though they are of a political agenda, the people that can behave 'spite their dissatisfaction, heavily outweighs the psychopaths.

It seems too absurd to me, that ignorance is the plain reason for news outlets and politicians to comment on these things. Naturally its sensationalism at its best, but IF there's an actual fear in between the comments, i think it's actually due to a far more serious thing within games like GTA: the social commentary.

GTA really jabs at the real life world and all its absurdities, and at its best, it does so in a very discreete way, yet powerful way. There are obvious parodies in between, like LifeInvader, the lash out at Facebook. I mean those things are easy to spot, but messages behind may have more value than what meets the eye. It's definitely not everyone who will pick up on that though, a good example is the character Trevor. At one point in the game, the federal agency have you torturing a poor victim for information. Trevor isn't exactly objecting though, but none the less the part after is interesting Afterwards he drives the torture victim to the airport, to save him (which seems confusing i understand). The reason for that, is because of his anger towards politics and the government. He mentions something about "delievering the message", but the disorientated torture victim doesn't pick it up. What Trevor is saying, is that the government makes use of these methods, and they are nothing but a legal way of doing perverted and inhumane things. "They will get the information eventually" he states (paraphrasing). Either the victim lies, breaks down, or dies. They are never let go. We know about torturing, yet it doesn't seem to be a subject worth discussing anymore, why?

I think politicians and media fear the impact that games can have - ideologically too. It's an entertaintment business that's spite it's growing popularity, is still very distant to certain groups of people, and appearently one groups, a conrolling grup, doesn't have its grip around this industry, it can't control everything that gets out. It must be frustrating. As we know, the gaming industry doesn't make use of lobbyism.. as of yet. What these politicians, lawmakers, "moral people" know about IS GTA - 'cause it's a world phenomenon - they do know about the subjects within the game, and they do know about its popularity, and that's very huge, and dangerous for them. It's a tube for a potential propaganda, and you bet it will be used for that if ever it becomes a necessacity. If not from big publishers, then small independant developers.

I wish you would educate yourself in the manner that i do to understand our governments and systems. Through education i have arrived to a place where my distrust in all things "politics" is very high indeed. It's an area that corrupts even the best of men, and though we often idolize several political figures, we tend to ignore their dark sides, which exceeds those of the common man by great amounts. I don't strife for that sort of fame, i just wish to have a little fun with my own investments, and so far there's no bond between by acts of frustration and the games i play. 

Please, don't be wilfully ignorant. That's disturbing.

Regards from a pacifist.