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Wii U - The Deathrow Console


Where to start...

So it's not really a mystery to anyone that my views on Nintendo are somewhat negative these days. I rarely speak positively about the company, and i barely see any reason why i should. Every game released for the console seems to be ports, remakes or games building upon recent succesful games e.g. Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. I can't say that for sure, since i haven't played either, and although everything sounds great so far, naturally it doesn't hold up to the likeness of the Xbox One and PS4's lineups.

That said, i still don't believe that the PS4 or Xbox One is necessarily the better machines just because they offer prettier games, no my distrust in Nintendo comes from the fact that they KNOW the Wii U had to have many Nintendo IP's rolling out from the beginning, and while they didn't fully live up to that, they have managed to secure some stabile line ups coming this holiday - yet as i wrote earlier, they only build upon games that are fresh in the mind of people who have either owned a Wii, DS, or 3DS. I'm sort of saddened by this, 'cause it doesn't actually show the horsepower of the Wii U, rather it plays on favouritism of the beloved IP's, which if i may say, is slowly fading away and becoming a thing yesteryear, or some property of nostalgia. If you believe Mario or Donkey Kong holds the same statue as they did 10 years ago, obviously you're living in the past - and to be fair, most people are. I always discuss this with people, and they tend to say "yeah but Nintendo has always".. "has" - see this is a thing of the past. What they did do, doesn't matter in the light of what they are doing, and maybe i'll be wrong somewhere down the line - hope to God i am - but if i'm not? Well software aside, 'cause Nintendo IP's won't win over the majority, and 3rd party has left long ago, so what's left? "It's cheaper" would be the common argument. But does it hold up? I mean pricing and value are 2 different things, and is the Wii U actually worth its price. It's subjective, but compared to upcoming consoles, the answer is pretty much a solid no. Let me explain.

The dreaded external HDD

So in order to keep the Wii U at an affordable price, Nintendo chose to cut the internal space. They did so in the hopes that people already own an external HDD, or would buy the cheap and affordable ones on the market. This is somewhat strange considering older console on the market offers up to 500 GB, and still remain cheaper. Naturally there's a reason for that: The GamePad. But i'll get into that later. So you have 8GB or 32GB depending on you're choice. I chose 8GB, which wasn't 8 but actually 4GB with the spring update. Am i fool? No i'm a student, i didn't have enough money. Did i need 32 GB? No 'cause i like my games physical, so why am i complaining? Well i got some VC stuff down, and i have about 2GB left. Who's to say that i can ever update my consoles firmware in the future? Last update took several gigs, i'm not sure. Why don't i get an external HDD? Well why should i, i don't want digital sales - or do i? See here's the issues:

  • Firmware and updates - i just wrote it before. This issue boils down to the fact, that further updates may be restricted due to the fact that YOU SIMPLY DON'T HAVE ANY SPACE
  • Secondly, Nintendo seems to be focusing heavily on indie games and digital sales. Wind Waker just released 2 weeks earlier on the e-shop, Monster Hunter 3G has a great digital offer, buying Pikmin 3 or Wonderful 101 on the e-shop slashes the price of other games, and buying digitally overall earns you cash that you can use later on. 

Games like Wonderful 101 and Lego City Undercover takes up a massive 10 GB and 22 GB of space. You see how fast even the deluxe 32GB model (which is in fact a 29) will dry up? Yeah, it won't be long till you used up all your space. 

You're pretty much forced to get yourself an external harddrive for the best deals possible, for any promotions, and for games overall. Indies rarely come in retail. It's a weird way to punish your customers, and while many people seem to defend Nintendo saying "it's not Nintendo's fault", you seem to forget that this very much IS their fault. Nintendo knew this would be an issue, and their excuse was to "eliviate the cost" BECAUSE it would seem unattractive to do otherwise. They threw away the responsiblity, and how would an honest and slightly naive Nintendo fan see them embrace the digital age the way they are now. They're pushing it to a whole new level by buying chunks of a game online - that is if you have space!

Well newsflash Nintendo: not everybody wants to buy an external HDD for your console. In fact why was it so hard to keep it Format32 and not some unique Wii U format. I can take my external HDD for my computer, and plug it straight into the PS3 because they run the same format. What's the deal? And here's the last things i can't get over. You implemented USB 2.0 instead of 3.0. This means it's a slow situation we got going on, ultimately isolating you're choice of external HDD. You can't really use any USB sticks or those fancy small HDD's (they mostly run on USB 3.0 with backwards compatibility). In order to get a proper external HDD you need one with its own power source. Say hello to +50-100 dollars considering where you live.

So yeah. You're console can never be a 199 or 249 experience - we will always see a 300+ dollar machine, if you wish to take advantage of all games offered on the console, and all promotions on the e-shop. But 300 dollars is still 100 dollars left than the PS4, so it's not that bad. true, but let's take a look at something else.

Battery life on the GamePad

The GamePad gets a lot of flack - and i will soon express my opinion on it - but one thing that it's notoriously reknowned for, is its absurdly horrible battery life. Since the GamePad can't be turned off any other way than to actually go out of range of your Wii U console, and then press the off-button, you're sitting with a piece of hardware that has a battery life of 3-4 hours, and again: you can't shut it off. Not only is this waste in electrical consumption, but it's bad hardware design - a thing the GamePad really suffers. So what's the way to avoid such horrors as keeping your GamePad plugged in at all time (which seems to be the only way to have long sessions of gametime). Well you buy that new shiny battery. You know like the Motion+, the way it was "intended" to be, and of course the "intended" product would have an "intended" pricetag a little higher than you expected. Say hello to another 20-30 dollars on the table. Mouthwateringly attracting price. Now you're console is catching up to the coming hardware.

But all of this isn't REALLY necessary. Maybe you don't mind excluding yourself from some games and sales. Maybe you don't care about gaming for more than 2-3 hours, and bad battery time is not so much an issue. Besides indirectly loosing money, i may get where you are coming from. So lets look at some of the things that the Wii U doesn't offer, yet keeps it's price at a staggering 249 (for something not inherently stupid like the Basic Set, which i bought 'cause i'm an idiot).

Want to watch movies? Netflix? Oh you mean you're movies, like DVD's and Blu-Rays!

Yeah you can't. Appearently it's still the year 2000 for Nintendo, and including (AT LEAST) a DVD player seems out of place. Naturally this is also to cut the cost and make the machine more attractive. That's the business argument. The stupid argument is "we're focusing on delievering a piece of gaming hardware, that's focused on interaction and giving the player"-blablabla. Yeah you say that, yet you're giving us Netflix and TVii, yet you're still to cheap to include a DVD player that costs next to nothing these days. Most people own one i know, but it would be nice with a piece of equipment that could supply all my needs instead of 5 different ones.

Don't even want to go into the blue-ray talk 'cause naturally Nintendo wouldn't waste a dime on that, if they won't even give us a DVD player. In any case, if you're without either, you won't find it in the Wii U. 

Wii Motion Plus and a sensor bar.

Because all who owns a Wii U owns a Wii. That might be somewhat true. I own a Wii. I've owned it since 2009, after selling my first one 'cause it dusted. Then game out some games i was really interested and i got it. Then came Motion+ and i didn't get that, 'cause i didn't need it for any games really. Then came Skyward Sword and i didn't want to buy a peripheral "intended" to be there from the start. What kind of bull is that? Once again you punish you're loyal (hehe i sold my first one) and truthful fans, that have been there from the start? Way to go you arrogant ... And yeah i know there's a lot of games that offered the Wii Motion+ like Red Steel 2, Wii Sports Resort or Wii Play, but i didn't want any of those... I almost bought Wii Sports Resort on sale just for the Motion+, but then i realized that i still find it unquestionably arrogant to force me to buy it, if i want to enjoy certain games, high profile ones at that. There's a reason Skyward Sword needed Motion+, cause the game could've easily been just as enjoyable with the Twilight Princess control scheme, or a classic controller support - it's because it sells! "But enemies were intended" shut up, i don't care what anything is "intended" to be anymore. You either make something completely, or you don't, and both Microsoft and Sony has been able to create peripherals that weren't needed for anything unless it was marked with a great big sticker on the front saying "B**** this thing is required, SO DO NOT BUY OTHERWISE" and it didn't prevent you from playing core titles. I mean it was a Zelda game for god sake! 

Naturally you don't get it with the Wii U, once again they want to eliviate any cost that might interfere with an attractive pricetag. So you either own one from the start, or you buy a new one, either way say hello to 20-60 dollars (either you find sales or that old seperate Motion+ peripheral, or you get the all new controller which is the price of a game - yeah that sucks). Who is even to say that you own a Wiimote, maybe you sold your old one to get the Wii U.

So once again, for the full experience, drop an extra dime.

Is there anything of value in the package?

Yes. A free HDMI cord. Appearently the same basic logic for all the other things doesn't apply to this. You may own 15 of these cords, but you get one for free. Even though it's the cheapest thing and i could jab at Nintendo even further, this is a nice move. "We didn't know people would be so quick to change out their old TV's for HD TV's" said Miyamoto about the Wii's SD limitation. Sure they did, and Nintendo knows this now.

So what's the single worst thing in the package?




Unfortunetly the worst thing about the Wii U console is also it's signature. The GamePad. This piece of equipment held great potential. Something not even Nintendo could live up to. It has bad resolution that results in muddy graphics if you wish to take advantage of off-tv play, which is an entirely stupid reason to buy a home console, and i know of no one who has used it to an extend that justifies this piece of hardware. Notice those red and green squares on the GamePad up there? Yeah that's the "extra" gameplay that the GamePad user gets from playing New Super Mario Bro. Wii U. They summon blocks that doesn't alter anything in the game other than to piss of your friends by making it harder for them to reach the goal. I guess that's a feature now.

It's a squeeky piece of plastic that can't be shut off (like i said earlier), so it's battery time wears down quick. So far there's not really any software that offers anything to vary the gameplay, though it does cut off the splitscreen features from some games which is nice to an extend. Any game that does deliever some alternate function with the use of the gameplay, is often just an awkward and unpleasent experience, even though the idea may have been good. This includes games like the Assassin's Creed 3, Wonderful 101 and Nintendo's supposed flagship title Pikmin 3. Most of the time i throw away the GamePad and simply use the Pro Controller for more precise controls. Oh the Pro Controller is another thing you would want to buy in order to get a much more realized experience. It costs the same thing as a game, so yeah.. you're f*****.

Now why does it anger me so much, that this GamePad is part of the system? Because it's part of the cost. This thing is almost as expensive, if not more so, than the console itself. I don't understand how a piece of plastic, with bad battery life, a bad restrictive touchscreen (that doesn't support multitouch) can be so expensive. It has something as stupid as an NFC field on it (near field communication) just to play on the Skylanders succes. Why would you include that, and not something that might have actually mattered.

Nintendo loves their console, but in order to get the full experience, you're actually toppling the cost of a PS4, that with it's 400 dollar pricetag offers you MUCH better specs, 3rd party support, and a controller that does offer touch-functions, but doesn't evolve the controller into a beast. Besides that it doesn't consume electricity like a beast, it gives you a blu-ray and a DVD, and it gives you a headset and an HDMI cable. All the things that isn't exactly "required" to game, but still seems all the more attractive, and here's what really has me scratching my head. 

According to Nintendo, when the Wii U came out, they sold it at a loss. They had to sell one Deluxe Set plus a game,  in order to gain profit. Now that they slashed the price by 50 dollars, this obviously requires 2 games sold.

Sony came out the other day, and said that in order to sell their machine with a profit, they have to sell the console plus 2 games.

Do you understand my worry here. The Wii U, albeit a stronger machine than the PS3 and 360, is so inferior in comparison to the PS4, that these exact statements has me really worried for Nintendo. What are they doing? They have sacrificed so much to make the price of the Wii U attractive, yet they sell it at a loss the same as Sony.. how?! Well GamePad is how - or so i suppose.

Like i mentioned early on, price and value are two different things - some can't afford a 400 or 500 dollar machine next to a 250 machine, but with regards to value, you may see my point; many people wish Nintendo wouldn't treat their own hardware as toys, and instead realize how these machines are becoming a very common thing in the household. In any case i can't tell you what they plan on doing next, 'cause it's too much of a mystery.

GTA V: Dealing With The Hatred


There's no denying that GTA is one hell of an angry game. There's a lot of rage in there, and it's getting potrayed in forms of violence and social commentary. Naturally the news and politicians are all over it. Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister in the UK, is all over it, saying that it can have bad effects, or as he puts it "a corrosive effect". Here's my short, and spontaneous comment to that.



 From left to right: Trevor Phillips, Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa aka Townely


To Nick Clegg and others.


I bet games like these can have effects. So can many other things. Let's focus on the aspect of violence, which seems to always be the focus: The majority of mass murderings over the past decades have been purely out of political reasons, wouldn't you say? But you don't want to end politics do you? I don't. No 'cause even though they are of a political agenda, the people that can behave 'spite their dissatisfaction, heavily outweighs the psychopaths.

It seems too absurd to me, that ignorance is the plain reason for news outlets and politicians to comment on these things. Naturally its sensationalism at its best, but IF there's an actual fear in between the comments, i think it's actually due to a far more serious thing within games like GTA: the social commentary.

GTA really jabs at the real life world and all its absurdities, and at its best, it does so in a very discreete way, yet powerful way. There are obvious parodies in between, like LifeInvader, the lash out at Facebook. I mean those things are easy to spot, but messages behind may have more value than what meets the eye. It's definitely not everyone who will pick up on that though, a good example is the character Trevor. At one point in the game, the federal agency have you torturing a poor victim for information. Trevor isn't exactly objecting though, but none the less the part after is interesting Afterwards he drives the torture victim to the airport, to save him (which seems confusing i understand). The reason for that, is because of his anger towards politics and the government. He mentions something about "delievering the message", but the disorientated torture victim doesn't pick it up. What Trevor is saying, is that the government makes use of these methods, and they are nothing but a legal way of doing perverted and inhumane things. "They will get the information eventually" he states (paraphrasing). Either the victim lies, breaks down, or dies. They are never let go. We know about torturing, yet it doesn't seem to be a subject worth discussing anymore, why?

I think politicians and media fear the impact that games can have - ideologically too. It's an entertaintment business that's spite it's growing popularity, is still very distant to certain groups of people, and appearently one groups, a conrolling grup, doesn't have its grip around this industry, it can't control everything that gets out. It must be frustrating. As we know, the gaming industry doesn't make use of lobbyism.. as of yet. What these politicians, lawmakers, "moral people" know about IS GTA - 'cause it's a world phenomenon - they do know about the subjects within the game, and they do know about its popularity, and that's very huge, and dangerous for them. It's a tube for a potential propaganda, and you bet it will be used for that if ever it becomes a necessacity. If not from big publishers, then small independant developers.

I wish you would educate yourself in the manner that i do to understand our governments and systems. Through education i have arrived to a place where my distrust in all things "politics" is very high indeed. It's an area that corrupts even the best of men, and though we often idolize several political figures, we tend to ignore their dark sides, which exceeds those of the common man by great amounts. I don't strife for that sort of fame, i just wish to have a little fun with my own investments, and so far there's no bond between by acts of frustration and the games i play. 

Please, don't be wilfully ignorant. That's disturbing.

Regards from a pacifist.

Recently Played: From Globex to Ellie - Colourful Experiences

This won't be a long one i promise.

Over the past couple of months i've been swimming in great gaming experiences. Recently i bought Rayman Legends and even won Pikmin 3 in a competition! Those are damn fun games with quirky and beautiful presentations! In a forum debate, i even dared calling Rayman Legends "the best 2D platformer besides Super Mario Bro. 3", and i think part of that is owed to nostalgia weighing a bit more, but even at that, it's one game that truly impresses me with it's rich content, diverse level design, multiple unlockables, online features that surpasses anything alike within the genre, and to be honest, poops all over New Super Mario Bro. Wii U - this is one **** fine game experience, and as one who skipped Origins, i am very grateful that they included all those Origins levels in there. So much content, it's beyond me.



Look at all those COLOURS!


I finally caught up with some old games i never played either... albeit they were in HD, and it's Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. You know it's not all fair, 'cause i haven't played Ico yet, and i have only heard great things, so consider it irrelevant for this blog. Shadow of the Colossus though. My god! It quickly entered my top 10 favourite games of all time. What an amazing experience, and to think that was on Playstation 2?! I'm aware of course that it didn't look so good, but i did play it many years ago, just never finished it, and this time it just blew me away! It wasn't the graphics per say, but the the world, the cinematography - let's be honest that camera is crazy! The fights, so intuitive and thought through! Absolutely stunned me, and it had me completely in awe at almost every turn. The transition from area to area was abolutely amazing, and i can't praise that game enough for it's style and exterior. I love that certain features, like slashing with your sword, is something you can do from the very beginning, but won't matter much the entire game, but at one certain boss fight. Just gorgeous, and as i said, one of my favourites now!



my absolute favourite fight

Then there's one more game to mention, before i really go about the subject of this blog. It's Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. Don't really need an introduction i suppose. Thing about this game is, i had a rough time making out exactly what i felt about it. At first i was amazed. I mean i felt like this game surpassed all others. Then i thought about it for a while. The start was abit boring to me. I didn't really care for the linear level design, and i thought the weapon system was sort of shallow, combat was unfulfilling, and i even went as far as to say the story was sort of bad, i mean it was just Children of Men with "Spongebob Squarepants"-monsters... Then after all that hipster-hatred and wanting to be outside the mainstream thinking, i actually sad down... next to my mother, who was going through it a second time. She actually bought the game, being a great admirer of Naughty Dog's Uncharted series. We're talking about a 51 year old woman, who has played all Tomb Raider games (that's where it started for her), Prince of Persia, God of War, Uncharted (she's in love with Drake, talking about him on Facebook, her friends must think her crazy or something), and of course The Last of Us - anyway she went through it a second time, and we had been discussing the plot and characters, and it started making a bit more sense to me. I had basically fallen in love with Ellie, i mean not like that, but i thought she was an amazing character. I found Joel selfish, but empathized with him a great deal. Tess was the bomb, and Bill was awesome, but abit nuts. I almost cried when i met Harry and... yeah... and i **** despised David.

It soon hit me how important these characters was. Most reviews call them "without personality" and while i can't be more inclined to disagree, they also have a heavy impact on our main characters. In any case, i feel most of the things in the game made sense, having thought it through. Yeah the weapon system is still sort of shallow, but combat was great. No man can shoot perfect when he's overrun by zombie-like creatures. That limited camera that just won't show me all 10 enemies during a shootout - hey it's how it is, you're up against 10 people, you're not suppose to have a great idea of what's going on, you're suppose to be stressed out, you're suppose to feel angry that you're so low on ammo, 'cause now you're forced to play carefully EXACTLY LIKE THE CHARACTER OF JOEL WOULD. It all makes sense. This isn't Gears of War, you're not military trained, you're not a hero. You're a survivor, you're taking care of a kid. You're outgunned, and the atmosphere makes you certain of this. All the time, and it's why a couple of minutes of peace is such a relief in that game. The ending, and i won't spoil it but i just have to say, is probably one of the most interesting endings to a game i have ever played. There's a moment when you almost want to cry, and at the same time you can make sense in contrast to the world around you. It's just so full of love, but unfortunately it's not entirely positive.


sort of absurd how much one can care about a virtual person 

I love the game, and it's by far the most beautiful game i have seen on the PS3, and on any console - in fact it does look better than a lot of PC games too.. yeah sorry elitists, but if you can afford to invest in new graphics card, do yourself a favour and invest in a PS3, 'cause there's one more game i want to talk about, and it's a game i have been holding out on for a while, being sceptical, but i had some money i could blow on whatever, and i found it for a price i was willing to pay... Had i known what i was going into, i would've payed whatever. This is my favourite game of all time so far, and i don't usually use the term "art" about games, to me it's still just entertainment, but this... this is actually art to me. It's Journey.


Oh the atmosphere..

Journey. What can i possibly say that hasn't been said a thousand times. What a game. I applaud Thatgamecompany and everything they have done with this. It's the grandest two hours of gameplay i have ever experienced. It's so finely tuned to be an experience you just hunger to feast on. All senses are being treated with what i would call probably the most atmospheric game in the world. The visuals are just amazing. I mean from desert area, to snowy mountains, this game does everything right. You feel the sun when it glares, you can sense the freezing weather when you walk in the mountains, and the loneliness underground. This game is about life, it introduces to a grand and strange area, and as you discover more, learn what you're capable of, you start traversing through each tier of existence. From the warm embrace of what's new and exciting, to the cold end where hope is infront of you, but the challenge of survival is just surrounding you with brute force. And then it happens. You burst into the light. You become everything you were suppose to, and with perfect visuals, perfect sounds, perfect mechanics, and what i would call one of the most enjoyable and impactful soundtracks, Journey becomes my favourite game of all time. Most reviewers agree that this is an experience more than a game, and i agree, this is not high scores or kill-to-death ratios, this is just about movement. The whole game essentially is about moving forward, and whatever you might have to do to progress, it's all so finely fletched into the games way of enticing you to be curious. Besides that, i think "anonymous multiplayer" is one of the greatest things ever. I don't necessarily want to hear someone scream in a mic, and having them only be able to converse with me by using sounds and movement - what an experience! There's always a feeling of cooperation and will to cooperate - this is what's so great! I adore Journey for all it is, and in my books it's art, it's revolutionairy, it's an original piece and it's one hour that sticks to my mind in a way no other game has, and yet despite it's short length, it's still worth more than any other thing i have ever played. I leave you with a few pictures that really has me in awe of this game. And mind you, these are all in-game.


one of those moments you simply just take in


this is it - you and me


probably what i consider my favourite area of the game

Naturally there's a hell of a lot more to show, but do yourself a favour and buy the game.

It's an experience beyond imagination, and i has me more excited for the future.

Thatgamecompany surpassed any expectations i might have had.

Hands down the best experience with games i have had.

This is Journey and it's art.


By Oliver Adam

Nintendo and Their Path To Irrelevance - When Reality Strikes You Hard

I love Nintendo. I have owned every piece of hardware since the NES.

But i gotta say, as a Wii U owner, i have no great hopes for Nintendo.

While neither my Wii U or Wii has ever truly been collecting dust (the Wii for a time between Galaxy 2 and Xenoblade - which i got in '11 by the way - it was fairly unused between that time. This means, that i'm fairly happy about Nintendo and their products.

It's no secret that Nintendo is sitting on mountains of cash, but cash has to keep coming in, otherwise investors and shareholders back out, they sell, and in the end Nintendo is truly on their ass. Appearently they how so much money right (not worth, but actual money in cash), that they could easily live with no profits for the next ten years, and that's provided they don't expand.

This naturally is why people say "they will never die, they will never have any issues, mario and zelda forever, Nintendo is the best", and while i agree with the last parts, i must see the reality of the situation as it is.

The market changes a lot. The iPhone and iPad has changed A LOT. Your hatred towards touch-based gaming means NOTHING in comparison to the reality of the situation; those systems are prioritized by most casual gamers, and casual gamers are the majority. I don't even like that term "casual gamer", to me it's people who like to play games once in a while, that's it, everybody likes a good game once in a while.

Kids dig the iPad. Why? It has Angry Birds, it has Cut The Rope, it has a ton of fun small games that are easy to pick up, and hard to master, they have great replay value, and the appstore STILL has a lot of seemingly core games like N.O.V.A, Real Racing and so on and so forth, and kids do not know the difference between those games and 100 million dollar games. Another aspect of it is the popularity. Kids look at adults. Adults with iPhones and iPads make kids want those things even more. Why do you think they always have grown ups and teenagers in kids commercials? They look up to that crowd indirectly. Lastly: it's hardware that suitable for adults too. Many adults like it because it's fashion - it's in, and kids get to play with it, and they never talk about the 3DS or PS Vita.

Okay but what about the Wii U then? The Wii U is bad hardware. It's just bad hardware. I have one, and i absolutely hate that dreaded GamePad. It's not bad as such, but it's unecessary. There's NOTHING on the market right now that makes good use of it. It's an absolutely abyssmal piece of hardware that emulates touch-screens on smartphones, and only does it worse. The battery life is also absurd. It's NOT a systemseller, and i can't believe Nintendo ever thought it was. The machine itself is fairly slow, it's still an ugly piece of hardware (looks like an old DVD-player) and it forces you to buy an external hdd if you want to get in on the indie action or cheaper e-shop deals.

People say that HDD's are fairly cheap today, but it's not true. It very much depends in the first place. Secondly the USB ports in the Wii U is 2.0, which means you'll want an HDD with it's own power source, so it functions properly. These are more expensive than USB 3.0. Besides that, who wants an extra hardware next to the Wii U? What's the deal with getting a proper amount of gigs to begin with? The Playstation 3 did 40 when it released and Xbox did 20. Both of those machines were quickly increased. Both of those systems were 7 years ago.

Bushnell said Nintendo is "on their way to irrelevance". A lot of people seem to misunderstand this word, thinking it means "on their way out of the market", or doomed or something. Naturally the two things hangs together somewhat, but fact of the matter is taht "irrelevant" is the EXACT word for their situation. Mario, Zelda, Samus, Donkey Kong, all of these characters are slowly phasing out. They're no more than memories and nostalgia. Master Chief, Nathan Drake, Kratos, Ratchet and Clank etc. - these are all characters more familiar to the current generation of kids and young teens. Pachter has several times said this too, and you know what? I hated him for it in the beginning, those 9 months ago when i bought my Wii U. But you know what? Over 9 months Nintendo hasn't changed their pattern one bit. They constantly make mistakes, apologize, come off as victims trying to gain my sympathy - for what? I'm somewhat loyal, but when i put money down, i expect something to happen, and that something hasn't happened; software has not come out, the "revolutionairy" GamePad has not been put to proper use, and Nintendo is falling behind more and more, becoming as Bushnell says, irrelevant.

And now what? We're closing in on the PS4 and Xbox One release. What's gonna happen? I don't know, but it's not gonna boost Nintendo's sales, only diminish. It made me think of something funny that Reggie Fils-Aime said, that Pikmin increased the sales of the Wii U by 50% in Japan (which was like 20.000 units, falling behind it's own predecessor), and he was so extatic about it, saying that they had been seeing a steady increase in sales overall.... well what the hell do you expect? The numbers can't ever go down?! I mean of course weekly sales can vary, but as soon as 1 unit is sold worldwide, the numbers still increase.

Here's my gripe with Nintendo overall: their hardware is bad. It's ugly and outdated. The leaders of Nintendo are too conservative and afraid of taking risks. The fact that they willingly dismiss any new characters in case their old ones might fit in, that says it all. They make bad marketing decissions and they have no idea how to communicate to a specific crowd. 3DS wasn't for small kids, but neither for adults, not according to their commercials. Same goes for the Wii U, even though they called it "the console for core gamers" when they revealed it.

I believe Nintendo has some of the best developers in the industry - at least with regards to gameplay ideas. Their games always have a certain charm and huge replayability, simply because of their gameplay, no necessarily collectibles or anything, levels and gameplay - that's where it's at!

So i hope Nintendo wakes up. I hope they dismiss the Wii U after 2015 (i honestly don't know what they could possible come up with after the new Zelda their working on. My belief is that Mario Kart 8 and SSB offers great replay value, and is gonna be there before the next huge drought, 'cause 2014 is gonna be a tough year for Nintendo, especially when Japan gets the PS4). I hope they quit their DS-scheme and goes back to the GBA formula, creates good looking games on a good looking advice, same goes for consoles.

i don't like TV and trashapps on my game systems, but the fact that Nintendo has yet to implement a dvd-player in their consoles is beyond me. People want the practical options. This might not be true for teens and people living alone, but for family's and practical people - we wish to have as little shit lying around as possible.

Stop being stupid Nintendo. Acknowledge your strengths and focus on that. If you're so damn set on having a console on the market, don't "go your own path" 'cause there's no such thing, you're in the gaming industry, you're gonna compete against other brands, and when they offer things that are so obviously better in every way, you're gonna become irrelevant. People can skip Zelda and Mario, especially when those games aren't offering anything new in terms of gameplay where you're the strongest, were the strongest...

If you stay arrogant, and you don't keep your eye on the market, adapt and make the necessary changes, you won't even have any problems to deal with, you'll be completely finished. I can think of no company with one piece of hardware that has ever survived by making a continuous chain of mistakes. Get yourself together, and stop being so naive. 

I want Mario to live on.

PSP - A Story About A Misfit

In 1994 Sony released their PlayStation. It was so rival N64, and with tons of content, appealing to all ages, it did a very solid job at that. In fact, the PlayStation brand did such a fantastic job, that come the future gen, many well established franchises moved to the PS console permanently, and never even dared to move Nintendo's home consoles... but one gen of gaming always held my attention in a special way, and it wasn't a gen of home consoles, no instead it was the gen of handhelds where both Nintendo and Sony were trying something new and entirely revolutionairy.

The Nintendo DS had a dual screen with 3D graphics running very smoothly - spite its power demonstrated very well in the release title that was Super Mario 64 DS, the majority of (good) games on the console stayed 2D, or somewhat 16-bit 'late-SNES-era' looking. Well graphics isn't all, we know that, and Nintendo proofed that once again, with many great releases for their DS, the succesful 2004 console quickly became the succes nobody thought it would - in fact a lot of people, even Nintendo themselves, saw the DS as a side-product, a niche alternative to their main handheld, the Gameboy, but obviously this shifted and Nintendo bet all their money on the DS, which payed off!



Remember buying this at release. Was young and happy!


Traditional franchises like Mario Kart, Mario Party, Pokémon, etc. saw their releases on the DS, but other older franchises saw a revival on the 3DS in forms that, well to be honest, gave some new life to those games. The New Super Mario Bro. series saw its first game on the DS in 2006, which was critically recieved with much praise. Metroid Prime: Hunters, which was bundled as a demo with all fat-DS's, made use of it's 1st person angle like the GameCube games, and while potentially risky (seing as Fusion and Zero Mission on the GBA was excellent), Hunters proofed to be an excellent game, and even though the controls were somewhat quirky, it was just a matter of getting used to it - in fact Hunters had one of the best online multiplayers on the machine, and was very acclaimed for it's fast-paced "unreal"-like gameplay, which holds up to this day - and hopefully the 3DS will see a sequel of sorts someday.



this was quite excellent though!


New games like NintenDogs were INCREDIBLY hyped, and wether or not they held up to your excitement is all subjective, but i remember coming home with my "pup", taking care of him day in day out - for about a week, then i sold him. I'm sorry. The console was great, and even better, up until the DSi (i believe), it was actually possible to play your old GBA games! Heck i always had Super Mario Bro. 3 Advance sitting in the GBA slot, just in case i needed some solid 10/10 Mario Action!

A lot of great games came out for the DS, but it was limited to some genres, perticularly racing games and open world games.

They weren't entirely gone, i mean in some sense GTA: Chinatown Wars was an openworld, and the Driver games, but it couldn't hold up to the standards of those genres... oh and believe me, i had my fair share of fun with Asphalt (believe it or not), but content lacked, and most racing games looked like early PS1 games - which was kind of boring. So while it was certainly strong in platforming games, party games and 2D RPG's, it did lack the distinct power to keep up with other genres.

This is where Sony entered the market.



this thing was down right hot. JUST LOOK AT IT!


See in 2004 Sony also wanted some of the handheld action. With the domination of the PS2, Sony felt it was about time they joined the game! They did so, with the excellent PSP - a machine with PS2 like graphics, an analog stick, sleek design, MP3 support, flash card support, web browser, and with it's appealing UMD that could handle 1,6 gb of data, this machine could pull off stunning graphics, deep gameplay experiences, and expand on excellent PS franchises such as ... such as... wait... 

See this was the PSP's issue. The first couple of years it did fine, heck it had 'Daxter' a spin-off game with the funny little sidekick Daxter, of the Jak & Daxter series, as a release game! But where was Crash? Where was Lara Croft? Where were Parappa the Rapper? Spyro? Tekken?

Actually they were there, but there were issues... Crash had gone multiplat, Lara was undergoing a dark phase, and Tekken was well it was still good, and Dark Resurrection was quite a fine game when it released in fact it felt almost exactly like a home console release, and this was maybe the true deal breaker for people. The handheld market was about to face a challenge: keeping the attention of the GameBoy generation. A lot of people had grown up now, they didnt have time for the handheld machines, and if they did, it couldnt be on deep games with hours upon hours of gameplay, which naturally sounded better with regards to value, but time is money, and people werent kids in the back of the car, with the privacy of their own little room, with the time to wander off to another world like we did when we were 9. Some did of course, but the majority of people couldnt see purpose of buying the PSP, that was basically a portable PS2, when they could just get the real deal. When time for games was apparent, why not just play on the big screen?



maybe that's abit excessive


Saying that the console was completely rid of well known PS characters would be a bit harsh, and naturally a lot of people, adults mostly, lined up at the midnight releases, but fact was that most of the games were either ports with worse graphics than the PS2 (and soon to be released PS3), or they were mere shadows of their main installments (like 'Daxter' - fun game, but it wasn't anything like Jak & Daxter, same goes for Clank, of Ratchet and Clank, even he had his own adventure which was so so...)

It couldnt rival the iPod with regards to media consumption. The iPhone was quickly expanding, and since it had one focus only: room for your entertainment, the 64 GB card (which was hysterically expensive) couldnt rival a 160-gig iPod, and with the MP4 format arriving, the PSPs UMD movies (mini-DVDs if thats what you wish to call it) was doomed. Nobody wanted them, and they quickly vanished from shelves.

What was going on?! We had this great console that could pull of excellent graphics, but every wanted the DS? Or what? Well sort of. Nintendo was constantly pushing out software for their machine, and since resources was much cheaper for NDS development, 3rd parties had an easier time too. The PSP did actually have some fine years to begin with, but with the PS3 releasing, and its 1-year drought, Sony had to shift focus, rearrange their strategies, and suddenly the PSP was dismissed almost entirely. In fact Sony did so poorly with PS3, that spite its 850 dollar production value, they had to sell it for 499 soon after release. It had released at a completely disturbing price of 699, so it was already selling at a loss, but they were determined to push the Blu-Ray format into every home, and not lose another format-war, so it was a sacrifice they were willing to make, and it cost them around 3 billion dollars or so.

The PSP didnt see a whole lot of releases, and franchises like Syphon Filter, which had gone exclusive for the PSP, couldnt help.

Now Im almost making it out to be some sort of complete failure, but the PSP was actually quite a good machine with many awesome releases, sadly the gaps were too many and too far in between. The God of War series made a debut on the console with the excellent Chains of Olympus, followed by Ghost of Sparta. Both were up to par with the series installments on the PS2 and later the PS3. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was also a solid release (with stellar, but different, AC!D and Portable Ops too). Gran Turismo was an excellent PSP racing game, and lets not forget the GTA: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories that both got ported to the PS2 due to their huge success. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was a prequel to the much beloved Final Fantasy VII, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep was possible the 3rd best installment in the Kingdom Hearts series next to KH1 and KH2 on the PS2.



I always did giggle at Mickey in this series

In fact there was a lot to the PSP. Parasite Eve on the PS1 saw a successor in the form of The 3rd Birthday, in fact Square Enix did quite well on the PSP JRPGs overall. If youre a fan of those, definitely get a hold of the PSP. Valkyrie Chronicles, Disgea, Final Fantasy Tactics, Dissidia etc. the PSP became more or less the home of JRPGs because the machine saw a huge amount of success in Japan. The Monster Hunter series did excellent on the console with the Freedom and Portable series.

How about my favorite JRPG on the console: Persona 3 what a game! 1, 2 and 3 were available on the console. Heck with the active updates on PSN, we had the privilege of enjoying PS1 titles like Crash Team Racing (cough*betterthanmariokar*cough), Medieval, Tekken 3, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII etc.

See this is kind of what I was getting excited for: everybody saw the PSP as some sort of gameless abandoned console with nothing to offer, but truth of the matter is it had so much to offer, it just landed in an awkward spot between the DSs slightly-improved-GBA position, and the PS3s wauw I cant believe thats not real people-graphics.

Its best games were niche games. I could actually go on forever, my point is: Ive had the PSP since 2004, my PSP-1000 model still works wonders, and today I found the PSP Go for 40 dollars. Nobody wants it, because it was a stupid decision on Sonys behalf. They released a digital content-only PSP, which was a fair idea had it come at a reasonable price, and not so close to the release of their much anticipated NGP or PS Vita as it came to be named. It was an odd release, yet I have never held a handheld with such grace, such beauty! The PSP Go has to be owned, to be believed in. Initially wanted to give it to my brother as a gift, I know how much he loved Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy, so he could use it as an emulator or something (oh yeah it does that too handheld N64, PS1, SNES, Gameboy Advance but officially I dont use it for that officially ) but Im telling you, this PSP Go is MINE!


I mean it is beautiful isn't it!?


Do yourself a favour, find a PSP any PSP and get digging in its wonderful library of games. The gaming community has sadly become a review-dependant rumor-hungering no-thought-of-your-own kind of place, and youre missing out more than ever. The PS Vita is probably gonna do fine, but for now you have the option of getting hold of the PSP for a cheap price (most likely) and you wont regret a minute of it. Its excellent all throughout! 

My biased unbiased look at Microsoft and Sony.

It's easy to forgive and forget.

It seems to be the deal with Microsoft's recent announcement that they won't be "fuc*ing up", with regards to their Xbox One policies. I personally find it weak, that people cast away their principles like that, but whatever, play what you want to, i'm not one to judge!

On the other hand, i can't quite say Tretton and the rest of the PS team is all good and caring. Sony has tried to mess with it's audience before, and believe it or not, one company NEVER even dreamed of owning your games, implementing DRM or anything like that. 

So in short, while the PS4 and Xbox One race just got a heck more interresting, i hope you know that behind all of this praise and hatred, one company still loves you for YOU, and not for your money... their lack of understanding how to sell their product actually kind of show us that.. i'm sorry Nintendo, i love you, but you're a proud ignorant drunk these days.


You suck, but don't get mad i told you so!


So GameSpot just put up an article (depending on which time you read this) - http://us.gamespot.com/news/just-cause-dev-story-driven-aaa-games-make-no-business-sense-6407319

Basically it's about how stories in games, aren't really that important, and won't be a dominating factor in the future.

I disagree, because consumers are afraid of change - especially core gamers (well those who love to call themselves that, i still don't after 19 years of gaming, i just like games that are fun, be it on my 2,500 dollar gaming computer, or my cellphone).

That's basically it. What is sold, is gonna be sold in heavier amounts. So story driven games are continue to roll out untill devs say "hey, this is madness, why are we using so much money on scripts and storywriting when we're creating racing game  or a puzzler", and i do believe that that attitude will be seen at some point.

See to me games have never been about the story, some love it and i do too if their good - the stories that is. But the thing is, a lot of games doesn't have good stories. They might have entertaining stories, but just like American Pie has never exactly been oscar worthy (politics they say!), i can still very much enjoy it! Heck the story might even make sense, trompet to ass IS fun, and outrageous, just like the movie wants you to think /sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm... or is it sarcasm?

Wouldn't they love an Academy Award?!

See movies like American Pie doesn't want to be taken seriously, and that's why we don't presume it's a masterpeice, we just like it for what it is. But again: we are presented with this, we're TOLD IT'S SILLY.. What if we were told something was not silly, but very serious, and to be considered adult and intelligent perhaps. 

Look at Tomb Raider, the reboot. Here's a game i really enjoyed. Game mechanics were nice, abit repetetive, but the graphics made up for what might have been abit stale, it was rewarding for me to explore, and in the end i got through the game never feeling dragged. It had a nice pace so to speak. The story? Well what a piece of shallow idiocy. I will refer you to biggest_looser who made a nice analysis of the game, with abit of focus on the story and it's presentation.


See we're told this game was adult and serious! But who are we to know. I don't blame you for being a bad critic, you might not have a need to be negative or pessimistic, you're just looking for a good time, and a good time you had overlooking basically every fault, which ultimately makes for a poor story as a whole...

See THIS ^^^ is allowed. When you play a game, you want your moneys worth, but stop being afraid of the truth, the only way stories are gonna be better, or not flushed down the toilet and gone with, is if you give them feedback, show them every mistake they made, and make them aware that the next time, it just can't be like that! Plotholes are everywhere these days, and people seem to just overlook it because it's easiest thing to do.

Recently i played through Bioshock Infinite, i enjoyed my playthrough, the gameplay was abit off for me, and some things weren't really explained that well, see i was newbie to the franchise, i had never had time or interrest in Bioshock. Now the first installment was a great game, or so they said, and i do believe them - "them" being everybody. People said  the story was godlike, and i thought "damn straight, i'll give the franchise a chance with Infinite coming up!". I bought the game, played it through, was excited after i finished it, and then... well then i was grounded, and i was sort of disappointed(?). I can't go into too much detail, 'cause i don't want to spoil anything, but basically EVERYTHING is possible in the Bioshock universe, people who has played through the game will know why. This - this is bullshit. This basically covers every plothole within the game. This is weak storywriting at it's best. It's like saying "it was all a dream". You're covering yourself from anything that might have been badly written, and i don't like that, not at all! It's a bigger discussion, but if you have played it through, think it over for a second.

Saying this does in fact stirr up quite a lot of emotion with gamers. A lot of people consider themselves George Orwell's and they think they know what's good because they enjoyed it. Are you gonna say a Whopper is THE SHIT because it's **** tasty? You know it's bad, all of it, it's sodium and calories mushed together for your enjoyment, and it does taste good, but it can't ever hide from it's quality, which is shitty - just like most games.

mmmm... Michelin worthy

There are games out there that have decent stories. Heck the 90's and early 00's had loads of great RPG's with stories that were bookworthy! But they were basically books! This is now coming back with Torment: Tides of Numenera, which is in my opinion awesome! Games like Mass Effect and Skyrim are considered RPG's, but in honesty they have little to no options, and people will play through them the statistically best way possible - see that's actually still the most important thing: that you're able to defeat enemies and bosses, not with words of talk, but with weapons and spells! Not to RPGish in my book, but whatever, i can accept it.

Still, i tried taking up the discussion in a forum, and of course i was met with hostility, people think Assassins Creed is great story writing. The themes are awesome, and elements of the story is exciting, but the story itself... it's the weakest writing i have seen in years! They actually tried to flesh it out with Revelations, and the 3rd, but it ultimately resulted in them butchering the previous games and their storyline. Now their trying to flesh out the 3rd one with ANOTHER installment.

This is very much the same with Gears of War, God of War, Halo, etc. etc. the story isn't great. Parts of it might be, but they really aren't anything special, and you think it is because you DON'T THINK IT IS. You don't care, you accept what you're presented with, and you don't ask any questions. You're satisfied as long as they tell you to be. But why do you think stories are even made today? You don't think an earth invasion could be told in one game? It takes 4 GEARS OF WARS, A PREQUEL EVEN, to tell you this? Same goes for God of War. We already knew the story in the first one, and how it would end, but they needed prequels and PSP versions and what not.

I don't mind all of that, but when developers claim that it's to "flesh out the story and lore" you should ask yourself "how **** stupid am i?" - cause you're really stupid. You think you like the story, but that's only because you don't have to work with it, it's predictable, easy, shallow and uninspired. You're working with an established imagination, and it's yours. It's not that you're a great writer, and that's you're a common observer. It's all clichés and you have learned to notice these clichés, and this is why the stories seem average or good: because you know it, and you feel awesome knowing it! You think you're intelligent, but what you are is just a consumer, and they are playing you. 

While all of that is going on, you're not even noticing the shitty gameplay. It's basically the same you have been playing for 10 years, but with a different atmosphere, and a different story (or voice actors, the stories are so basic and alike that name switching and a coat of new colour is all it needs to convince you it's original).

COME ON! Be better, you deserve it, we deserve it!  

Nintendo And The Relateable Story - But Not For You!

I'll start this blog out by telling you i'm no fanboy of any sorts. I enjoy my PS2 as much as my PC, Gameboy Colour, heck i can even enjoy a good iPhone game or maybe my grandma's Game and Watch that she has lying in the drawer. I've owned basically everything except a Dreamcast (my cousin had it though, so i've wasted my hours on that platform too!). To me gaming isn't about brands. It's not about franchises, or pretty pictures. To me games is about the feeling you get WHILE gaming whatever it may be. To me it's about the sheer fun and entertainment! If i sit down with a game, and feel an urge to continue, to not put it down, then it's won me over! I don't dismiss any game based on reviews or opinions, i got with what my inner voice tells me (yeah funny guy, go ahead with the jokes! ;) )
What it comes down to is what it's all about: take me away from the sheer boredom of reality!

Now there's a lot of companies out there that makes sure that this fun is delievered. One company that truly has delievered all through it's existence, with only a few flaws, is a company called Nintendo! Yeah i won't even bother, i'm sure you're familiar with it!

To me, Nintendo has never lost it's focus on what makes gaming great! It's all about bringing the new experiences to gamers! Letting us percieve new perspectives within gaming! Let us inspire them, by inspiring us! Nintendo has always been the 'friendly' company! They listen to their costumors, and they evolve with the customers! Well that's at least what we all thought.

In 2004 the Nintendo DS was revealed to the world. 2x3 inch dual screen machine, with astounding graphics on a handheld for it's time! Many fans went insane about the upcoming platform! Some were confused by the concept, but still excited! Seeing a re-release of Super Mario 64 with improved graphics was something fans loved too! This became one of the best sellings platforms ever, with one of the greatest libraries ever, maybe even exceeded by the PS2's GIGANTIC one.

This was the best thing ever. Period!

Rumors of the GameCube succesor suddenly began flourishing. 'Revolution' it was called. I remember being around 13 when i first read about it. It was very hard for me to understand how fast technology was developing, and like many others, the 'Revolution' - or Wii as it became - sounded like a f**king dream! I constantly read up on new information, tried to contain myself, but much like Eric Cartman, i couldn't wait for the life of me!

Already with an Xbox 360, a next gen console shouldn't be so important, but the fact that motion controls were the dominating part of the machine, that just had me going crazy! "I MUST OWN IT!" were my thoughts back then... i even think i yelled it by accident in my room once. When it finally released i wasn't the only one excited. My brother, mother and father all had to try it out! They didn't know about it at first, but slowly towards the launch i had made sure to fill their heads with all the information i had contained over the years. 

This was the happiest day of my life! This machine was a REVOLUTION! (Believe me i wish they had kept that name too!).
The months went by, and i started getting tired of the whole arm swinging and what not. Graphics weren't up to par, and to be honest, the games weren't many and it kind of stood in the shadows of the rain of releases on the Xbox and PS3 (well there weren't much on the PS3 to begin with, but even at that Killzone 2 and Heavy Rain were some of the games that simply smashed the Wii only by showing it's graphics).

I sort of grew tired of the Wii and it sat in the dust for years.

Years later, and with very few games bought for the Wii (Super Smash Bro, Galaxy 2, you know the essentiel ones!), Nintendo were beginning to get into trouble. Not that the sales were bad, in fact they were the best (wether or not that's because it was half the price of the others are up for debate... i'd like to think so.. plus it appeals to kids and parents alike, those who became 'casuals' later). See Nintendo stood proud of their succes, and for years nobody but the haters were hating on the Wii. Haters were ironically most consisting of what was once Nintendo fanboys who had prioritized the Wii instead of getting an Xbox or PS3. They had been betrayed, or so they thought, because Nintendo had no 3rd party support, no HD, no stabile online support, and a boring virtual console... nothing added up. Nintendo had lost it's loyal ones, those like me, who had been spewing all sorts of facts about "HOW GREAT NINTENDO IS AND YOU SHOULD TOTALLY BUY THE WII BECAUSE IT'S MOTION F**KING CONTROLS, AND FUTURE AND STUFF LIKE THAT!"


This was unbelievable the first time! Then it turned out to be a DVD-looking system... without DVD.

Nobody who actually had interrest and a passion for gaming liked Nintendo anymore, maybe they still had love for the DS, or 3DS, but nobody had intentions of getting back on the Wii-saddle. Well that is to say very few at least. One of the few ones were me. For years i had felt betrayed by Nintendo, even though i had technically been responsible for buying an inferior product (but i don't like making mistakes, especially if it involves me throwing money at something, so it MUST HAVE BEEN Nintendo's fault... cough*sarcasm*cough).

Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower were announced for EU releases. At first i thought "yeah yeah whatever!", but as i read up on the games, i began getting tempted... i chose to see what had been released on the Wii since my abandonment many years before. It occured to me how many great titles i had missed like Donkey Kong Country Returns, Muramasa, Disaster Day of Crisis, Monster Hunter 3, Final Fantasy (yeah the Wii actually has all the good Final Fantasy games believe it or not!).


Even without the full HD experience, Xenoblade offered a feeling like no other. Such massive landscapes to explore, and so beautiful at the same time. It showed us that even though the tech of Wii was lacking, beauty was still an option. Go watch Monolith Soft's trailer for their upcoming Wii U game, it's gonna be something else! 

I totally found love for Nintendo again, and i understood that i had actually been looking at it in a wrong way for many years. Nintendo did in fact deliever an inferior product, but they made sure we had the best of experiences! Wether you want to believe it or not, sitting down and playing games like Super Mario Galaxy and Xenoblade will quickly make you understand why Nintendo is such a beloved company. You push buttons like any other games, but unlike most other games, you always get a fresh looking experience with fun and enjoyable mechanics. The solid titles rarely contain shallow moments, and is made with the same love that has been left out of the gaming industry for a long time! Nintendo and it's dev companies (even 3rd parties) build games for the machine as if the first goal was fun THEN profit, and that's a thing you can't say about many games today.

This is exactly why i bought the Wii U. I have bought a damn Wii U and i'm not regretting it now, and not regretting it later. I probably won't have 10 games thrown at me each months, but at least i know that whenever Nintendo is throwing something at me, it will be a game! Not a close-to-movies experience, not a damn simulator or anything like that, but a fun game that passes the time and feels ever so nostalgic, yet fresh and modern, because this is what Nintendo does best!


^ A good reason why most of your favourite games exists today, this man inspired the devs behind them.

Rehash characters? Okay so maybe you don't love Mario or Link, that's understandable, but to tell me that the franchises haven't developed is a lie and you know it! Once again Nintendo does what it does best! They make sure that gamers know the core of the franchise installments, the basics and what it's about (mushrooms, saving princesses, beating badguys, all while jumping, pummeling, slashing and so on and so forth! Temples, dungeons and funny colourful things!).

Let's look at it this way: 25 years of Zelda has produced 16 games.
6 years of Assassins Creed has produced.. yeah.. a lot of games!
10 years of CoD has produced... yeah a lot of games!

A game that may truly be 'rehashing the same content' is Pokémon, but even that is getting a make-over in October, and has always delievered new areas of exploration, new features and new Pokémons!

Thing to me is this: You might not like Nintendo for being a step behind always, for some reason this pisses you off, to see a weakling still standing, but i assure you there's a reason: solid games! Hardware can be impressive and beyond, but software is still the thign that sells, and while i agree the Xbox and Ps3 has great games (own both myself), Nintendo has always been unique, and instead of battling or eventually becoming it's competitors, they have taken a sidestep and done their own thing. This might have resulted in confusion and loss of money, but please, if you don't have a Wii U, if you don't want a Wii U, stay away from the Wii U forums or at least keep your mouth shut. I cannot understand the attraction, when people feel the need to openly badmouth anything a loyal and truthful company does!

Nintendo is by far the most innovative gaming company, and even the most passionate one too! It's about gaming, not graphics, not sound, not story, all of that is for later and for improving, but at it's core, it's all about making you pass your time in a way that doesn't feel wasted. Pong, Pac-Man and Tetris can still do that for many people today, and for good reason: it's what it is, and it's what it does that's so fantastic! it has a goal! It's not a chore, but entertainment! Stop trying to win prices or making records, and love the fact that so many companies out there try to make THEIR best effort to make you happy with everything! You are previlieged yet you spit on those you deem inferior, and what does that tell about you?

Dismissing the Wii U is and will be your greatest regret, 'cause it's a machine that not only runs the Wii games (tons of great titles there), but it's a machine with the potential for so much, yet lack of positive talk will surely result in less focus from the 3rd party world. In a world of brown wasteland shooters, are you really that ignorant to just shy away of TRUE creativity and passion! It's a shame you can't be more friendly.


"Wii is for kids! And Wii U is already a fail!" - i'm sure we all heard that. Yet i love the sentence for it's paradox. You call it a kids console based on very little experience with it. You trash it, without having played a lot of it's great titles, and with the Wii U, the wave of angry ignorant gamers seem to be greater than ever! "LOOK THE GAMES DOESN'T LOOK ANY GOOD! STUPID!"... yeah a Darksiders or Batman Port (which both look great by the way) MUST be all the Wii U has to offer. I mean look at Perfect Dark Zero.. that game was art! - and by art i mean the kind of  "s**t-thrown-at-a-wall"-art.

Ps: i might be fanboying abit, but i just don't want to see a company go to the cra**er when it's products are solid, but the community has gotten so spoiled that it thinks THEY somehow owe us something. You pay, you feel regret, and unless their totally shy of releases, there's nobody to complain to but yourself.